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10. In St. Paul, Minnesota, high school student Elliott Chambers was suspended for wearing a sweatshirt with the message “Straight Pride” and a drawing of a man and woman holding hands. He wore the shirt after witnessing the school’s heavy promotion of homosexuality, including the posting of numerous “safe zone” pink triangles in classrooms and offices throughout the school. The principal told Chambers and his parents they were “homophobes.” A U.S. District court ruled that Elliott could return to school and that his rights had been violated.

11. In Arcata, California in 2002, a ninth grade class was instructed by a guest speaker from Planned Parenthood to form a circle. The speaker posed questions and students who responded affirmatively remained standing. When asked, “Do you have a religious belief about homosexuality that considers it a sin and wrong?” the remaining students were subjected to hostile follow-up questions. See Testimony of Student from Arcata

12. At Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, MI in 2002, a homosexual club demanded that the school’s Christian Club adopt a policy of “non-discrimination” based on sexual orientation, as the school itself had done. The Christian club refused, citing its religious beliefs and constitutional rights. After a threatened law suit by the Christian club, the homosexual club backed off. In addition, the school changed its policy.

13. Over 100 “safe zone” pink triangles decorated the doors of classrooms and offices at a school in Olympia Fields, IL in 2002. These are used by homosexual activists to designate acceptance of homosexuality and by implication, to stigmatize those who object. School board members voted to have them removed after parent objections.

14. Parent Mary Clossey complained about her son’s reading requirement at Newton North High School in Newton Massachusetts in 2001. It included the book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky which included passages on sex between a boy and a dog, man-boy sex, anal sex between boys, male masturbation and female masturbation with a hot dog. Her calls to the mayor were never returned and school officials were disrespectful, so she filed a criminal complaint against the teacher for corrupting a minor. But after trying repeatedly, she was never able to meet with the district attorney. Clossey discovered that the book was on a reading list given to every student. She received a letter from the district attorney informing her that the state’s schools and libraries were immune from laws relating to exposing children to pornography.

15. School boards in Portage, MI and Winston Salem, NC both nixed adding “sexual orientation” to their school districts non-discrimination policies in 2002. Such policies, now in effect in many U.S. schools, have been used to force pro-homosexual clubs, curricula and events on schools.

16. In the San Leandro CA school district, a married teacher won a case in 2002 defended by the National Education Association after he talked to his class about respecting “gays, lesbians and bisexuals.” Parents complained and the teacher was reprimanded. He sued and won the case based on his rights of free speech.

17. Parent Debra Loveless of St. Louis sued Metro High School after trying to attend a school event sponsored by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Loveless was blocked from the school assembly and ushered out of the school by an armed official. She had already exempted her daughter from attending, but wanted to observe the content first-hand.

18. After a bitter and controversial battle, the school district of Broward County, FL (Fort Lauderdale) voted in 2002 to allow the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network to provide tolerance training for psychologists, teachers and social workers at its schools over the next five years. (For more information about the sexually deviant practices accepted by GLSEN, see our paper, “Children At Risk,” on the Mission America web site at www.missionamerica.com .)

19. The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in Minnesota ruled in 2002 that Carla Cruzan, a teacher at Southwest High School, had to share a restroom with a cross-dressing male librarian. The male, David Nielsen, now goes by the name of Debra Davis. He wanted to be able to use the same general restroom as the female staff. Many of the female staff were reportedly unhappy with the arrangement, but Cruzan was the only one who sued. She was told by the court she should use a unisex single restroom if she preferred.

20. In Wilmette, IL, middle school principal Donald Reed returned to school as Deanna Reed in the fall of 2001 after sex change surgery over the summer. Instead of dismissing the principal, the district retained him and held “counseling” opportunities for students and parents to smooth over the transition. A male art teacher in Eastchester, NY returned to school as a woman, and a Northbook, IL science teacher also had female-to-male sex change surgery before returning to her/his teaching post.

Nationwide, reports of the suppression of religious freedom and parental rights are coming in as never before, all because educators too often try to mold youth attitudes regardless of what families believe. Many support the acceptance of homosexuality among students and faculty, and will ignore or even deliberately undermine community concerns.

The picture is not all negative, though. There are some signs that America is slowly grasping the depth of the problem. Sometimes it is the advocates of the homosexual agenda whose views are expelled. School officials have lost jobs, projects have been halted and even court decisions have in some cases put an end to the nonsense.

The list of incidents, with both positive and negative outcomes, is growing as the battle intensifies.

Again, these are just a sample of many, many similar incidents around the country.

Posted with permission from Linda Harvey, original article at http://www.missionamerica.com/

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