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So many have asked how they can help, and I don't have the answer, God does.  I believe God has gifted us all in many different ways, so I don't know what He's calling you to do. There are the obvious; donate to Christian Organizations fighting for our rights, write letters to public officials, talk to pastors about organizing a group, but if you're not gifted in that, then that would be bad advice. Only God knows where He wants you in battle.

My very best answer is, ask God.  I mean sincerely ask God. There are so many affronts to Christianity right now, and the Bible said its going to get worse. I believe that without revival this nation is toast, with revival there will be more time.  I sincerely urge you to get before the Lord and with all your heart ask Him how you can help. He might not hit you with an answer that very second, but I guarantee you, within a few days an idea will come to you, and the Holy Spirit in you will bear witness. I also urge you to remember,  God already told us it would get darker, it's part of His plan. So don't feel like you're failing, ever, when you're following what He's leading you to do.

Even with all of this media attention, and public outcry, and lawsuits, I have no idea if God will grant the victory or not. All I know is, when Christ comes back I want to be doing His work.  I am continually reminding myself as I feel like I'm standing in an ocean trying to stop the tide... don't fret. Focus on Jesus. God IS in control. The storm will come but God already told us it would so we would know.

Do not be a lukewarm Christian. Do not look at the storm and give up. We can walk on water if we don't look at the storm but remain focused on Him. He will see us through, He will never forsake us. Many of us will be walking through dark times, do not be afraid. Press in. Fight the good fight. And above all, love. We battle not flesh and blood, but principalities, and God constantly reminds me that the people I'm so mad at who insist on teaching my children these horrible things... some of them ARE the prize. They are HIS treasure!  Some on my local school board are being sought by God. I am to love them and this can be my greatest challenge. We need to see these people through Jesus' eyes and yet, part of me wants to call down fire from the sky, when I think of children asked to get down on their hands and knees and pray to Allah. God continually shows me, it's when I feel love for these people that He works through me. My flesh never gets fed by God. I never get to go after the ones I'm mad at. Not with His authority anyway. Oh I confess I do have my times when I confront with passion. And then I apologize and pray God forgive me and resolve to not do that again. I so relate to Peter and I get so tired of my failures. But just keep praying, keep striving to seek His face, He is there, He will answer, maybe not when we demand but He will answer. He loves us beyond our comprehension.

A wise man wrote me, "It's certainly tempting to throw up our hands as we look at the huge battle we need to fight, rather than heeding the words of Christ: "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." (Mark 10:27)

So many are asking how to help, that is SO AWESOME.. But I don't know the answer. God does. Ask Him. I guarantee you, He will answer you.  Listen for His answer.  Watch for that holy inspiration.  It will come. And when it does come, do not expect everyone will approve.  In fact, nothing I've done has been wholeheartedly accepted by everyone.  Live for God, not for man.  Follow Him and nobody else.  His opinion of you is truly the only one that matters.  If everyone you know is in total agreement with what you're doing, that's when it's time to get nervous and wonder if God is in agreement, because when God moves there is always opposition, always.  Be strong, keep the faith, remain in prayer.  That is truly where the battles are won, prayer.  God so loves to hear us pray.  I am amazed at how He sometimes answers in big ways my smallest prayers.  Other times I'll have a big request and be in fervent prayer, but God has a different plan.  I praise God for that because I'd be in so much trouble if He gave me everything I asked for!

May God bless and equip you!  And ALWAYS, ALWAYS, as you step out in faith, pray for protection upon your family, friends and neighbors.  I kid you not, I am amazed and saddened at what can happen when I don't do this.  Because God is so powerful, so is prayer.  Amen        

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