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  True Jihad

by Pete Fisher

Since 9-11 we have probably heard the term Jihad on almost a daily basis. Most people had no clue what this meant and many still do not.

Because we hear pretty much what the media wants us to in this nation, all we hear is that Islam is peaceful and Jihad is merely the inner struggle for an individual between good and evil. The path of discipline in ones life to overcome sin and temptation and become a better person is how it is explained.

It is also explained to be the means of defense to the oppressed. Not just to any oppressed, but to Muslims who are oppressed. Though I dislike the biased nature of Jihad for only Muslims, it could still be considered a moderately decent ideology.

And if these were simply the only definitions of the term it would be a good thing. After all, how can one who seeks truth be in conflict with that idea? But the meaning of Jihad seems to be different depending on what it is used for. A prevailing thought is that it can be used to liberate oppressed Muslims from a regime that is oppressive to Muslims.

Not a bad idea, though again it provides nothing for non-Mohammedans. It only provides the authority to war against the governments who oppress Muslims.

So this differs from other religions in that it provides only for its own. We see the tidal wave that devastated several Muslim nations recently. The largest amounts of donations come from Christian and Jewish sources. Though we see a Muslim Terror group camping on site to "protect" the Muslims, the cash is lagging far behind what is donated for terror activities.

We see that billions have gone to financing Madrassas around the world to fully indoctrinate Wahabi values into children, and see the money spent to finance terror instead of feeding the hungry; one must ask what the true concerns of Islamic nations are?

We see the USA having liberated Muslims in Europe and the Middle East, as well as providing haven and education for them. In fact, Americans have freed more Muslims than any Muslim nation ever has. We have given from our pockets to feed and clothe them. Our money is spent on their well being and education. But where is the Muslim money going?

We know terror organizations are funded by Muslim nations. Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq. We watch almost daily as some act of terror is committed somewhere. Whether in Pakistan where a grenade was launched into a church filled with praying girls as reported on CNN Wednesday, December 25, 2002:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) -- Three girls were killed and 14 people were wounded in a grenade attack on a church holding a special Christmas Day service for women and children, police in this mostly Muslim country said Wednesday.

The three girls were 6, 11 and 15. Of the 14 injured, two were in serious condition at a Lahore hospital. Or an attack on a Jewish School Bus, or shopping Mall, it is as evident as the Sun rising in the East every morning.

We see that the huge rate of illiteracy in Muslim people as reported by the Muslim American Society:

With an over 60 percent illiteracy rate, our people are held backwards and have few avenues of gainful productivity. As a result, nearly 40 percent live below the poverty line (less than $2.00 a day). And while our masses continue to suffer, corrupt autocratic dictators plunder our resources and loot the public treasury. And when they finally leave thrones of power, billions are taken with them to be stashed in foreign banks.

We see oppression in Muslin nations against their own people, where the citizens of many nations are not allowed to question the elders, be educated, and live in abject poverty. The Sharia Law that exists to stone people, cut off body parts, crucifies people for what seem petty crimes is an extremely oppressive system.

We watched as Yassir Arafat stashed away millions upon millions while keeping his people ignorant and impoverished, using that money to murder. We saw Saddam steal Iraq blind all the while torturing and murdering Muslims. We watch the Saudi government spend billions on brain washing schools while their own people wander in search of employment that does not exist, becoming angry and filled with hatred as they watch their families sit in poverty.

We hear of stonings in Iran for having sex. We listen to the absurd ramblings of how all natural catastrophes seem to be caused by Christians and Jews. We hear of the Great Satan, the nation that has involved itself more in Jihad for Muslims than Muslims ever have, being the target of the hatred bred by uneducated and ignorant people who would be killed if they dared blame Islam itself.

But when Muslims are hungry and Muslims are being tortured and killed, and when Muslims are being held in oppressive regimes, where are the Muslim Jihads against THAT injustice?

Where are the so called "moderate Muslims" when imams in London celebrate the anniversary of 9-11? Where are these "peaceful" Muslims when a Fatwah is issued to slaughter Americans or Jews, no matter whom, when, or how?

If Jihad IS what you try and tell me it is, then why not Jihad against your OWN Islamic societies that oppress and repress Muslims? Why not Jihad against those who supposedly hijacked your religion? Why not Jihad for Muslims who hunger and thirst? Who are never allowed to live as human beings?

Why not Jihad against those who torture your brothers and sisters daily and keep your brothers ignorant? Why not Jihad against Hamas and Abu Saef, who plan daily how they may kill and kidnap for gain?

Because until you ACT upon what you attempt to teach, your little fantasies about what Jihad truly is will never be believed by non-Mohammedans.

Because by your own definition, The Great Satan and the Jews Jihad more for your people than you do yourselves. We have saved more, liberated more, fed more, and loved more than Islam has. We have used what God has given us to heal and to do good. Not to arm those who kill innocents, not to keep ignorant our citizens, and not to oppress, but to free.

It seems non-Muslims perform the duties of Jihad more closely and more often than Muslims do, IF we are to believe that Jihad is used for the good of mankind. But I have my doubts.

Pete Fisher is a political columnist in Chicago, Illinois. He can be contacted at PFisher2005@aol.com

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