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"A Message of Ancient Days"

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Houghton Mifflin's biased version of Jesus and Judaism for the 6th grade


The Christian Unit states that Jesus’ tomb was discovered empty.  His disciples believed he rose from the dead.  It convinced his followers that Jesus was the (m)essiah. (pg 318)  Sort of by default it seems.  Why would an empty tomb alone convince his followers that He was the Messiah? If I was a child I might laugh that Christians have based everything on just an empty tomb. No mention of Jesus’ return, miraculous appearances, spending 40 days with them, and his ascension to heaven as seen by hundreds, or the documented hundreds of Christians who chose martyredom rather than deny what they saw...which was not merely an empty tomb. Why did the textbook purposefully omit Jesus' ascension? Muhammad’s “ascension” is told in two separate accounts in the Islam section.  The Dome of the Rock rates a picture with the caption,

“The rock is believed to be the place from which
 Muhammad ascended into heaven.” 

Look at that sentence closely.  What’s qualified here?  Where he ascended from, or if he ascended at all? I think that on the rare occasion we do see a qualifier regarding Muhammad as Prophet, they are duplistic. (Islam Unit page 59)

Did Muslims ever face death if they claimed they saw Muhammad ascend? I doubt it, but they would probably face death if they said he didn't.


Tacitus shared the Roman view that Christians should be convicted (death) for their “hatred against mankind.” (Christian Unit pg 464)  No examples of hate are given, our children are just left hanging with that thought.  The textbook also states, “The Jews and Gentiles did not always get along.  In fact, at times violent hatred led to open conflict between them.”  (Christian unit, pg 460)  True, but why are we told NINE separate times in the Islam section that everyone benefited from the tolerance of the Muslims?  How do you conquer everyone with tolerance?  (caution: the following is grisly)  The Crusades began because in Jerusalem, Muslims were cutting out the guts of Christians, tying one end of their entrails to a stake.  They were then chased and flogged until they died.  Did you know you could live a while with your guts hanging out? It must be done tolerantly.

 The textbook states:

The Jews and Christians’ holy book the Bible is considered by Muslims to be based on God’s revelations.  But Muslims considered these other religions to be less correct.
  That is because the Quran teaches that the Bible has suffered loss and change with time.”

(Then the very next paragraph reaffirms how tolerant Muslims are.) 

 “Christians and Jews are respected as “people of the book” by Muslims, and all their prophets are revered.”  (Islam Unit pg 62)

  The textbook continually claims that as long as unbelievers “pay the tax” they’ll do fine.  The verse in the Quran states these conditions a little more specifically:  “if they repent and keep up prayer [become believers] and pay the poor-rate, (tax) leave their way free to them (9:5)  Christians will not “repent and keep up prayer” (convert to Allah).  So everything is not just fine.  This coincides with the verse from the Hadith “holy book”, “I have been ordered to fight with the people til they say, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.’ (H 4:52:196)


 The textbook puts Christianity at the top of the list for reasons of “The Cause of the Fall” (Christian Unit pg 480) 

“Christians were more devoted to their faith and to the church than to the Roman state.” 

 Did it matter as they fed us to the lions if we were devoted to Christ or Rome?  On pg 466 it quotes Pliny as saying not to hunt us down, but to kill us if we’re Christian. Then it says,

“As the above exchange shows, Romans did not generally seek out Christians for punishment.  In fact, Christian settlements existed in North Africa for 100 years before the first Christian was executed.” 

WHAT does North Africa have to do with it, it’s clear across the sea!  The textbook just gave all kinds of hideous ways they torturously killed Christians. The textbook actually appears to excuse the abuse, because it states,

 “Some Christians were even put into an arena to fight lions as entertainment for Romans.  Later Christian writers attached great importance to these events.  They used the events to reinforce the suffering endured by Christians who remained faithful to their beliefs.  However, historians do not believe that many Christians were actually sent to the lions.  Overall, most Christians lived in peace until the AD 200s.” 

 How many Christians fed to the lions does it take before other Christians feel terrorized?  So, Christians should just stop their whining? They just gave us grisly details of Nero’s killing of us, then it says,

 “Nevertheless, Nero’s treatment of the Christians was unusually harsh.  For the most part, the Roman state ignored the early Christians.  Before AD 64, most of the persecution suffered by the Christians
 came at the hands of other Jews.”

 They must have meant Paul of Damascus who converted to Christianity.  I never heard that Paul tortured us as the Romans did.  And now we’re blamed for the Fall of Rome???  We didn’t do anything, we were just not devoted?  And the TEXTBOOK states, “Why did the empire fall?  Historians do not have one answer.  Still, these factors played an important part.”  Christianity is then listed first out of six.  Then it whines about how hard it is to be a historian.  Yet we should keep quiet about being tortured?  

 The title of the whole Christian Lesson is: “Christianity and the Fall of Rome.”  I did not realize at first that the title was meant to place blame. 

This is what the textbook publishers say is “our turn” when complaints were made about the indoctrination of Islam?  Turn for what?

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