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Houghton Mifflin's Fabricated Defense

When Houghton Mifflin gives examples of their disclaimers (i.e., Muslims believe...), they just about list ALL of them that can be found in the entire unit. People think, "Oh, so there ARE statements of "Muslims believe." HM points out a section is titled "The Teachings of Islam," but that header came after 4 pages of religious beliefs stated as fact and page headers such as:  “The Life of the Prophet.” This particular section lists beliefs and wraps it up with:

“These revelations confirmed both Muhammad’s belief in monotheism, and his role as the last messenger in a long line of prophets sent by God.”


They compare this to "The Life of Jesus" in the Christian section, but in that section they describe Jesus as "a popular teacher with ideas" and discuss only the parables He gave, omitting miracles or anything that could be construed as holy.

HM's defense posted at their website is fraught with these tactics, taking a sliver of a sentence out of context from dozens of pages of indoctrination, and holding it up as a defense that Islam is presented in a balanced way. They even took two phrases which were paragraphs apart, spliced them together in order to make it appear they were giving a balanced view.

I find it astounding that Houghton Mifflin still claims they never confirm Muhammad as a Prophet when they even have a header: "The Life of the Prophet." 

Other statements as belief:

  1. “In fact, the very first word the angel Gabriel spoke to Muhammad was recite.”

  2. "The Quran is the final revelation, just as Muhammad is the final prophet.” 

  3. “Ramadan is a holy time, because in this month Muhammad received his first message from Allah.”

4.“Arabic lettering had a special significance for Muslims, because it was used to write down God’s words as they had been given to Muhammad.” 
(see so many more)

Along with HM's defense, they list positive Christian occurrences and page numbers that are certainly not in the book my son studies from! Did they find a specific version that got lost?

Should I invest HOURS exposing all the fabrications of Houghton Mifflin's defense again? I must have a hundred pages full of HM textbook and defense quotes at this website already. If people won't listen by now, it's their choice. Somebody get me my baseball glove, I'm going to go pitch to my son!

If this was a book for adults, I wouldn't protest. But these are CHILDREN, a captive audience with impressionable minds. Many of them are God's holy temples. God is ANGRY when His children are asked to get on their hands and knees and recite words of prayer to Allah. No, the book does not instruct that, but many teachers are doing it.

We do not fathom how precious God's children are to Him. The nation is rocking. If we do not stop this assault on our children, God will. I tell you the truth, God will. And when that happens, it will be too late for those who do not know Him. I pray we turn around. For the sake of the lost and the sake of our children, America, turn around.

Coming soon:
When "Christian Educators" Prefer Islam
(We Christians love to rationalize our anger by pointing at Jesus as He turned over tables. It's usually wrong to do that. But sometimes one can do no less)

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