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continued from page 1

What's wrong with
Houghton Mifflin Social Studies Textbook
7th grade 21st Century Edition, nationwide
Shocking Teacher Assignments

[please note, textbook has many revisions, page numbers may not be exact to all versions]

III. What California Mandates, what "Across the Centuries" delivers:

"7.2 Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the civilizations of Islam in the Middle Ages."

Please note that religion ranks as number FOUR out of a list of five given in bold. Following is what the "Across the Centuries" delivers per my word count, listed in order of dedicated text:

  Dedicated Text Pictures
1. Religious Beliefs (not religious politics)  35%   20 
2. *Arts (poetry, art, medicine, science, etc.) *18% *14
3. Politics 18% 3
4. Economics 13% 6
5. Religious Politics 11% 3
6. Geography (Calif's #1 requirement!) 03% 7
7. Social Structures 02% 1
* not even on list    

see also Link to Pie Chart (dramatic view) 

IV.  MORE Leading Suggestions to Children: 

   1.    “In what ways is Islam similar to Judaism and Christianity?”  (Pg 64)   

    1. Why is it never asked in what ways are they different?  I can give you PAGES, but that information is not offered anywhere that I can find in this book.
  1. “Interview your classmates or use the encyclopedia to find out what these rituals have in common:  Yom Kippur (among Jews), Lent (among Christians), and Ramadan (among Muslims).”
    1. WHY the repeated comparisons?  Especially to modern day traditions?  Fails to mention that if a Muslim converts to Christianity they are beaten, kidnapped, tortured, and openly pronounced the death sentence.  Apparently Islam does not feel beliefs are similar! 
  1. “Why are the Quran and Sunna important to Muslims?” 
    1. The answer leads children to focus on  Muslim faith.
  1. “Muhammad’s success in spreading Islam was due in large part to his strong character.  His followers were attracted to his morality, courage, and compassion, perhaps as much as they were attracted to his teaching.”  Pg 65
    1. Are we painting Muhammad as a hero here or what?  How do the writers of this book know that converts were attracted to Muhammad’s morality, courage and compassion?  Compassion?  He wrote to kill all infidels in the Quran!
  1. “Find details to support the statement, “Islam, like other religions, is not only a system of beliefs but also a way of life.”   (Pg 64)
    1. Do not tell my son to “find details to support,” i.e. prove, Islam is a way of life.  He does not know that way of life and no one has the right to force him to seek it.
  1. “The differences between Sunnis and Shiites have become public knowledge today, but all Muslims remain united by their common faith in Allah.  They also share a reverence for the Quran as Allah’s word and recognize Muhammad as Allah’s prophet.”  (Pg 68)
    1. These words paint a lovely picture of faith and reverence of Muslims.  The Muslims I see today are either claiming they are a peaceful religion or screaming for the Jihad, holy war against Americans.  The peaceful Muslims claim that the fundamental Muslims are terrorist fanatics and not true Islam.  Yet this textbook paints them all as “united by their common faith in Allah” and a shared reverence.
    1. Conversely, rather than whitewash the differences of Catholics and Protestants and present them as “united by their common faith in God and reverence”, the split is analyzed most coldly with reasons given of financial gain and readiness for a change.   No shared faith nor reverence for the Bible is afforded the Christian faith that I could find so far.

          Continued on PAGE 3

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