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Side by Side

Two friends came into the booth, both strong in their beliefs about all religions leading to God, Eastern religion preferred. They sat in the chairs on either side of the booth, and Maria and I sat side by side on the ground, engaged in individual conversations. I could hear the debate heating up next to me as the man Maria witnessed to had a heart of contention, and I had to force myself to keep focused on my conversation. The man I spoke with was much more open and eventually strongly gained "the look." He agreed that Godís fulfilled prophecies smoked any claim to fame the Eastern religions offered, and began to listen with an open heart. After a long time, the man Maria had been talking with had enough and insisted it was time to go. Maria was disappointed and discouraged, but I saw the hand of the Lord separating the two men, that the one could be ministered to. Had Maria not engaged the attention of the hardened man, I never would have received the focus of the softened one. Still, it was frustrating for Maria.

I was fidgeting with supplies behind the booth when I heard a man come in and speak with Maria. I knew instantly "Leave this for Maria" and I found work to do, carried out the used wash water to the creek praying the whole time, lingering. Eventually I came back and it was evident that this manís heart was broken wide open. Maria had been ministering with the Holy Spirit and was reaping great success. When she was done, she boldly gathered his family all around in front of the booth, we all held hands or linked arms and we prayed over the whole family. What a sight to the multitudes around us! I believe the Lordís timing was clearly at work for the family, but also for His faithful servant, Maria!

Outside the Booth

Sunday Jean and I had worked side by side as well, this time back to back as we both washed feet leaning on each other (small booth). Engaged in my own conversations, I didnít catch what the Holy Spirit had been doing at Jeanís foot washings, (nor with Karrieís later on in the day) but Jean and I decided to indulge ourselves and take a lunch break together. Somehow it seemed right, and even there, sitting at a picnic table with "royalty," God was at work. Jean was talking to me about fulfilled prophesy and I noticed the woman sitting nearest to us from her group was being very quiet and ever so slightly leaning toward Jean, straining an ear. I could only smile and listen, so blessed at watching Godís hand in everything. Even fetching water was an opportunity, as there was a woman there and we bonded very quickly, and she was open in just those few moments to hearing about God. I smile as I think of two women at the well, one taken, hopefully not this one left!


There is something so indescribable about sitting on the floor, oiling and massaging a foot in my lap, the human touch blessed me as I sat looking up into an unbelievers eyes, sharing Godís love and watching the Holy Spirit just melt that personís resistance as they recognized the truth. There were countless whom I felt were transplanted from a road of sure destruction to a beginning, to recognizing that there is a road in front of them to Him. I was filled with joy and energy through the washings, and each night came home so tired it hurt to breathe!

Many people have asked me how I could actually wash feet. After this experience, I canít imagine how I couldnít. It was pure privilege and honor to be used like this, to watch God working, not to mention the countless blessings I received getting ready for these events.

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