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Peterson conviction a travesty, what the media skipped

by Jen Shroder                           
12/26/04  Permission to repost granted

How is it possible that so many people saw and reported Laciís abductors and yet Peterson was convicted? The verdict is either insane or rigged, (surprise, surprise, more jurors were replaced than in any other case).

During the trial, "Aphrodite" Jones gave us blow-by-blow descriptions of what went on in the case. Funny, I donít recall her describing how Tom Harshman said he had seen a pregnant woman that looked like Laci crouching next to a chain link fence with a "scared look on her face." A scrubby looking gray-haired man stood over her and a second man pulled her into a beige van. Harshman is a former police reservist who had to admit he didnít want to get involved but after his wifeís prompting, did. This must have been humiliating for Harshman, but he came forward. This alone would have given me cause of reasonable doubt, but it gets worse.

On Dec. 24, a driver of an Orowheat bread van said he saw a woman who looked like Laci Peterson walking her dog near a bus stop about 10 a.m., where two ragged-looking men were sitting. Another man, Homer Maldonado, also thought he saw Laci Peterson walking past a light-colored van. Three other witnesses told police about a light-colored van on the Petersons' street the day Laci Peterson disappeared.

Twelve jurors decided Peterson was guilty "beyond reasonable doubt." At least SIX PEOPLE reported corroborating accounts of different suspects and the police were criticized for their lack of following the leads. Were these jurors deaf? Another pregnant woman was abducted, murdered and her upper torso washed ashore near Laciís. Her children are still missing. Where is the media?

Over and over again I hear and read that itís not so much what Peterson said in interviews but how he said it. This is unbelievable. Are we now to be convicted because of our personalities? Peterson was described as "arrogant" and "without remorse." Are jurors so used to Hollywood theatrics that they presume to understand how people react under pressure?

I watched Peterson. I watched how the media frothed at the frenzy, so sure of his guilt. I remember Rita Cosby excitedly disclosing her "private" conversations with Scott and any shred of evidence she could present to speculate on his guilt. I remember reporters assumed he was guilty because he wasnít talking, then used everything he said against him when he did, and when he stopped talking, OH! He has something to hide!

If I were innocent, I would have reacted exactly as Scott Peterson in many ways. After months of media betrayal, I would have held my head high with a stony face and refused to cry for reporters or even jurors on demand. I would have looked at them in defiant silence and laughed when I felt like it. I would have saved my tears for the privacy of my pillow, but I wouldnít let the media or anyone else break me down.

And I understand the escape. Hounded by attention anywhere he went in the nation, you can bet I would have changed my hair color in a heartbeat. I would have left town and my first stop would have been family (in Petersonís case, San Diego). I would have changed my appearance as best I could because I would be so sick and tired of being confronted everywhere I went by people who believed the media. Wouldnít you?

As for his attention to Amber Frye, I understand how lying men think because plenty of men have lied to me. Like an alcoholic, when their life is a mess, what do they do? Reach for a drink, reach for a distraction, reach for a blonde, even if you have to lie. I am NOT excusing it, Iím as furious as anyone about the lies of men, even more-so having been lied to about wives before. And I can EASILY see one of those lying types obsessively perpetrating the fantasy and calling constantly to escape the nightmare.

Peterson told Frye he would be able to see her more after Christmas. How many men have told women that? Is there a relationship in the history of mankind where a man didnít tell us that at some time? Especially a lying cheating womanizing married man.

If Peterson was guilty and premeditated Laciís murder, I think he would have avoided Frye for at least a few weeks. No man is that weak or stupid. But if he didnít do it, and his marriage was in trouble and his wife left, and he still had this hot babe on the side, he probably would have thought "whatever" and kept calling Frye, which is what he did.

When I first began writing about this sham of a trial, I was defending Petersonís right to a fair one. But after researching the subject, itís OBVIOUS there is plenty of reasonable doubt. A man should not be convicted because of his personality, (which is what I keep hearing) or because heís not trembling or he didnít jump up and beg for mercy from the jury. What arrogance on the part of the jury to complain Peterson didnít cater to them. That is NOT a great reason for the death penalty, and yes, I believe in the death penalty, in the event of a fair trial, which this one seriously LACKS.

How can you have at least SIX DIFFERENT WITNESSES with corroborating testimony and claim there was "no reasonable doubt"? Itís a good thing Iím not a vindictive person, I have a whole list of lying cheating ex-boyfriends I could submit to this jury. With a little Satanic evidence to motivate the media, they would immediately hang Ďem high. The only reason Iím not writing the same stories is Iím a religious zealot, I can't be bought, I won't be threatened and no one can ruin my journalistic career, (though according to my emails, I will be paying for this).

As shown in my previous columns the Satanic theory is NOT far fetched, and the huge emphasis of the media to lynch Peterson is a testimony in itself that there was a lot more going on behind the scenes by politically powerful people.

Hopefully this is my last word on a very dark subject that I hate having to address, but somebody had to say it. This trial was a travesty of justice and our freedom.

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