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London Bombing. Another of Allahís Great Feats?

by Pete Fisher

I see the Islamic website praising the murder of completely innocent people in London as if it is a tremendous victory for Islam. Of course as always, we will no doubt see dancing, passing of treats and claims of martyrdom honoring the murderous individuals responsible, as we did after 9-11, and many other acts of senseless slaughter.

What a shame. What a senseless waste of human life to further the terrorist goals fueled by a religious society bent on blood offerings to their god. These people actually believe that by slaughtering innocents, they will be held in high regard in the eyes of Allah. They believe he will bless them with eternal life filled with sexual acts not allowed on Earth.

They believe they are serving their god by committing barbaric and evil acts of cowardice and that by slaughtering people who have committed no crime. In fact, with London being one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe, one might think that Muslims would be a bit friendlier to England and her generous policy of allowing them in, and to practice their religion. An act not reciprocated by many Islamic nations without becoming a criminal or target of murder.

Within London is a mosque which spews evil and filth, calling for death and for domination, as well as the deposition of English politicians. The evil that exudes form what should be a place of worship is paramount to the evil committed by blood cults worldwide. Satanic cults that share the Islamic militant need to spill innocent blood to appease their god, whether it be Allah or Satan the results are the same.

No other God, whether it be Jehovah, Krishna, Buddha, and even the Pagan religions that espouse worship of Earth and elements calls for blood sacrifice of innocents to appease their object of worship.

Mohammed claimed to have added to what Jesus wrote, yet Mohammedís own actions and words are so contrary to Jesus that could not ever be the truth. One preaches purity in words and deeds, without exception. The other teaches the basis for lying if it is to be used to further the religion. One taught that murder is never acceptable, the other ordered death in his own life and in his writings when it becomes acceptable to further the religion.

One abstained and kept Himself pure and free of sexual desires and actions, the other condoned and committed acts of lewdness with several women in his life, including more women than even allowed in his own writings.

What do these Islamists think will be the end result of all these cowardly and evil acts? Some Muslims will claim that this is not the way of Islam. Others will take up the Koran and Hadiths and show precisely where they are commanded to perform these acts.

If Allah is so mighty, why would he ever send a suicidal maniac to slaughter innocent people? Is Allah so afraid of the truth that he must kill to prove his words? Is Allah so grandiose that he needs to have his own followers commit suicide while planting bombs in civilian areas? Is Allah so fearful; of losing his followers and religion that he needs to kidnap and kill on an almost daily basis?

Is Allah so afraid of being wrong that he needs to have people forced into Islam and kept oppressed with the pains of torture, enslavement, or death in order to keep them from leaving?

Is Allah so afraid that he commands death to all who leave Islam? What is Allahís fascination with death and terror that his followers feel the need to commit these hell spawned acts of evil in order to appease him and be able to lust for eternity in a harem of little boys and young virgin women?

I am sure emails will follow telling me I know nothing of Islam. They always come, along with threats, and wishes of evil upon my life being written in the same bitterness and hatred that spawned these London bombings. I do not care. No Muslim can tell me anything of Islam that is not seen daily in Israel, Europe, America, Africa, the Netherlands, and Indonesia. I do not buy into the common answer that these are but a mere tiny populous of Islam. Not when the majority of all wars and conflicts on Earth today are due to Islam and itís adherents.

Because if this is just a tiny populous of Allahísí followers, it would seem a mighty easy task for Islam to grasp hold of itís own minority and straighten them out without help from infidel nations. It would seem too easy for them to govern their own and control their own rabid dogs without interference from nations who serve gods that never call for blood or suicide.

Yet we now as a civilization need come together and act using fire to battle fire. It is not our choice, but when one gets terrorized by cowards and evil one must stand to thwart these acts. These bloody acts will never further the cause of Islam. It will end up banishing Islam from civilization due to the evil acts spawned from itís writings and adherents.

What should be done? Not to punish peace loving Muslims? How can we separate them if they are not separated by their own? How can we trust when your mosques are used as bases of hate speech and military ammunition dumps? If Islam does not grasp hold of itís ownb, then the rest of the world must act to grasp onto it for them.

If Allah is not strong enough to keep his followers from killing, raping, kidnapping, and domination, then the gods of all others will do it for him. If the followers of Mohammed do nothing to stop the evil in itís own rank, then the followers of Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and all others will stop it.

If it needs to be abolished on the Earth, so be it. If all Muslims need to be banished from civilized nations in order to keep innocent blood from being offered to Allah for the sake of eternal sexual favors, then so be it. If Muslims desire to stay under an Islamic system of Sharia, let them do it in the birthplace of Islam. It does not belong in civilization where peaceful religions rule. It does not belong where places of worship are used as just that.

If Islam does nothing to stem their "minority", the rest of the world will eventually stem Islam.

May God bless England and know we grieve with you, we weep with you, and we stand with you in America.

Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been featured on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, TheRant.us, MichNews.com, Blessedcause.com and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.

Pete can be contacted at: pfisher2005@aol.com

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