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update: GOD insures His message is heard!

January 30-31, 2003  America, on this night, God illuminated His message, and He gave a sign that you would know. The same voice that explained the "sign of Jonah" has also said,

"If you turn your backs on Me,
I will turn My back on you."

Over and over throughout history, God has outlined this message to the Jews. Over and over again the Jews would not listen and were almost annihilated. Do we, as Americans, believe we should fare better?  We began as a Christian nation, and God has blessed it. Slowly with time our nation has become more and more corrupt to the point we are aborting babies to enjoy a promiscuous sex life that schools endorse and enable. Now we teach children homosexuality and how to pray to Allah, to participate in any and all religions except that of His Son, Jesus Christ. Atheists are fighting to remove the Ten Commandments and the Supreme Court is defying our Constitution to bow down to the ACLU. Does America think itself so proud that it can snub it's nose at God?

What about the crash of Columbia? What about the single Bible page found at the World Trade Center, one frail yet intact page found in the ashes?  This single page was left as a message to America, but the media snubbed the message. On the page was written the story of the Tower of Babel. Where God chastises man for being so proud that he would build a tower to the skies to honor man's glory. How strong of a message does America need to see the folly of man?

 Jesus said He would never leave nor forsake us, and He won't.  There is not a thing that will happen in the Christian life that He is not intently aware of. He never stops thinking about us. Yet He said we would suffer in this life, but He would be with us through it. If we keep our eyes on Him through the storm, we can walk on water.

And when we finally go home to be with Him, He will have a place prepared for us. This is not our time, this is God's time.  Time for those who do not know Him to learn about Him through the Holy Spirit, through the Bible and through us.

No, God will not leave us, but as a nation, we are about to reap the whirlwind. Our only chance for more time is revival. Will we, as a nation, turn around? Will we stop being led by the liberals down corrupted painful paths?  Will we continue to defile the land?

I hope for future grandchildren.  I want my sons to know the joy of having children, as my sons have been such a joy to me. But without revival, if our nation continues in the destructive path that we're on, then God can and will turn His back on us. Don't blame the Muslims, don't blame N. Korea, don't blame other nations, and don't blame God.  We are bringing it on ourselves.

When the Israelites repented and returned to the Lord, He welcomed them with open arms. Will we repent and turn around? Or will we face certain destruction of our own doing? Will we continue to sacrifice our children? Study history. It has always been that when cultures began sacrificing their children, God has said ENOUGH.  God has said "ENOUGH" to America. Will America listen? I pray we do.

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