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On Sept. 3rd, Washington Times published "When Sex Ed becomes Porn 101" by Robert Rector, an expose of how dishonestly our public schools are claiming funding for, and delivering, "abstinence" training in sex-ed. (see complete article)

"The fact is... abstinence-plus programs do contain: explicit demonstrations of contraceptive use especially condoms and direct encouragement to experiment sexually."

An example of this training includes promotion of homosexuality: Two females, "Tyceia" and "Felicia," are told to "begin negotiating safer sex" together. They've been "sexually active with males in the past," but now they can "accept" their bisexuality. Male students aren't excluded: "Gerald" is told that "Allen has never used condoms. You want to have sex with him, but not without using condoms."

When I was a child, in health class we were given a heavy emphasis on brushing our teeth and toothpaste.  In today's health class, the emphasis is on spiritual decay and lubricants: "If you were trying to find something around the house, or at a convenience store, to use as a [lubricant] substitute, what would be safe? Why? ... Some 'grocery store' lubricants are safe to use if they do not contain oil: grape jelly, maple syrup and honey."

There is talk in California of cutting expenses by cutting Driver's Ed. Instead of learning how to drive a car, apparently today's Dept. of Education has determined it's more important to teach kids how to race with condoms and cucumbers:

"Each person on the team must put the condom on the dildo or cucumber and take it off," the program says. "The team that finishes first wins."

In drivers-ed, they showed us films about the bloody consequences to irresponsible racing (scraping bodies off the highway). But in sex-ed, students are not shown the consequences of irresponsible sex racing. Why not show them the painful, decaying, slow death of AIDS, abortions, herpes and weeping pregnant teens?

Lawsuits have been filed over the homosexual assemblies to children as young as 2nd grade. There is no hesitancy to go after our youngest. Now "...teachers can show kids as young as 13 'how to make condoms fun and pleasurable.' For example, 'Once you and a partner agree to use condoms ... go to the store together. Buy lots of different brands and colors. Plan a special day when you can experiment. Just talking about how you'll use all of those condoms can be a turn-on.' "

Educators often boast of their latest techniques of "critical thinking." In the sex-ed arena, asking children to think for themselves is not hampered. "Teachers are told to have kids 'brainstorm ways to be close. The list may include ... body massage, bathing together, masturbation, sensuous feeding, fantasizing, watching erotic movies, reading erotic books and magazines ...' ."

Deviously accepting money for these "abstinence" trainings, public school programs also include, among other things, to go on a "condom hunt" to local stores to survey the various types of family planning methods and ask: "What's the cheapest price for three condoms?" While they're shopping for condoms, to 'put down the store's hours, too, because it may be important to know where to get protection at some odd hours'."

In order for parents to ask the schools to administer aspirin or any form of medication, a windstorm of paperwork must be filled out. Yet these programs refer children to family planning clinics. Some schools even give children time off during school hours for abortions. The CDC advises teachers to tell students who might worry about what Mom and Dad think, "you do not need a parent's permission ... no one needs to know that you are going to a clinic."

Not all schools are going to these depths. I talked with my son's friends who do take these classes and they all say that at our local school, there has been no homosexual promotion so far (thank God). Yet moms of students in previous years have told me how angry and embarrassed their daughters have felt as they were encouraged to participate in birth control, when they were determined to remain faithful to Christ and abstinent.

Parents, find out what is going on in your children's schools, because on the national level and with the NEA backing it, our schools are pressured nationwide to promote the homosexual lifestyle along with pre-marital sex.

I was also cautioned about the free-for-all question/answer segments after sex-ed lessons. That children ask the teachers anything they want. If you know kids, this can get very explicit, and the teachers are forced to answer these questions carefully, giving positive reinforcement about homosexuality/anal sex. They have no choice, to say anything discouraging could end up in an ugly lawsuit about discrimination to homosexuals, thanks to the demands of the militant gay movement and the ACLU.

PARENTS: IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SURE HOW YOUR SCHOOL ADDRESSES SEX ED, OPT YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF SEX-ED NOW! Many parents don't even realize that these classes are given under innocent sounding names such as "Health and Family Living." Even at my son's school, when I asked to have him opted out, the secretary looked me straight in the eye and said, "These classes are mandated." I replied, "I am certain I can opt my son out of sex-ed" and my son is happy to be in metal shop. DO NOT LET YOUR SCHOOL BLUFF YOU.  Schools should be fighting to discourage rampant sexual activities as "sport sex" and promote abstinence, rather than encourage sex as our state legislators, i.e. a California Assembly is trying to insure.

Do we realize what we've lost by our sexually active pasts? We have paid such a huge price and it has weakened our marriages. How much more precious would our husband or wife be, if we knew that they had never "known" anyone else sexually? How much more special would our marriages be, how much more worth fighting for if we knew our husband or wife had only been intimate with us? Divorce rates are sky-rocketing, and I ask myself, would I have been so easy to ask for a divorce if my ex had been my first and only sexual partner? And I, his? That would have been a unique and sanctified bond, almost unheard of today, public education should strive for this goal rather than encourage sexual experimentation beginning in middle school.

I remember watching an episode of Seinfeld with my son, something I wouldn't normally do. But this episode was about Seinfeld and Elaine agreeing to sleep together as "friends" and they couldn't do it. It doesn't work. This gave me an opportunity to talk to my son about why: The Bible was right when it told us that we spiritually unite our souls with those we sleep with. Something happens and a bonding takes place, creating a mix of emotions including jealousy and possessiveness, even if we intellectually tell ourselves it's just for pleasure and nothing more. It can't be done. Not even Jerry and Elaine could succeed. And every person that we slept with in our pasts has had a cheapening effect on the precious gift that God gave us in what was supposed to be a sanctified marriage. Virginity should be an honorable endeavor, not something to be chastised for. Public schools make it all the more harder for students of virtue to maintain that standard. In my opinion, the current Department of Education is a brood of vipers deserving of public flogging. Is that unChristian? Jesus Christ said it would be better for those who offend our little ones if there was a millstone wrapped around their neck and thrown into the sea. Call me an intolerant Christian, because the corrupting of our precious children should not be tolerated! WOE to those who do so!

OPT YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL SEX-EDUCATION! This is not sex-education, this is spiritual murder. Real protection of our children doesn't come with a condom, (there is proof that AIDS is transmitted right through condoms). Protection of our children comes with parental love and care, development of our children's self-esteem, vigilance, boldness and prayer.  Be a parent. Fight for your children. Opt them out of sport-sex education. This kind of sport is fatal. ~jen shroder

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