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Email Comments

These are either entire or partial email comments that come in daily on Petes articles. Many have been shortened to keep the content short, and the full names in some cases shortened to initials to protect the privacy of the individuals.

Dear Pete,

My husband gave me this article to read after he was banned by the predominantly left-wing web sight - ********** - after posting a link/excerpt to your website. I would like to tell you that not many times do we read a single article that hits the absolute nail on the head.  I would also like to thank you for your astute analysis of what is happening to this great country.  Your words of truth make us sad, but then again, your words have clearly defined what is tearing our families and this fine nation apart at it's seams.

Thank you for your intuitive article.  We'll help many people read this and realize what is going wrong.

Please continue to demonstrate your fine analysis as to where the problems lie and hopefully how we can regain some national stability for our future.

God Bless you, our newfound friend/soldier.

M. and .G

Excellant!  Bravo!  Encore!  Loved it....

D. T.

Hi John, Pete -

Pete, your articles are spot-on...this is much needed in today's 'PC'
environment.  Well done!

A. W.


This is one of the best pieces of journalism I have ever read.  You are
exactly on point in every regard. 

T. M.


Brilliant Article- please keep it up!

You summarized exactly how many Americans feel about this cult.




I have just read your article on the Black Water website titled, "Why is Islam Considered Hate?" and found it to be an outstanding article; cut and dry and to the point.



Pete, I just read your article.  It was linked on FreeRepublic.com.  Outstanding.

P. F.



I just read your article and was really impressed.  I think it's time America wake up and smell the coffee, we are being taken over and our politicians and lawyers are helping.  Great article and it is being passed around the internet. 

G. W. (No, not THE GW!)


Dear Pete Fisher,

That was a hell of a piece in Michnews today on Islam. Excellent sir.



I just read your article about Islam being a religion of hate and all I can say is AMEN BROTHER !!!! Finally somebody has the stones to come out and say what we all know is the truth. Keep up the great work.

R. D.


Thank you for saying what probably 90% of America wants to say. You are a great American. Can you please send me your article "Why Islam is not Considered Hate" in an email or attached to an email. I would like to send it to some people but I cant given the format I received the article in.

Thanks for your time,


Having worked with this issue first hand in Iraq and observing the
unbelievable tolerances for this religion & intolerances for Christianity, I
suggest that the Trojan Horse you referred to has already been let in and is
being armed by the very society that let it in.

Good write!

Sgt ******
Fallujah, Iraq


Hey Pete,

This article was emailed to me by a friend.  I LOVED it!!!  I am in total agreement with you, as most logical thinking people are.  Im glad to see there are journalists such as yourself who are brave enough to point out the obvious, no matter how politically incorrect it is.  Keep up the good work; hopefully you don't receive any backlash for it.   It is a shame one has to worry about speaking/writing words aimed at protecting America and its citizens in this country.....

T. M.
Richmond VA


Dear Mr. Fisher,

Your article Why Islam is not Considered Hate dated January 11, 2005 was superb. It hit the nail on the head. I retired from the US Air Force in 1994 after serving 20 years.

K. E.


Awesome article on Islam & "peace." Keep up the good work.




I applaud your accuracy, analysis and candor.

D. H.
Teacher - KY


Thank you for writing this piece. I believe you are 100% correct!

Thank you!

R. G.


Mr. Fisher,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for writing the piece mentioned in the subject heading of this email  It is good to know that there are fellow Americans who are willing to speak of what many of us are thinking.  I believe that the prevailing culture of being PC in this country will lead to our demise if we continue to keep silent when something needs to be said.  I could not agree more with every point you made in your editorial. 



Sir, I thoroughly enjoyed your article.  You hit the nail on the head. It will unfortunately take several more attacks like 9/11 to make this country realize what you and me know already.

Sgt. County Sheriff's Office


"Tell me, Islam . . . " great article, you're telling it like it is !



Mr. Fisher,

 I have just read your letter regarding Islam and agree with your statements, I am a Canadian and although we do not in this country have quite the same situation

Regards   D. K.


Mr. Fisher you are right on!  .



I want to tell you wrote your letter very well, and down to the point of all that matters.



Dear Mr. Fisher,
What a stirring, truthful article! Very few speak out as you do. You certainly speak for me. Thanks.



Mr. Fisher, Thank you Thank you for this article. My sentiments exactly!!!


Pete Fisher is a political columnist in Chicago, Illinois. He can be contacted at PFisher2005@aol.com