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Revelation 12: "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven"
by Jen Shroder
July 6, 2011

The morning halos continue. In "A Gentile Woman Travailing," I wrote and provided pictures of a halo directly over the church I attended where I struggled so deeply with submitting an article about a halo or "crown of 12 stars" over my head years before. This event had other aspects much like the Revelation 12 woman. What I didnít disclose was that I had sent one of my sons to Rome to visit his brother for a month. He returned home from Rome late at night on June 2nd and woke up to another morning halo over him in the city where he slept.

He rejects any idea that it has anything to do with him and in response to my pointing it out, said, "Those are common, Iíve seen those before, I even saw one in Rome." If morning halos such as these are so common, then why did it make a full color spread on the front page of the paper? LINK.

And yet, there was another halo that day. It was over the city where his brother was born, the brother that is currently in Rome.

Clothed in the sun, the crown of twelve stars in the sky, the moon at my feet, the halo over my church as I resisted it, the dream, the scorpion, unexplainable high website ratings, more halos, I seem to be swimming in details such as this and I have been content to ignore them and wait, because if what I suspect is true, then time will bear it out. Revelation 12 events have yet to happen and besides, where are the two witnesses of Revelation 11?

And then the pastor of the little church under which the morning halo shone so brightly gave a sermon that should be heard around the world. A brutal, honest message of what it is to be Christian but the hope and joy of Christ in us, of His coming, He is here. How could I listen to this pastor talk so passionately about the cost paid by His disciples and stay silent? How can anyone receive so much grace and mercy as I have and then try to hide in a crowd and pretend I donít know whatís happening, like Peter did?

The halo over the little church appeared on May 22nd on the Jewish holiday of Lag B'Omer (Leviticus 23), a day of counting seven complete weeks from the day after Passover night. I have no idea what, if anything, that could mean but my sonís return and the second halo appearing was 12 days later.

So what do I do as I notice these things? I walk around pretending everything is normal and hope that it is. I hesitate to "travail" any more and I start taking risks until I realize Iím trying to change the course of what I think it all means. Anyone who studies Revelation might understand why.

And then an old post about my first experience with speaking in tongues makes it to my Ďtop 25 viewed postsí so I read it. Itís all about people grieving and calling out for God. I had looked up two words that I kept repeating, phonetically, in Strongís Concordance:

"'âlâh אלה aw-law' A primitive root (rather identical with H422 through the idea of invocation); to bewail: - lament." (H421 Strongs Concordance)

I had attributed it to my coming textbook battle with Islam and "Allah" but now Iím not so sure, it sounds like Revelation 12 and since then, I have been bewailing for years through BlessedCause.org for our children in public school because of the blasphemies they are taught.

The second word I wrote about in the article was:

 rah-maw' רעמה  ra‛mâh feminine word of "a peal of thunder; the mane of a horse (as quivering in the wind) - thunder."

This might be reaching, but there are four horses named before the four horsemen, thundering angels and seven thunders in Revelation. Everything keeps pointing to the end times, the apocalypse, tribulation.

Signs and wonders. They are amazing but pale in comparison to Christís message at the cross, that we can be forgiven in Him. Christians will sing that itís all about Jesus, but from Godís eyes, itís all about YOU. Donít let anyone or anything be a distraction from what Christ did and the Holy Spirit whispering the truth of it in your ear, that by grace and mercy we may enter in to communion with Him in Shekinah glory, joy everlasting, peace beyond understandingÖan experience of Him while all else fades away. What I have to say can only point to the importance of Christ in your life and the confirmation that HE IS. I pray your heart is not so hardened that you cannot hear it, because the FACT is, you are invited. Jesus is here. And if you cannot hear it, then soften your heart with the reading of the Word, seek Him, know Him through the Bible while there is still time.

All of this seems impossible, but with God, all things are possible. Much of what I have written here can be fact checked: pictures taken with cell phones, return flights from Rome, webalyzers showing dates of old postings, I even have the receipt from the tow truck driver who saw the scorpionÖall for what?

All for one thing and one thing only. Jesus Christ came to save us and if you are willing, for you. He has paid the price for you, the pearl of great price. If you know Him, press in, and I urge you to pray and listen to the message of the little church in Shell Beach. If you donít know Him, seek Him, He is waiting there in the message for you.


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