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In Lone Defense of Scott Peterson

by Jen Shroder
12/13/04 permission to repost already granted

I donít get it. My favorite columnists are writing volumes to hang Scott Peterson. Crowds at the courthouse are being compared to lynch mobs. Peterson is being compared to Hitler, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and a hit list of gruesome ax murdering child molesters. But the columnists forgot one thing, whereís the evidence?

The news media has laughed a little too hard at the possibility of a satanic cult. If you do the research, there are THOUSANDS of unrecovered missing women and children in California that the media ignores. There ARE childhood survivors of satanic cults who have testified to graphic descriptions of siblings being tortured to death. Recently in Italy, two teenage members of a heavy metal rock band called the "Beasts of Satan" were killed by other band members in a human sacrifice involving black candles, goatsí skulls and sexual violence. In Houston, Texas, a police officer gave school children satanic sex calendars featuring explicit details on satanic and sexual rituals for every day of the month.

In 1988 Geraldo Rivera received heavy criticism and pressure for reporting on Satanís Underground, creating a Satanic panic. His reports included butchered infants, breeding of babies for later sacrifice during Satanic rituals, ritual sexual abuse of children, mutilation of infants, drinking of blood, dismembered corpses, cannibal cults and sex orgies. There were "gruesome rituals," and "gruesome memories," and "gruesome allegations," and "brutally violent, horrible crimes," and acts "so incredibly outrageous, so incredibly unbelievable," that he was reluctant to describe them. "The most gruesome scenes are left out," said Rivera, "Estimates are that there are over 1 million Satanists in this country...The majority of them are linked in a highly organized, very secretive network. From small towns to large cities, they have attracted police and FBI attention to their Satanic ritual child abuse, child pornography and grisly Satanic murders. The odds are that this is happening in your town."

Laciís hometown has a satanic group called, "The Order of the Lion" where it was last reported to have 20 to 30 members. Near the time of Laciís kidnapping, a brown van "adorned with satanic symbols" was sited near the Peterson home and some witnesses "recalled a group of suspicious men, one sporting a 666 tattoo, in the area."

In relation to "The Order of the Lionís" previous crimes, Modesto attorney William Arthur Miller said he recalled a member saying that the "sacrifice of a newborn baby was the 'cleaningest' thing you could do. I took that to mean to 'most cleansing,'" Miller said. A review of some of the writings revealed references to altars, witchcraft, blood-letting curses, dining with the dead, pentagrams, demons, goats, visions, secret oaths and "the father of darkness."

On the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay near where the bodies of Laci and Connor washed up, huge paintings on sheets of plywood depict scenes of fire-breathing devils and ax-wielding grim reapers. One painting shows a man and woman in a canoe, with what appears to be three floating babies nearby, intertwined with an umbilical cord.

San Diego therapist Mary Battles said she remains convinced that ritual killings and abuse go on throughout the country. "Where you'll find the evidence is in the men and women who went through it and have scars on their bodies," said Battles. She said she has treated 50 people who were victims of satanic cults and, "I still get a steady stream of them."

Anyone who has studied satanism knows there is a fascination with the innocence of infants. I knew a woman who witnessed her younger brother dangling from his feet being tortured to death. She was in long term therapy and had a difficult time dealing with life after growing up in a Satanist family. San Francisco, where Laci and Conner washed up, has an exploding populace of Satanists and is the founding home of the Church of Satan.

Missing and abducted women and children are far more prevalent than realized. According to 2003 government statistics, in California alone, 10,684 adults have gone missing, never recovered. Another 346 missing are ominously listed as "deceased." 4,815 children have gone missing under "Unknown Circumstances" - when circumstances surrounding the disappearance are unknown. 545 children disappeared under suspicious circumstances that may indicate a stranger abduction, and in 51 cases the stranger abduction was witnessed. Nationwide 58,200 children were abducted by nonfamily members.

Scott Peterson is clearly a first-class heel but I believe the witch-hunt upon him is exactly that, a lynch-mob inspired by witches out to avert the attention on the growing satanist population and the rituals that DO happen. How hard would it be for a murderer to dig up the bodies and dump them where everyone was looking for them, to convict Peterson? I also wonder what has motivated Rivera, who previously apologized to satanists for his coverage of them, to lead the witch hunt, with Rita Cosby salivating at his side. When Laci first disappeared, they trashed Scott for not speaking to the media. When he DID speak to the media, they endlessly dissected and speculated about everything he said. When he stopped speaking to the media, Cosby went into a froth insisting he had something to hide. If I was Scott Peterson, I would have hid from the media as well, especially Cosby and Rivera, who even resorted to name-calling.

Though Fox News is my favorite news source, there are serious moments of doubt that Iím sure every conservative has experienced. This shark frenzy screaming for the death and torment of Peterson is macabre. I hope every married man thinks twice about cheating on their wives. You never know where you might wind up for talking trash to your girlfriend, perhaps in a jail cell on death row next to Peterson with the nation screaming for your execution. Itís as frightening a scene as Fatal Attraction with a twist, the adorable wife didnít survive. Glenn Close played the blonde hussy desperate for attention. Sound familiar?


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