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April 2013: Some have noticed that I rarely post any more. I have been focusing on Scriptures and creating Marine collages and prayers on facebook; also learning how to create videos. You can still contact me at

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Peaceful Warning to U.S. Government & Guide to
Petitions to Secede by State
Links to your state to sign Petition to Secede
20 States seeking to Secede; What are the godly to do?

Biblical: Jesus Christ crucified Friday, rose again Sunday
 see also Expanded Version

Mom hangs up on Rasmussen & Rush

Embarrassing T.rex proof that evolution is wrong, buried by the media

Of Supreme Court Justices & Gay Manifestos in Public School

Two beasts and a braveheart

"Return to Me," saith the LORD

One Million Moms, Ellen DeGeneres, the gay manifesto and Prop 8

Marine mom rips ABC News

Mom hangs up on Rasmussen & Rush

He is Risen: How Good Friday lines up with three days and three nights in the heart of the earth

Escape of the Revelation 12 woman

Worthless Women, a 'Mary' Christmas

The Sign of Jonah for Islam

All of Heaven watches as we wield our vote

Stock Markets, Shopping Malls & Sprinklers of Fire - Spirit led

Mosques, Muslims and Minivans - Spirit led

Islam Indoctrination in U.S. Textbooks

Mel Gibson: "Wake up, Samson, the media is upon you!"

California’s Progressives battle Texas Textbooks

Glenn Beck Exposing Progressives, your Chavez is showing

Prop 8: Gay Activists own the Animus

Gov. Schwarzenegger, Prop 8 and Gay Marriage

The Truth about Islam

Adam or Obama, Resist or Submit?

Christmas with Congress, A Seat for Aborted Souls

Abortion: We were young and deceived

Death by Spaghetti Light Bulbs

Eco-Nazi Jihad with Light Bulb Death Bombs

Obama's Illegitimate War on Israel

Obama, Step away from my Internet, Slowly

Sorry Jocelyn, Cpl. John Harrison can't save you

NY Times, where's the gratitude for Cpl. John Harrison's Sacrifice?

Prop 8: The People Have Spoken!

Prop 8 Justice:
The People are Too Stupid to Vote

Feeling the Hate of Prop 8      USAToday

Obama's Change: The Fall of Freedom

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Jen Shroder Profile
How Planned Parenthood affected my youth
The Disaster of Forcing Fantasy Islam
Innocent Satanists, guilty "cultists" and Scott Peterson
In lone defense of Scott Peterson
How the ACLU stole Christmas -- again
The truth about Muslims
Colin Powell's global child legacy
"After Ramadan, slay the idolaters"...hello?
Exposing those who force kids to pray to Allah
Real heroes of the election, an analysis of the conservative
ABC's terrorist warnings an indictment of public schools
Kerry: Proposing a government of baby-blood-sucking vampires
Islam's recruitment in America's schools rages on
Koran on trial, the lawsuit continues
California school's blatant recruitment to Islam -- New evidence found
Department of Education: Stop recruiting our children to Islam
What terrorists want you to know
Calif. DOE forcing Islam on children
9/11 Commission on Hardball
Building the lawsuit: Public education promoting Islam
The Plight of moderate Muslims, a people without a religion
Putting the Koran on trial, the hate crimes of Islam
Bush bashing for a college degree
Kerry: Perversion, betrayal, war crimes and murder
Philosophy and pluralism: Supreme Court grounds for a lawsuit
Congressional gang rape of America
Senators defy Marriage Amendment: America's Taliban tyranny
Why President Bush embraces Islam as peaceful
Public school textbooks: Assume you beheaded Paul Johnson
Rev. Miles defended the pledge
How judges rip up faith
Judge Phyllis Hamilton: Ten Commandments are out, Allah is in
A call to curse & impeach
Sadistic soldiers reflecting liberal values
The Clinton and Islam partnership: Evidence of negotiations using America's public school children
The rape of California
California can't afford gay marriage: Footing the bill of gay lust, part 2
Passion critics: Father, forgive them, they don't know what they're writing
Review of "The Passion of Christ"
Devastating consequences of homosexual marriage
Accused terrorist drafted America's public school guidelines


ABC’s Terrorist Warnings an Indictment of Public Schools
Accused Terrorist Drafted America's Public School Guidelines
“After Ramadan, Slay the Idolaters”...Hello?
Assume You Beheaded Paul Johnson
Authorized Response to Bin Laden
Building the Lawsuit: Public Education Promoting Islam
Bush Bashing for a College Degree
California Dept. of Education Forcing Islam on Children
California School’s Blatant Recruitment to Islam: New Evidence Found
Colin Powell's Global Child Legacy

Congressional Gang Rape of America
Exposing Those Who Force Kids to Pray to Allah
Father, Forgive Them, They Don't Know What They're Writing

How the ACLU Stole Christmas - Again
Koran on Trial: The Lawsuit Continues
Plight of Moderate Muslims: A People Without a Religion
Plight of Moderate Muslims: A People Without a Religion
Proposing a Government of Baby-Blood-Sucking Vampires

Putting the Koran on Trial: The Hate Crimes of Islam
Real Heroes of the Election: An Analysis of the Conservative
Sadistic Soldiers Reflecting Liberal Values
Supreme Court Grounds for a Lawsuit
The Clinton And Islam Partnership
The Rape Of California
The Truth About Muslims
The Two Faces of Islamist Educators
What Terrorists Want You to Know

2005 columns:

Politicians admit Muslim Religion lights the Terrorist Match

The Disaster of Forcing Fantasy Islam
Fox News confronts BlessedCause column w/audio clip
"Merry Christmas" from the enlightened liberal left coast
A Warning to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 

Abortion: Give your baby a mom, not a crushed skull
How Planned Parenthood Effected My Youth
Why Porn is So Destructive to Men
Liberals attacking those who object

Peterson conviction a travesty, what the media skipped

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