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Islam proselytized in Public School

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Prop 8: Gay Activists own the Animus
By Jen Shroder
1/21/10 Free to repost

The federal lawsuit against California’s ban on gay marriage claims animus, that gays and lesbians are being "morally disapproved of," that it’s anti-gay prejudice which would make it unconstitutional according to a 1996 U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Somehow testimony from William Tam is working for the plaintiffs against the ban. His own daughter, he said, told him "her classmates chose to become lesbians and experiment with it" after hearing about same-sex marriage. This is being presented as bigotry and San Francisco’s media indicates Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker is buying it while comparisons are made to interracial marriage prejudices.

The obvious flaw of this insulting attempt is interracial marriages never caused health problems. Anal sex and many other homosexual activities do. No parent would purposely put their child at increased health risk even if our public schools will by promoting homosexual techniques. There are no honest colon or rectal surgeons who are going to recommend such practices as healthy.

As one of the few columnists willing to ignore threats and insults by gay activists, I find the accusation of bigotry particularly insulting. I have a long history of gay friends including two bisexual boyfriends. My opposition to gay marriage has nothing to do with my fondness of gay people but a protective instinct of our children. I have loved and laughed with, wept and prayed for gays my whole life. One of my cousins is gay and another was a mascot in a gay parade. I love these people and I don’t even like writing about "them" as a particular group that is different than I am because I just see them as people to love.

But when gay activists like Kevin Jennings work to "educate" children in public school how to "fist" each other, to try gay practices, to experiment with their sexuality at an age when they are just discovering themselves and are highly impressionable (like that’s a coincidence), I object. Most parents that know anything about gay practices and the consequences object. HIV and HPV spread at a highly increased rate. The colon is meant to absorb nutrients and unfortunately for the gay population, disease passes through as well. Our bodies were not designed for gay techniques and everybody knows it but it’s not a preferred topic at social functions or anywhere else, except at public school where highly unhealthy practices are taught to our children as something to explore. When parents object we are labeled bigots and hateful. We are not bigots or hateful, we would just like to see our kids grow up healthy and hopefully marry and produce their own children.

Meanwhile millions are spent in grants and federal funding trying to prove that homosexuality is an inborn trait. These efforts continually fail because it’s not. It’s a learned behavior which is currently being promoted in public schools to boys at an age where they get excited with the slightest provocation. Parents have been denied the right to remove their children from homosexual indoctrination and porn. In the short time span that gay marriage was legal in California, militant gay activists leapt on the opportunity to use it as a wedge, demanding pro-gay porn be introduced and even demanding the words "mom" and "dad" be stricken from curriculum.

Robert H. Knight writes that a version of Obama’s health care bill has "a section designating ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ as special categories would open up ‘health data collection and grant programs focused on health disparities related to sexual orientation and gender identity.’ The ‘gay’ lobby, which has been promoting the fiction, especially among schoolchildren, that homosexual behavior is natural and poses no health risks, admits here that the behavior involves unique health problems. Unmentioned are astronomically higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS among homosexual males."

What could Californians do? We voted time and time again to stop this insanity of sacrificing the health of our children for gay social conditioning, practices that have unfortunately caused the deaths of millions as it spreads social diseases like wildfire. That the health of our children is so easily discarded while CPS continually threatens to remove children from being home schooled is outrageous!

If parental rights continue to be stripped from Americans, if progressives continue to demand to recondition our children to the progressive agenda, there will be a revolt in this nation. We love all people, we have compassion for all groups and in my case, especially gays. But that does not mean that our children will be placed on the altar of social conditioning as dictated by an ever-increasing tyrannical government. Threats, beatings, white powder, swastikas, pushing old women around in front of our churches and then calling us fearmongers and bigots—gay activists own the animus and we will not submit.

Jen Shroder is founder of , dedicated to restoring sanity to our public schools and exposing the Islamic indoctrination of American textbooks and required prayers to Allah. Shroder has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press, and dozens of talk radio/news media.

Now as everyone wrongly blames you for California’s budget woes, I remind people of your many attempts to fix it only to be VOTED DOWN on all the initiatives you gave us. But on this issue you have betrayed California. It's a war-zone out here! The people have voted! It’s your job to DEFEND OUR RIGHTS. Help "WE, THE PEOPLE" protect our children and America's freedom! Or forever be considered Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger by everyone that counted on you to do what is right.

Please help us. Defend our rights. Defend our people. I believe you really do love America, please show us. Now. You are not the judge but you do have influence. Do what you can to make it right.

*Governor Schwarzenegger, Who’s Groping Whom

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