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Fire Smokers, Hire Fat Homosexuals

by Pete Fisher

We have recently seen some companies such as the one in Lansing, Michigan fire employees for smoking cigarettes. The reason they used was the higher insurance rates imposed for those who engaged in a high risk lifestyle.

We have seen a trend on smoking bans nationwide and worldwide over the past 3 decades from businesses to bars, airports and public outdoor areas. And I really do not mind most of them, smoker or not, people who do not smoke should not be forced to inhale fumes in a place of business unless they choose to, such as a waitress or bartender.

The cost of high insurance runs around $950 dollars US above what non-smokers pay. Recent statistics show about a 21% population of smokers in the US which is down about 16% from the 1970ís. So one can calculate the cost based on 21%.

However, smoking is not the only high risk lifestyle chosen in this country, nor is it the most expensive. We have Obesity which has recently been blamed for the highest number of health issues in the country. Though some obesity is genetic, the largest part is chosen by eating and exercise habits.

We have the Homosexual lifestyle which is very high risk, with AIDS and other diseases, as well as the failing of other body parts and functions. We have a higher risk in Hetero people who are engaging in high risk lifestyles that are insurance risks as well.

We have those who engage in taking risks every day with high speed motorcycles and cars. We have those who drink heavily and pose huge health risks to themselves and others. So why then is smoking cigarettes the target of hiring and firing practices, and not the rest of these chosen behaviors?

The most likely culprit is that smoking bans have been a liberal agenda for many years as a huge taboo, and homosexuals and obese people are a protected species. Airports can not double charge those who take up 2 or more seats without fear of lawsuits. One can not even disallow a homosexual employment or worship rights without fear of lawsuits.

And yet those two lifestyles pose as much if not more a high health risk factor than smoking does. The cost of AIDS per person each year is phenomenal. The cost of stomach surgery and maintenance, or the damage done by obesity is a huge cost to the insurance companies. Yet smokers are singled out here, whether or not they smoke on premises or not.

Those who ruin their liver day after day during Happy Hour are immune. 18 year old kids on a 200 MPH motorcycle are immune. Homosexuals are immune. Sounds like discrimination to me folks. Where is the ACLU on this one? Smokers have rights too!

Oh, wait, I think those were abolished under the DNC bylaws right next to Christianís rights. So what will be next here folks? If we allow these businesses to continue this practice, after it is over with they will have yet another agenda in the Liberal faction in their quest to create the New Super Citizen. These laws are nothing more than a Liberal laboratory to create a populous in their own image.

If we do not argue this point we will see our grandchildren grow up as non-smoking obese homosexuals with an atheist mindset who like fast cars and poorly functioning livers. After all, if we can discriminate due simply to what constitutes a health risk or not, we will all fall short in some area of our lives eventually and be considered too high risk to get a job.

So why not begin non-hiring of all other high risk lifestyles? We can soon have the super race Hitler dreamed of where we all will look the same, think and speak the same, and be able to stop speeding locomotives, all thanks to the Liberal agenda and the ACLU.

And if we target obese drunks with a penchant for youthful figures who speed in cars and cause injury and deathÖ.woe to you Ted Kennedy, for you have been weighed and found wanting, and according to the employment laws are unworthy to work. Even if standing behind a pulpit screaming like Stalin is somehow considered work at all.

Letís get real here and stop this nonsense before we all end up losing our jobs to the Wunderkind of this nation. Or at least all you socially biased liberals can stand on a railroad track and show me how you stop that speeding train.

Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been feature on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, Blessedcause.com, Michnews.com, The Rant.us, and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.

Pete can be contacted at: pfisher2005@aol.com

Pete Fisher Column Index

Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been featured on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, TheRant.us, MichNews.com, Blessedcause.com and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.

Pete can be contacted at: pfisher2005@aol.com