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What's wrong with
Houghton Mifflin Social Studies Textbook
7th grade 21st Century Edition, nationwide
Shocking Teacher Assignments

  1. “Most Muslim scholars agreed that creating images of living things like humans and animals, which have souls, is forbidden.” (does not say “which they believe have souls” rather states it as fact). Pg 89
  1. “Islam has close ties to Judaism and Christianity.” Pg 62“
  2. “Why were people first attracted to Mecca, and why do they still go there today?”  Pg 70
  1. They want our kids to answer with what they have been feeding them!  Do they expect our kids to remember to write “because Muslims believe…” when the text can’t seem to remember to do that?  “Why do they still go there today?”   hmmm, I wonder if its DEATH if a Muslim doesn’t go.  I am sure there are dire consequences that the text didn’t cover.
  1. (end of the medical section) …”Interest in treating illness went back to the earliest days of Muslim history.  It was the prophet Muhammad himself who stated that Allah had provided a cure for every illness.”  Pg 92
    1. Muhammad himself?  Are we supposed to take keen note?  Why is this sentence here?  To add an “all glory to Allah” at the end of the section that gives credit to medical contributions of Islam?  “Muhammad himself” implies his word carries more weight.  Calling Muhammad a prophet also states he actually heard from God. 
  1. “The unique style of Muslim art is unmistakable, because it so often uses Arabic script as its inspiration.  Arabic lettering had a special significance for Muslims, because it was used to write down God’s words as they had been given to Muhammad…”   (Page 88 and 89) 

    More is discussed of calligraphy in mosques and how scholars agreed they believed images of humans and animals were forbidden (because the book states that animals have souls).
    1. Twice in the review our children are referred to this section.  “Write your first name in the center of a sheet of paper.  Then work the letters into a design in the way that Muslims make Arabic letters become part of an intricate design.”  Pg 92   This section describes the inspiration and Islamic spiritual value of writing intricate designed letters, then instructs our children to do the same with their names, I object.
    1. “Reviewing Skills:  1.  Read the section headed Art and Design on page 88 of Lesson 2.” (same section)  “Where in the section does the main idea appear?  Write down this main idea.  Then list three details or facts that support the main idea.”  Page 103   (So much emphasis on Islamic beliefs and spirituality woven into art and design.  This is downright sneaky in my opinion).

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