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Malaysia Blasted For Dhimmitude

by Pete Fisher

One of my readers sent an article from BBC that details the blatant discrimination against non-Muslims within the country. Abdullah Badawi rebuffed the article as completely in error. Yet the opposition shows facts that though non-Muslims comprise more than 40% of the population, none have held a senior ministerial post for over 3 decades.

The funny thing about this, though it is no surprise to myself or others familiar with Islamic governments conducting affairs like this, is that after my last article I went back and forth with a young lady from the UK who disagreed with my article, was Muslim, and had no problem debating. Her mother, who deemed my emails dangerous to the child, cut the exchange short. All I did was ask questions about governments like this who keep non-Muslims "in line" by allowing discrimination and suppression of faith to exist within their laws and culture.

With the worlds’ eyes on incidents like this, of course there will be some façade of multi faith cultures and activity. Yet when one looks closer, they will see the imbalance of power and the inequity of treatment in some of these places.

In this global economy it could spell great economic doom for some of these countries if the truth were known. Which is why the façade. Ethnic Malays by law are required to be Muslim. Yet we all know and have all heard that Islam is not a religion of compulsion, yes? Of course. And we are all expected to accept this as fact and turn our heads away in ignorance.

I have friends from Jordan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, and Iran who fled their homes of generations due to similar oppression. Yet according to these governments, this activity is non-existent. Tell this to the Sudanese. In one Hadith, Mohammed referred to Blacks as Raisn Heads (Sahih Al Bukhary vol. 1, no. 662 and vol. 9, no. 256), and as pug nosed slaves in Sahih Moslem vol. 9 pages 46 and 47.

How then can we expect to see his followers view them differently? After all, according to Islamic tenets, Mohammed was given words directly from God, though he never wrote the Koran himself. How can God despise the creation of His own hands by demeaning them and basically claiming they are good enough only for slavery? Yet even stranger is that Islam is growing among Blacks. Personally, I would never flock to a god who had already made fun of my race and demeaned my position in life.

It is one thing for a society, government or individual to take a stance as such. But a religion, and most importantly their revered prophet, to take that stance is appalling at best.

And yet we see genocides at the hands of Muslims all over Africa due to this mind set. And we see the oppression of other faiths and people because Mohammed said to basically submit and pay tribute, or die. For someone who supposedly heard straight from God Himself, this seems quite contrary. And for a religion of peace, this also seems quite contrary. Especially when there is supposedly no compulsion. What one is to believe, and what one sees, seem to be a daily contradiction not to be reconciled with common sense or religious tenets elsewhere.

We see where the building of churches and temples is prohibited or severely controlled. We see where teaching or preaching other than Islam is outlawed or punishable in some way or another. Where it is seen, it is seen simply because the Islamic institutions want it to be seen. It is tolerated for the purpose of politics, and nothing else.

We see the tearing down of temples, the burning of churches, the building of a Mosque on the old site, and who from Islam protests or complains about the inequity? Let a man speak contrary to Islam, the Koran, Mohammed, and Fatwah is issued and death is commanded. No compulsion or freedom to choose god or religion here. Laws that protect Muslims and do not apply to others. No compulsion here. Social rights and status not to be obtained by non-Muslims. No compulsion here.

Genocides and slavery to those who refuse to become Dhimmis. No compulsion here. Families outcast and slaughtered because a man decided to change faiths. No compulsion here.  No discussions are allowed with other religions or are immediately cut off when questions are asked that cannot be answered. No compulsion here. And I can go on and on. It resembles more brain washing than true religion. No debate or disagreement is allowed to continue. Any refusal to believe that Mohammed is Gods’ prophet, or that he may have been in complete error is immediately met with refusal to talk further. No compulsion here either.

I look and I look, and I see this no compulsion being practiced everywhere. If my child decided to change faiths, I could only talk with them and let them decide. I cannot force them to believe what I believe, even if it breaks my heart. Each man must be accountable to God by his own choice, or it is simply brain washing. We see some of the highest poverty and illiteracy rates in the world coming from Islamic society, with few exceptions. By keeping them ignorant and by enforcing mandatory religion, we see they can keep tight control on what the denizens believe and how they act upon it. When an Iman in Afghanistan told a mother her child was ill because Allah had placed an elf inside his head and nothing could be done to heal him (she was not allowed to take her son to a male doctor unescorted), her son died several hours later of a brain aneurysm. Of course, Mohammed himself believed that sleeping during a sermon allowed the Devil to urinate into ones ear, and that while one slept at night, the Devil took up resident in ones’ nostrils and mandated blowing ones nose 3 times every morning to rid their nostrils of the Devil.

But she, not being allowed or able to read, could not debate with this cleric. First it was not her right, secondly she had no way to read the Koran herself and test his words. Again, no compulsion there, if one is kept ignorant to the point of not being able to make any other choice, even if the freedom were there to allow it.

Yes, Minister Abawi, we really do believe you. We see Malaysia as an all-encompassing aura of peace and equality, coupled with religious choice and the same rights for all citizens. We see that it is only a select few who commit atrocity, persecution, and that all Muslims are open to debate, as long as no one claims that perhaps Islam or Mohammed had perceived flaws. We see the light. We are all in agreement with your assessment. We are all ignorant and uneducated and will buy into anything we are told.

We will allow you and many others to dream your dream, and turn your eyes from truth, and lie to the world. After all, does not the Koran condone lying for the furtherance of Islam? So your prophet and your god justify you. This makes everything just and true, and I am sure you will be rewarded on Judgment Day for your holiness and reverence of humans from all walks of life.

And the rest of us, we will remain in darkness because we refuse to see the Islamic light or choose a religion that differs. And we will all be treated like…what is the word? Infidels? Less than dirt, unqualified for matters of religion and purity? Of course. And we will keep our place with the Raisin Heads and Snub Nosed slaves while learning about the greatness of God by your fine example. Keep believing that. Because we certainly do not.

© Copyright 2005 by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher Column Index

Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been featured on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, TheRant.us, MichNews.com, Blessedcause.com and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.

Pete can be contacted at: pfisher2005@aol.com