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A Warning to the
9th Circuit Court of Appeals

by Jen Shroder
permission granted to repost

"Work on the book, work on the book." That thought pestered me for my whole Christmas vacation. "Across the Centuries," a nationwide 7th grade social studies book which maligns Christianity and embraces Islam had recently gotten my attention. Not that I had time for it. I was to have a whole week off from child-care over Christmas vacation, a much needed time of silence and freedom. HA! "Work on the book, work on the book." "But GOD! (whiney voice) What about that Christmas party?" The reply was consistent, "Work on the book."

I'm a slow reader. The textbook was HUGE. I had expected to find a plethora of religions trying to subtly draw my children in equally. It shocked me how much Islam was promoted. As I flipped around, obvious affronts leapt off the page everywhere. I noted them and dug in with careful scrutiny, thinking I would find even more. But just about everything I was to find, I found at first glance. Even two small sentences buried  in other sections of the book. I know who was directing my hand. Only God could show me so much in such a short time.

"Work on the book, work on the book." Oh I was so sick of that book! It angered me as I found bigotry upon bias. I wanted to sue everybody. I wanted to load up on ammunition and start blasting, and God was giving me plenty of ammo. But before I was finished, God dealt with my attitude. He reminded me that these people, the teachers, the school board, the book authors, the State, Jesus DIED for these very people! He said, "LOVE them!" Oh that was hard. He made me realize that some of these school board members were why He had left the 99 in search of the one. "But, Go-o-O-O-o-o-d!" Ever try to, "but, GOD!" to God? Doesn't work.

Emotional roller-coasters. I hate 'em. When God stretches me to go beyond myself and see through His eyes, ouch! And my flesh (ego) just wants to belt away in defense of my kids with everything I've got. God says gently and expectantly, "I died for them." Oh sweet Jesus. Power under control.

So within days, as Christlike as I could, I pursued media attention and finally found Pacific Justice Institute. I was beginning to make noise. Within a day or two, Tim Timmons (total stranger) invited me to a luncheon four hours away, focusing on combating terrorism. Tim said it would have media attention, but I had no idea what he meant, how to dress or how big it was to be. I had no clue why I should go, but I knew I had to go.

When I arrived, I was stunned. 170 polished professionals from a world I did not know. Politicians, various religious representatives, school representatives, the media. It had been years since I'd seen a valet! Thank God my van wasn't overflowing in toys and graham cracker crumbs like it usually is.

Inside, I felt out of place. Without a clue of how to relate to these people, I thought to myself, "I'll just go hide in the corner and read my Bible." Then that familiar voice of late said, "Jen, get up and go talk to these people." "Yes Sir" was my obedient reply.

I walked into a large room full of people already deeply involved in conversations. So I boldly walked up to a man, (where did that come from?) introduced myself and started to talk, only to be interrupted by people who seemed to be obsessing about his well being. I thought, "Who is this guy?" I later found out it was none other than Mark Ellis of ASSIST news. Now how did I happen to find a major news contact out of a room of 170+ people within about two minutes? (dramatic glance up). I only had enough time before we went to our assigned tables to hand Ellis my 10 pages of "Objections to 'Across the Centuries.' "

It was at this luncheon when the news that a lawsuit had been filed against Byron County School District because children were told to "wear robes, take Islamic names, recite the Quran, play Jihad and pray to Allah." Suddenly news media everywhere wanted to know what our kids were learning. I timidly waved my freshly finished 10 pages of objections and VROOOOOM, it was emailed, posted and read live on radio all over the nation. I did not know the quotes had to be short clips to avoid copyright infringement, but God knew, and Mark Ellis submitted the first story about it, which began the media frenzy.

Eric Hogue of KTKZ radio in Sacramento got a hold of my objections and read them live, his initial outraged reactions expressed all over the capitol of California for all the politicians to hear.

There was no way I could have stirred up all this, it was all God's timing. That was why I felt the urgency to finish my review. All the prayers and tears that were previously shed by so many moms over the last 11 years as their sons and daughters had to read this hideous textbook, God heard them, yes, He heard them. He did not forget us.

Meanwhile, for weeks I had so many phone interviews that I wore out two telephone batteries and my message machine. Friends were calling as well telling me they heard the "Objections" quoted all over the nation, including the 700 Club and other outlets. William La Jeunesse of Fox News interviewed us, which Fox News repeated over and over at various times for weeks.

Then Lee Rodgers of ABC News wanted to cover the story and I was told I had to "keep God out of it." I told them that God was all there was of me, and wouldn't agree. ABC declined, a lot of coverage was lost, but God had other ways of getting the job done, as long as I remained in Him. One way was through the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations nuclear watchdog, which had linked to my website. There was a lot of evidence that kings and leaders, especially in the middle east, were watching BlessedCause.

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