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Most Beautiful Love Story of All Time
by Jen Shroder

I left the theater stunned, unable to express my emotions. When I got home, my son kept asking me, "Was it gory mom?" No it wasn't, and yes, it was. Somehow Mel Gibson made the most beautiful movie of all time, and I had seen violence, but it was NOT "gory." I had never experienced anything like this before, and I was saddened that my 11 year old son missed the opportunity to witness as close as one could today, the greatest event of all time.

It's still hard for me to put on paper.

I have read in the Bible that God loves me so much that He gave His only begotten Son, but I never experienced it like this. I never considered the determination, the PASSION, of every step to the cross that Jesus took for you and me. For you and me. For you and me.

I have had many romances in my life. I have many amazing memories of what this world has to offer. But NOTHING even comes close to comparison of the passion that Jesus Christ has for you and me. Nothing. And when I saw that on the screen last night, displayed in full color... even though it's only in a movie theater and NOTHING compared to the reality of what Christ went through, it focused my attention on what Jesus did dramatically, and I was able to better receive and understand the PASSION that God has for us all.

I started to tell my son that "Mel Gibson made the most amazing movie of all time" but I stopped. No one man could make a movie like that. God was all over and through that movie. The heart of God reached out and touched me, and yes, my 11 year old son WILL see it. It is the most beautiful love story of all time and he would be deprived not to.

I don't know how an unbeliever or someone without a relationship with God (by their choice) would see it, but we took a 14 year old boy who knew NOTHING about Jesus, and what started out as a silent drive home afterwards turned into an explosion of questions. This "cool" high school kid loved the movie. It touched him. It touched all of us. Big time.

For the first time I came home and didn't check my emails, didn't turn on the news, I didn't want to do anything to distract the feeling of God's message that resounded through my heart and mind. God loves me. God loves you. Christ died for you.  And you don't want to wait to see PASSION like this reduced to a TV screen video.

See the movie. It will rock your world.

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