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California’s Progressives battle Texas Textbooks
By Jen Shroder
5/24/10 - FREE TO REPOST

California lawmakers are attempting to impose California’s corrupt textbook standards on America by passing a bill to counter the Texas Board of Education Textbook Standards.

In an effort to fast track his bill, California Senator Leland Yee (D) scrapped his existing SB 1451 (Osteopathic Medical issues) and replaced it to counter Texas Textbook revisions, thereby skipping the true introductory process.

As California is the only state that purchases more textbooks than Texas, Yee’s block of Texas changes should dramatically influence publisher’s compliance. Yee is pulling off a power play to lead the nation off a Progressive cliff with California. His bill has already passed through the Senate Committee and it will be voted on by the California Senate this week.

California is notorious for an outrageous public school curriculum. In 2008, Governor Schwarzenegger had to veto California’s bill to promote Communism in public school.* (What a coincidence, Yee accuses Texas of pushing "a more positive portrayal of Cold War anticommunism.") Communism, homosexual practices, censorship of anything Christian while some schools require students to get on their hands and knees and worship Allah as the only worthy god, take Muslim names, imagine being a Muslim soldier and fast for Ramadan "in demonstration" because our California standards state: "Simulations, role playing, dramatizations and cooperative learning are encouraged."

Muslim websites post objections to Texas changes because it "increases the teaching of Judeo-Christian influences on the nation’s founding fathers." Are we not allowed to recognize how our nation was founded? America is a melting pot, for people to "melt in," not set themselves apart and demand we conform to their culture. France is falling apart because of Islamic communities forming and demanding Sharia law. Our flag has been thrown down and Mexico’s raised while our children are sent home for being patriotic.

The official analysis of Yee’s bill by California’s Senate blatantly admits a liberal bias already exists because the bill notes: "The Texas Board of Education has changes to the social studies curriculum that a majority of the board sees as moving away from a liberal bias; others believe the proposed changes insert a conservative bias."

Yee’s bill is RACIST on it’s face because it demands curriculum include "contributions by both men and women, black Americans, American Indians, Mexicans, Asians, Pacific Island people, and other ethnic groups." Contributions to our society should be measured by merit, not the color of skin! It doesn’t matter what color or ethnicity our founding fathers were, what matters is what took place! Revising history to appease other cultures is disingenuous at best. Americans demand our history regardless of color!

Yee’s bill also demands that any material be prohibited that reflects adversely upon persons because of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, etc. History is a record of past events. To alter or exclude events because someone might be offended is stripping facts and reality from our schools. Should Germans object to all mention of the holocaust? NO! How can our children learn the truth if we’re running around putting a bag over their head? Teach our children truth and facts that we can learn from them, not politically correct lies because of California’s corrupted standards.

California Senators who have already voted to pass Yee’s anti-American bill are

Christine KEHOE (D) San Diego
Elaine K. ALQUIST (D) San Jose
Ellen M. Corbett (D) San Leandro
Mark LENO (D) San Francisco/San Rafael
Lois WOLK (D) Davis
Leland Yee(D) San Francisco/San Mateo

The shame of not voting goes to

Mark WYLAND (R) Escondido
Curren PRICE (D) Los Angeles

California Senators, you are on notice. Vote for SB 1451 and face the wrath of Californians in the voting booth. We are FED UP with our public schools teaching progressive lies, our votes being challenged and our voices ignored. Our children are captive audiences held hostage because when parents object, our children take the fall. Progressives have taken over our government, our public schools and are infecting our children.

To the rest of the nation, you can easily help protect our schools from the Progressive poison of California. Find your STATE Senator at http://www.congress.org/congressorg/dbq/officials/ and contact them. Your STATE legislators are listed under "Senate" and "Assembly." Ask them to introduce legislation as California has, separating yourselves from our brazen liberal cancer. Textbook publishers will take note. You can make a powerful difference, but we need to do it now. Help Texas clean up our nation. Restore our history.


*Schwarzenegger’s Veto of Communism in California classes http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/07-08/bill/sen/sb_1301-1350/sb_1322_vt_20080929.html

Jen Shroder is founder of BlessedCause, dedicated to restoring sanity to our public schools and exposing the Islamic indoctrination of American textbooks and required prayers to Allah. Shroder has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press, and dozens of talk radio/news media.



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