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The Great Compromise

by Pete Fisher

When I was 20 years old I was serving in the military. I was a troubled young man with a troubled past, hard drinking, hard fighting, and totally without direction. I had no solid religious background and started searching for a deeper meaning in my life.

I was not the type of man most Christians would approach, as I was big and mean and had a temper the Tasmanian Devil would have been jealous of. But one man did. And later on he told me I was the easiest person he had ever witnessed to when I became a Christian a few days later. And he apologized for judging me and not coming to me sooner. We both learned a lot from that.

The small country church I attended had a powerful effect on our community. The people actually felt the need to change the community through good and the preachersí words were like a strong rudder on a storm tossed ship. Very basic, to the point, and Biblically based. People were found and aided by the people of Godsí church. A rare church indeed. We had no huge building, we had no 80k a year directors or administrators, we had no recording studio, no gymnasium, no TV spot. Just people who simply tried to perform Godsí work with love in their hearts. Jesus turned this world upside down with 12 men. God doesnít care about the size of a church. He can use one man if He desires to do whatever He wants, or none at all. He simply wants us to share in His ways and benefits of living a biblical life. Yes, He is that good.

Over the years I moved away and became active in churches all over the country. I was amazed at how blessed I had been to have been in a church with such simple ways. I saw tremendous churches with money and thousands upon thousands of members. I saw the teachings having the appearance of godliness, but without the effective use of the Word of God. And so many people I have talked to over the years told me they knew so many churched people who were hypocrites, or this or that, and really felt no urging to become part of that. And it breaks my heart every time I still hear those things. And when I found myself in strange places and in need of spiritual guidance and prayer, even as I poured my heart out to pastors or the brethren, I received little in the way of help.

I started seeing the churches competing in communities. I saw them install programs that in my mind were a bit questionable; to be able to "reach out" in a way the secular world could understand. Christian music became a huge industry, and many times indistinguishable from secular Rock or Rap music. I saw the messages evolve in many places to where the theme of love became the watered down version that allowed practicing homosexuals and Liberal ideas into the church. I knew people who had gone to Seminary not to feed the sheep, but to obtain a decent salary. The church I once knew is a dying animal. Many pastors have accepted a compromised way of life where it has become more important to not offend anyone, than to be an effective ministry. After all, who will pay for those expensive programs and books if the membership drops? It has become a business rather than a ministry many a time.

Jesus told His church to go out and be fishers of men. Yet the current mindset of many churches is to build huge aquariums and invite the fish to come in while offering all types of comforts and programs to attract them. We were told to come out from the secular world and be different. Yet we allowed our music and message to imitate the Secular way of life in order to get the attention of those who are without the gates. It seems we trust in our own programs and do not have faith that Godsí Word alone can do the job.

And when I see a Christian take up a cause that is biblical, and just, and see pastors turn away from them as Peter also denied Our Lord, my heart hurts. Jesus never sat inside the Temple all day and waited for people to come to Him for help. He never watered down His message to be able to reach the drunkards and the hurting. He never cast a wide net and sat back to have someone else check the trot lines at a later date. And neither did His Apostles. They went forth into the world. They preached love and repentance. They taught the transition from sin to salvation came from a commitment to God and His Word. But they never sat on soft pews singing songs and patting each other on the back in anticipation that some poor fish would walk in and be saved. Yet churches in America have become much like that. We have allowed this nation to become accepting of the things that grieve God. We have allowed those who practice such deeds to not only become a daily part of life while still practicing evil, but to also allow them into positions of authority in the church. They sing pretty songs, they eat them various potluck dinners, and they take their youth on ski trips and "mission trips" to poor nations, if they can afford it.

Yet when the media attacks President Bush for his Christianity, or just as recent Alan Keyes who ran in Illinois here for being dangerous fundamentalists, I feel sad. Why has it become such a travesty to practice Christianity in this country? I feel a big part of it has been the watered down version of the Bible many churches have preached over the past 3 decades. I also feel it has been the complacency of the church to sit back like meek little sheep and allow the Liberal minority to dictate to us how we should live. Though I know there are many churches who still fight the good fight, and pastors who are active in the community and politics, I no longer feel the majority of churches are like that.

We have become ineffective because we compromised not only the Bible, but also our level of commitment and activity within our society. Locked away in our buildings we hide away from society instead of having the love and ambition to endure with them until they see the love of God. We no longer sail into the stormy seas of this nation with nets to bring those up from the depths. We no longer hold our leaders responsible for their actions from the pulpit. And I believe the pastors who allow this will be judged heavily when Christ returns. Because in this day and age we are in need of godly politicians and leaders. More so now than ever before. And those people need our prayers, our help, and our support. They need to hear from us to be encouraged to live the Bible. In 12 years I have never had one Christian talk to me out of the blue and ask me if I knew Jesus.

And this society has little use for a compromised message. It will do nothing but make some Christians feel good; just another social club is what it has become. And it is time we, as Christians stood strong for our rights and our values. And it is time we stand up and go out to this nation, because it will not come to us. And the Bible needs to be taught with truth if we are too see a revival of godliness in this dark world. We cannot allow the world to dictate to us what we shall believe and how we will live.

The Candle needs to be a light in the darkness. But we have allowed the darkness of this Liberal society to cover our light. Who then, like the 20 year old man will be able to hear, and change his ways? How will we go into this society and love our neighbor enough to tell him the truth? How many children will we save from the prisons we are already planning on building? And how long will we suffer the results of electing those who espouse such things that water down our faith? Faith must begin in the House of God, and build this nation once more before the judgment of God comes upon our children and us. And it has. In the form of AIDS, Liberalism, crimes, depression, abortions, sexual immorality, divorce. What else will we allow before things get worse? The decision lies with us. So I encourage you to vote for those with courage of faith. To have the courage to change laws, and to love one another as God loves you. We were once a mighty beacon to the world with honor and morality. Let us become that once more without compromise.

Pete Fisher is a political columnist in Chicago, Illinois. He can be contacted at PFisher2005@aol.com

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