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Mosques, Muslims and Minivans
The Breakdown of America
Permission given to repost at will

By Jen Shroder

Bill and Hillary Clinton, Judge Phyllis Hamilton, the US Department of Justice, the US State DepartmentÖI have been writing for years that our government is promoting Islam through our schools in collusion with Saudi Arabia. Recent events with the New York mosque and children praying to Allah on a field trip have finally caused some to notice.

And so I sit to outline the players today. I even have evidence from our childrenís own textbooks that the Cordoba mosque is all about unifying a Muslim kingdom. But thatís not what Iím supposed to write about.

The Lord showed me something last week on the anniversary of 9/11. Something that would be condemned by both the right and the left if it gained any traction. But itís what I saw.

Years ago the Lord healed me after I asked if I could live long enough for my kids to grow up. My youngest had no more walked out the door for college when all five of my cars died at the same time as if on cue. One needs a brake master cylinder, one needed a new alternator but $500 later it's still stalling unexplainably, one's tranny is going and then totally died, one's starter needed replacing, and finally, my faithful minivan that is ancient and over 226,000 miles, the one that would start up again if I prayed over it, the one that I used for footwashing, the one I was driving when the Lord warned me of disaster ahead and saved my sons and I, the one that honestly lost all symbols of "Dodge" when I put on three Christian fish symbols (they just dropped off, it was amazing)...that one died. Just stopped.

It sat there for days until I finally called a tow truck. As he chained my beloved minivan up, a scorpion crawled out from underneath and headed straight for me. I have never seen or heard of scorpions in this area before. I was stunned and said out loud, "Wow, all my cars die and then a scorpion crawls out from under my minivan, what does this mean?" As soon as I said it, the scorpion jumped into position with his tail pointed right at me.

"What do you see?"

Days before I had been in prayer after reading Jeremiah. I wondered if the Lord showed us a boiling pot that fell away from the north or a branch of an almond tree, if we would be able to "see" as Jeremiah did. And now there I was, looking at something and hearing, "What do you see?"

I see five factions of America breaking down totally. Economically, politically, educationally, morally and spiritually. Efforts to revive her are failing. And the last breakdown represents the spiritual condition of our nation. Godís own are still here but we're not getting real traction for revival. America as a whole is not listening.

My first reaction to the scorpion is Islam, but that's not right. In Jeremiahís day, God raised up Babylon. In our dayÖitís name is Islam, but Islam or Babylon is not the problem, the problem is us.

America elected politicians that fight for partial birth abortion. We fund abortion on demand. We close our eyes to child sex slave rings and obsess over endangered snails. We cower rather than object to public schools teaching our children profane sex acts and praying to Allah. It seems the only use that our elected government has for our children is to either kill them, sex them or commit them to bow to foreign gods.

God didnít turn His back on us, we turned our back on Him. We have been warned for years but we, as a nation, didnít listen. And worst of all, we turned our back on Israel.

"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee" (Genesis 12)

Timing. Godís timing. Bible scholars are amazed at the prophesies lining up in the news.

"Öand Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled." (Luke 21)

If America had remained with God, we would not be weak and facing Islam. Allah is nothing. God, Eloheim, El Shaddai (Hebrew names of God) is everything. If you donít know Him, I pray there is still time to seek Him while you can.

Who am I to write such things? No one. But the last time God gave me a message like this, I posted it and it has remained in the first or second position on Google for years and to this day with just three secular words: "three" "days" "nights" It is the "Sign of Jonah," the only sign that will be given an evil and adulterous generation. Google "three", "days", "nights" and see for yourself. That's not something I could do.

America, turn around. As a nation we have run out of time, but on your ownÖseek Him while you can. Donít blame the Muslims, we brought this on ourselves. Seek Him and live.

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Part 2: "Stock Markets, Shopping Malls and Sprinklers of Fire" or why I am clearly not supposed to write against Islam any longer but rather why America is in trouble, it is us. It will not be a popular message. I might get dropped by publishers, my webstats might plummet, but it doesn't matter. It's what I have to post.

A Message from God

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