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If they would call themselves One World advocates, it wouldn't hurt so much, but when they parade around as Christian organizations surrendering everything that God said and claiming they are representatives in Christ, it is a knife in the side of the Body of Christ.

Our nation is rampant with these counterfeit-christian organizations, shamelessly hijacking our religious freedom and government policies. It's not hard for a group of secularists to get together and slap on a religious sounding name to gain credibility and further their agenda.

Clever names are found for humanist groups like "Interfaith Alliance," one of the "religious groups" that Clinton and the ACLU referred to that agreed to Clinton's rigged "Religious Expression in Public School" guidelines which opens or closes doors to specific religious groups at the will of the ACLU.

"Interfaith Alliance," under the guise of faith, have waged war against America's Judeo-Christian values, the voucher system and promote same-sex unions. Their website states:

Are county officials in your area attempting to post the Ten Commandments in public buildings, such as court houses, city halls or public school classrooms? Is religion being used as a guise to promote hate speech or hate crime? How do you feel about the Supreme Court taking on the constitutionality of the phrase, "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance? ...The Interfaith Alliance stands in strong opposition to all legislative initiatives that would attempt to circumvent the Court's 1980 ruling [that posting the Ten Commandments is unconstitutional in public school.]

The president of "Interfaith Alliance" was recently seen on Bill O'Reilly with his new organization, "Clergy Leadership Network." Bill asked him about his progressive liberal views. False teachers and misrepresentatives of Christ abound, just as He said they would.

Another group included in Clinton's rigged guidelines is "Americans for Religious Liberty." The name implies religious freedom, but they work toward Judeo-Christian censorship through separation of church and state.

The Christian Legal Society (also named on Clinton's guidelines) actually OPPOSED this proposed Constitutional amendment:

"To secure the people's right to acknowledge God: The right to pray or acknowledge religious belief, heritage or tradition on public property, including public schools, shall not be infringed. The government shall not compel joining in prayer, initiate or compose school prayers, discriminate against or deny a benefit on account of religion.

Even though this wording is very similar to what Clinton disguised his guidelines to be, there are no loopholes, no back doors for the ACLU to exploit at will.

The Christian Legal Society is also noted as part of the Board of Reference for Christian Educators Associated International, (CEAI) a group whose director quelled public outcry by claiming Islam was not slipped into our textbooks and defended the balance of public school today. He later admitted privately that he never even reviewed the textbook!

[1/12/04 update: Cause for rejoicing! CEAI and it's new director, Finn Laursen, has made a turnaround and CEAI has taken a stance in their newsletter against a recent decision by Judge Phyllis Hamilton in federal courts! Bless you CEAI! I pray you reconsider comparative religion as well.]  ...US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton dismissed the lawsuit over indoctrination of children, approving the required "game" of becoming Muslim in public school and learning this prayer:

"In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation, You alone we worship, and to You alone we pray for help, Guide us to the straight path."

Our newest addition of Christian representatives is Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, launching a million dollar project with funding by our US Department of Justice to retrain us, to present a compatible version of Christianity to Islam and "ease conflict" by claiming God and Allah are one god, and matching verses between the Quran and the Bible.

But the verses merely show that both religions have a purpose to spread their own message. Whether that purpose is for good or evil is conveniently glossed over. They even compare that both religions have a "final messenger"...   let's just forget that one messenger is Jesus and the other is Muhammad...  apparently there is no difference between the two, it's close enough!

Fuller Theological Seminary claims their endeavors are in leading Muslims to Christ, but the media reports funding for training of Christians, that Allah and God are the same god, and compromise of God's word. (sigh) God knows. Please pray for God's will and leading. As we are inundated with wolves in sheep's clothing, may God grant us discernment.

These are just a few examples, our nation is rife with counterfeit-christian organizations parading around, effecting huge anti-christ impacts on government policy and our nation. Not only are we allowing it, but many well-meaning Christian organizations are foolishly partnering with them, becoming only partially obedient to God, compromising His word, harkening His wrath and weakening our nation.

Religious leaders, take heed.  God is a jealous God. His children are progressively practicing worship to other gods in public school while criticizing Christianity, and rather than rise up in protest, rather than confronting those organizations that are leading our nation to spiritually cripple our children, you criticize what few Christians will stand up in protest. Some of you conspire with those endorsing comparative religion when you know full well God is a jealous God. "Thou shalt have no other God's before Me." "Take heed that you inquire not about other nations and how they serve their gods."

Did God tell you to endorse comparative religion, invoking prayer to other gods in order to present His Son? You say they went too far, but you opened the floodgates for them to do it!

Do you imagine you can embrace the way of the world and embrace His Son at the same time? Did Jesus say you would enjoy peace and prosperity as you shared the Gospel? Or did He warn you that you would be hated as He was? That you would be stoned, scourged and crucified. Is that the response you receive as you compromise what God said, betray who He is and negotiate a generic god?

You have chosen the world! You are seducing our children from the way in which the Lord commanded us to walk and you call it Christian! Harlotry! Repent! Make straight the way of the Lord! Are you so arrogant you think you know better than God? Do you now walk like Pharisees,  whom both Jesus and John called a brood of vipers? Would you have condemned John for telling the truth to the religious leaders? Oh you of little faith! God sees what you have done, He knows how you have conspired with those who twist His words, do not imagine God is pleased! Repent! Do not foolishly ignore the danger! Repent while there is time!

Saints, please pray that God would open our eyes and unite true believers while we can. God said it would get dark, He told us of these days coming, but it is especially sickening to be falsely represented by those directly opposed to God's word. 

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the comfort of the Holy Spirit be with you. Amen.


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