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The Disappointing Daughter
by Jehanne Domremy

There was once a great and mighty ruler of the land who had three grown daughters that lived far away. Plans were made for a celebration upon their return visit.

The rulerís first daughter arrived with heralds singing. She was a huge success in the world, intelligent as the ruler was, she was top in her field, recognized by worldwide scholars as brilliant. She was meticulously flawless as she climbed the steps to the rulerís side to embrace him, with every hair in place and a most stunningly practical dress. The ruler beamed as he welcomed her with open arms.

The second daughter climbed the steps to the rulerís welcome embrace, even more elegant than the first. Known world over for her beauty and talent, she had married well and was everything the ruler could ask for in a daughter. There was vivaciousness about her as she swirled and danced around the ruler. The ruler was most proud of both his daughters.

And then the third daughter emerged holding something bright in her hand. Though the heralds sang, it was a labored attempt to match the gaiety of the first two announcements. For this daughter was dirty and ragged, her dress was tattered and stained. She walked up the steps and could feel the weight of the worldís stare as the ruler struggled to hide his disappointment. She embraced him and said, "Oh Da, I have traveled far and wide in the darkest corners of the world, searching for something and Iíve found it! Itís the most wonderful joyous gift in the entire world! LOOK!" She opened her hand to show a gleaming light, which she held as the most precious treasure in all the world. In her eyes, there was nothing that could compare to the purity and truth she held in her hand.

The ruler looked and all he could see was a small white bird, nothing special about it. Puzzled, he looked at the grime of her hand more than what she held, as he considered the mental state of his daughter.

"Donít you see it?" she asked, longing for her da to comprehend the amazing gift of salvation, the wonder of Godís mercy and the grace of the Gospel. She held it in her hand as the most costly jewel, far worthier than beauty or intelligence or position. The world was stubble and hay compared to the divine radiance she held before him. But the ruler couldnít see it and he hugged her in spite of his disappointment and her wretched clothes.

The celebration continued into the night, and the third daughter tried to relate to family and old friends with laughter and merriment about worldly things. Courageous attempts were made by many to accept her as she was, while all preferred to pretend the small white bird she held didnít exist, which grieved the third daughter.

Days later, as she traveled home, she stopped by a brook on her way home, sat on a stone and wept bitterly. She felt empty and alone, she knew she was a disappointment to her da, she didnít measure up to his expectations and he couldnít see the beauty of the Light. She saw herself in the mirror of her daís eyes and was horrified of what she knew he saw. She never felt so empty and alone. Then she heard a whisper, a still small voice, which said, "Would you rather give up the Light and BE one of your sisters held so proudly by your da?"

She thought about it. She imagined herself twirling in the beautiful gown of her sister without a care in the world, laughing an empty laugh, ignorant of the priceless Light. A sense of coldness consumed her. It froze her heart. She tried to imagine spending hours studying science and philosophizing the worlds ways as her first sister of renowned fame, loved by everyone for her knowledge and success. That, too, felt icy and empty without the Light. The thought of forsaking the pure and simple truth in her hand broke her heart. She knew, with everything she had and was, that the Gospel far outweighed anything the world could ever offer. A relationship with Christ her Savior could never be given up at any cost.

"No," she answered. "I could never deny what God has given. I could never live a life ignorant of the truth in the frost of the worldís success, no matter how bright the smile or the shimmer of the gown."

"Then take heart, daughter," He said. And she felt flooded by the comfort and love of her Father in heaven. Somehow it helped to know she wouldnít trade places for anything. She wasnít a failure as the world saw her. She had beheld a warmth beyond understanding, she was significant in the eyes of her Father, He loved her, He died for her, and she chose His everlasting treasure.

If you cannot share your faith with your parents, family or friends, if someone dear in your life has rejected the glory of God thatís known within you, take heart. God knows your sacrifice better than you know. He saw it from the cross, and more than you will not forsake Him, He did not and will never forsake you. The trials and tribulations that we endure we do not endure alone. God is with us, He will never leave us, and as He ministers to you in your sleep, know that you are intensely significant and loved, God sees every slight we endure and the Bible says to LEAP for joy because of it. See yourself through the eyes of God, which are full of grace. Drink deep the message of His love for you and some day you will see Him face to face. On that day He will wipe away every tear from your eyes which He knows intimately every one. This world is not your home, and an everlasting joy awaits you. Take courage, beloved, God is near, He surrounds you, His very breath is upon you. Drink deep the love that lasts forever. He asks that you work in this world for now, but it will not always be so. Christ has come, Christ has risen, Christ will come again. Be vigilant and be ready. May the joy of the Lord be our strength. Amen.

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