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Why Islam is Not Considered
A Hate Group?

by Pete Fisher

With all the laws in place in this nation concerning Hate Crimes, it amazes me that we allow Islam to not only be practiced in this nation, but we allow it in our school systems.

We have recently seen 4 Christian protesters arrested for carrying scriptural signs against homosexuals. We see anything that resembles inflammatory speech shut down and legally dealt with whether it comes from Nazis, KKK members, Aryans, White Supremacists, etc.

A hate crime can be committed either by speech or action in this nation. Yet we allow the influx of a religion that espouses hatred and slaughter wholesale worldwide and the authority they claim to behave as such comes straight from their Quran.


Now I have heard all the arguments by those who consider themselves "peaceful" Muslims. I have also read the Quran and seen the abominations written therein and the criminal acts espoused and commanded throughout the writings.

We see the atrocities committed against Christians in several African nations, Egyptian Copts, Jordanian Christians, Iraqi Christians, Eastern Europe, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

We see the enslavement of mostly Africans, and the genocides in Sudan. We can walk through the Middle East and see how many slaves are performing domestic duties for their Arab masters. And yet, all I hear in America is how peaceful this religion is.

They might be more apt to being peaceful in America due to our freedom and laws that would not tolerate such criminal behavior. But given enough time and the in pouring of Islamic immigrants, I believe this will change. Take a look at the town in Michigan that allows them to publicly announce prayer times on loud speakers. Yet Christians cannot even walk with protest signs without fear of being arrested. Why are we so tolerant of a religion that is basically not an indigenous religion? Any why are we so tolerant of a religion that espouses such violent behavior and acts of cruelty?

I recently saw a report about Muhammad Hisham Kabbani of the Islamic Supreme Council of America. In Kabbani's reliable estimation, such "extremists" have "taken over 80 percent of the mosques" in the United States. And not just the mosques: schools, youth groups, community centers, political organizations, professional associations, and commercial enterprises also tend to share a militant outlook,  hostile to the present non-militant Islamic society in this nation.

We also see the CAIR organization coming out with some questionable comments. Take a look at some of these:

At the Islamic Association of Palestine's third annual convention in Chicago in November 1999, CAIR President Omar Ahmad gave a speech at a youth session praising suicide bombers who "kill themselves for Islam." "Fighting for freedom, fighting for Islam ó that is not suicide. They kill themselves for Islam," he said.

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

This was the statement of Ahmad, the Chairman of the Board of the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR, at an Islamic conference held in Freemont, California, in July of 1998.

We see that at least 80% of all mosques in America are led by militant clerics who preach violence against America and her allies. Not only is this a hate crime in and of itself, it is inflammatory and treasonous. So why are we not treating this as a treasonous entity? Even something such as the Nation of Islam, how can one actually claim to be a separate nation within a sovereign nation without being treated as treasonous?

We see that in many areas of the globe, any time an Islamic entity becomes part of a society, they begin to contemplate how to force it into Islam. While in Australia I saw several cases of rape and other crimes committed against Australian women due to the fact that the Muslim males who assaulted them deemed them as whores and sluts because of the way they dressed. In one highly publicized case of rape, the mother of one of the rapists was astounded her son was even on trial, because after all, the Australian girl dressed like a slut and "asked for it"! They refuse to realize when they leave their own despotic nations and move into a non-Islamic society, that THEY are the foreigners and must adapt to that nations culture, not infuse and eventually dominate it.

Yet in the Philippines it is being done. Muslims moved into an area and refused to take orders from a Catholic government. Now they turn to murder, terror, rape, and general mayhem to be able to get their own little piece of sovereignty.

So how long fellow citizens, will it be before they attempt to do this in America?

When we hear leaders of CAIR and other Muslim organizations speaking of violence and cavorting with terror organizations, (though CAIR will dispute this, it has been shown they have and do), when will we see the agenda of global domination come to this nation full swing?

How much would we save in tax money if we simply outlawed this violent cult and called it for what it is? I donít care that there may be a handful of Muslims who do not subscribe to the violent nature of Mohammed and his writings. The fact remains that it commands and espouses violence and domination. So why do we allow it to exist? And why do we allow it to be taught in our schools? If walking with a protest sign is a crime simply because the signs have scripture against homosexuality, why do we allow a cult that is commanded to dominate, kill, and enslave Christians, Jews, and anyone else they deem below their religious fantasy?

Are we prepared to fight them within our borders when they decide to assault our society? Are we prepared to watch our children grow up and fight our own soldiers in a perceived Islamic notion of martyrdom as did John Walker Lindh?

I say we should never allow it to become this strong. Not to even allow someone who calls for slavery, for murder, for complete and total domination. After all, they deem it necessary in Muslim nations to keep only Islam as religion and killing anyone who disagrees or practices differently. Why cannot we do this? I will never believe the framers of our Constitution ever meant freedom of religion to include any cult or philosophy that espoused such evil.

I could just as easily form my own religion that called upon the annihilation of Muslims, or Jews, or politicians, and could even use the exact Quranic verses to justify it. I also bet it would be shot down and outlawed as fast as it became public. Because it would be a hateful and violent cult, and therefore considered a dangerous entity.

I say we begin our own jihad against this abhorrent cult and get it out of society before it becomes the Trojan Horse it aspires to become.

They are within the gates of our society, and we should label them as Hate Group as well as eliminate their teachings from our schools. Unless they like our society and desire to abandon their Quran and public worship in place of a religion that is not violent, these people should be held to the same standards as any other criminal who spews hatred and violence.

We will never be equal in the eyes of Islam. We will always be inferior and according to Quran, a prime candidate for domination by Islam. We will always be Infidels, we will always be their enemy.

So would any of us, knowing someone wanted us and our families dead, invite them to live in our spare bedroom? Of course not. But we as a society have done exactly that. We allow those who desire our death and enslavement to live next door. To participate in politics and in our educational system.

We have allowed the Spartans to come bearing gifts. Will we also close the gates behind us and watch them burn the city as we sleep?

Pete Fisher is a political columnist in Chicago, Illinois. He can be contacted at pfisher2005@aol.com