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   The Social Engineering Of Our Children

by Peter Fisher

Congress under the Articles of Federation enacted the Northwest Ordinance in 1787, and with small change enacted again in 1789.

Article III specifically says:

"Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged."

It is pretty clear that the intent of the Founding Fathers was to use public schools as a means to disseminate knowledge coupled with morality into public schools.

Later on as the Constitution was written, the clause that Congress should not create an establishment of religion (so as to not become as The Church Of England that chased them to America in the first place) was put in.

However, the fact that they did not make any changes to the Northwest Ordinance in Article III should be enough for anyone to see they never intended to change the nature of Public Schools. If they thought it to be against the Constitution, it would have been changed at the time.

There are also many other quotes from the same men who thought very highly of religious thought and knowledge. Here are a few quotes from those men:

The great enemy of the salvation of man, in my opinion, never invented a more effectual means of extirpating Christianity from the world than by persuading mankind that it was improper to read the Bible at schools. The Bible, when not read in schools, is seldom read in any subsequent period of life. It should be read in our schools in preference to all other books from its containing the greatest portion of that kind of knowledge which is calculated to produce private and public temporal happiness.

Why should not the Bible regain the place it once held as a schoolbook? Its morals are pure, its examples captivating and noble. The reverence for the Sacred Book that is thus early impressed lasts long; and probably if not impressed in infancy, never takes firm hold of the mind.

Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law book and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited.... What a Utopia, what a Paradise would this region be? I have examined all religions and the result is that the Bible is the best Book in the world. It contains more of my little philosophy than all the libraries I have seen.

The Bible is a book containing the history of all men and of all nations and is a necessary part of a polite education.

The Bible itself is the common inheritance, not merely of Christendom, but of the world.

To a man of liberal education, the study of history is not only useful, and important, but altogether indispensable, and with regard to the history contained in the Bible . . . "it is not so much praiseworthy to be acquainted with as it is shameful to be ignorant of it."

The reflection and experience of many years have led me to consider the holy writings not only as the most authentic and instructive in themselves, but as the clue to all other history. They tell us what man is, and they alone tell us why he is what he is: a contradictory creature that seeing and approving of what is good, pursues and performs what is evil. All of private and of public life is there displayed.... From the same pure fountain of wisdom we learn that vice destroys freedom; that arbitrary power is founded on public immorality.

The Bible is a book worth more than all the other books that were ever printed.

To the free and universal reading of the Bible in that age, men were much indebted for right views of civil liberty. The Bible is a book which teaches man his own individual responsibility, his own dignity, and his equality with his fellow man.

The Bible is the best of all books, for it is the word of God and teaches us the way to be happy in this world and in the next Continue therefore to read it and to regulate your life by its precepts.

The Bible is the chief moral cause of all that is good and the best corrector of all that is evil in human society; the best book for regulating the temporal [secular] concerns of men.

Bibles are strong entrenchments. Where they abound, men cannot pursue wicked courses.

The intent is pretty clear that Christianity was not only a great part of their lives, but extolled and urged to be a part of society and schools. Yet as we look around today, the ACLU and other fringe groups have screamed loud and sued, intimidating schools and any other public entity into removing any mention or support of the Bible and Christianity.

And as our children come home they are filled with the Liberal Agenda pushed into their tiny heads all the while being passed by countries such as Malawi in academics.

The amount of Social Engineering vs. Academics has overtaken our schools. We see our children graduating High School not being able to read or write, not able to get into college, but they are all tolerant of homosexuals, they all speak perfect PC, they all know how to hold hands in a large line and sing "We are the world."

They know how to be taught by other children in a spirit of teamwork, they can repeat every parroted word from any DNC politician, and use the same insults and catch phrases towards those in the RNC. Yet they cannot make change from a dollar when buying ice cream.

The Dumbing Down of our children has been perpetuated from first grade into college, where those who disagree with the professor’s Liberal views are graded differently. They are ostracized from other young adults if they desire to vocalize Conservative or Christian views. They have MTV, they have PC video games, they have the Media giving them only what they want them to hear and understand.

Yet the Liberals label them as robots, as puppets, as stupid. Yet compare the academic achievements of our Conservative politicians against the laughable high school dropouts in Hollywood who try and sway our children into their agenda.

Yet the Taliban-like society they scream will come from the Conservatives is the exact thing they perpetuate upon our youth and on our society.

The scary part is that they do have an influence on our children. And until we as parents and logical adults stop this inane and twisted agenda to take our Christianity away, and bring this nation about to the grounded way of life our Founding Fathers wanted for them, they will become extinct as a viable source of responsible citizens with no thought of their own.

In short, they will become Liberal Drones who cannot perform the academic standards that Third World nations do. And at our expense. And here is a news flash for the DNC:

IF you continue to Socially Engineer our youth, you may have a temporal political base to manipulate. But do not forget that the great amount of Immigrants in this country have strong moral values. And there are many who will not only have the tax bases to draw on for your political agendas; they are also not so easily fooled by your tactics. Because many come from Communist, Socialist, and otherwise freedom lacking nations. And they came here to exercise those freedoms. You may remove some Christianity from society, but you may end up with Wahabism.

And as your generation of children are washing the BMW’s of immigrants because they need no academic training to do so, eventually your system will fail in a horrible way. Because what you do not understand is that freedom is never stifled once tasted. It is going to remain free no matter what you do.

Because all we will have is an entire generation that can beg for AIDS research money while singing pretty songs. Too bad they won’t be able to read the writing on the wall.

Pete Fisher is a political columnist from Chicago, Illinois.  He can be contacted at pfisher2005@aol.com

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