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Pro-Islamists: What Exactly Are They Protesting?

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by Pete Fisher

I have wondered what the true calling of Western Islamic groups really is oftentimes as I read about what they are doing and what they are trying to accomplish. Groups such as CAIR, ADC, CIOCG, IAP, and others have been very proactive in trying to push out literature to the people of this nation in media and through civil activities that tell us how harmless they are and how they have no ties to terror, how peaceful they are.

There have been lawsuits all over the nation that have tried to quench the Free Speech of Americans who have done little more than quote individuals and groups and question the intent of those quotes. I really have to wonder how much cash is spent in delivering this message to the public and how it could be utilized for a better purpose if Muslims truly want their religion to be seen in a different light.

Did any Christian organization start lawsuits when the media attacked their faith through the acts of Jim Jones? Do we see a flurry of lawsuits by Jewish individuals and groups towards Islamic groups that have called them Monkeys and Pigs? Do I see Jews killing those who have left Judaism for another religion? I do not see this on a mass level, and no Muslims; it is not due to the Jews owning the media or the Zionist Christians who support them. It seems to those outside your bubble that is simply is inherent within Islam to fight those who disagree with you or refuse to accept your ideology as truth.

We in our non-Mohammedan religions allow people to disagree or dismiss what we believe, and to the shock of Islamists worldwide we allow them to even leave our faiths without fear of brutal death and intimidation to their families. It is because in the true sense, our faiths are not those of compulsion. Though some have been aggressive in trying to proselyte, and some have done so in a manner that would even turn people from religion, we let them be. We feel that God will judge those who do not want to hear our message in the afterlife and in the end all will get their reward one way or another. We also feel that God is quite able to defend Himself from blasphemers and evildoers and has no need for us to fight His battles for Him using terror and brutal tactics. Our God has no need to blow up a school bus or a shopping mall. Our God has no need to sneak around and send His children to their death to force people into His way of life. We feel our God can fight His own battles, unlike Allah who seems to bless those who murder and dominate, if we are to believe the global acts of terror and the ranting of imams. Our God punishes those of us who do so. Even for those who believe in no afterlife, or in reincarnation. The tenets are closely tied to God Himself being judge. I wish Allah would fight his own battles. It would save the lives of so many and allow children to live and enjoy life rather than perpetuate unadulterated evil in order to enjoy some strange sexual bliss in Muslim heaven. And we do not issue fatwahs against the lives of those who make fun of our religions.

So why do Islamists feel such a great need to push an agenda and use lawsuits to keep people from speaking their mind? And how much money has been spent on this huge blitz to try and make people see something they do not seem to see? Why, if Islam is so peaceful, do you have to spend millions on literature, ads, and lawsuits to convince people of something that should be self evident if what you say is true?

Your proactive stance in this nation and other nations should not be to show westerners that your religion is peaceful. It should be used to protest and sue those who supposedly have hijacked your religion. It should be used to keep students in Berkeley from chanting about being martyrs during an anti-terror protest. It should be used to keep people like the Boston street gang M-13 from giving your religion a bad name. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus are not using vast amounts of money to have to tell the world they are peaceful. Because perhaps they are inherently peaceful in spite of a few who have used religion for evil purposes, and anyone looking closely at them would see that.

Why not use those funds to dismantle militant groups in America? Why not use them to extradite militant imams in the mosques you want everyone to believe are havens of goodness and peace? Why not use them to form huge protests against mosques in England, Canada, and America that are preaching violence, domination and hate? Why not use them to speak against organizations like Hamas instead of publicly claiming they are merely patriots who have a right to commit terror? Why not use them to print literature that shows them how and why your Koran and Hadiths are so peaceful in spite of the violent verses so prevalent in them? Or why not use that money to depose your own group leaders who speak in such an inflammatory and flamboyant way of desiring an entire Islamic society within these nations? Why not use those vast resources to train peaceful missionaries of Islam to go into the hundreds of militant schools in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Syria to teach those people about the Islam you so badly want westerners to buy into?

You see the daily bombings in the Middle East. You hear about clerics who spew hatred and death. You hear the inflammatory fatwahs and sermons. You know the clerics who call Jews monkeys and pigs, and call Christians Zionists. In fact, some have been right there under your nose within your organizations. Some in fact are in prison for their ties to terror. Money that has been taken from people thinking about charitable deeds has been propping terror activities against innocent people. And if these were small and isolated incidents most educated people would toss it off as just that. But it seems the events and deeds of those are seen daily throughout the world. Slavery, torture, genocide, oppression, death, a twisted form of martyrdom, kidnapping, murdering those who speak against your religion. Itís all there. It is documented, it is happening; it is being perpetuated on a global level. Why not use those funds to fight those crimes against humanity? Why not create lawsuits against those who so blatantly misuse your peaceful religion for evil? Instead, you use it to create propaganda, you use it to allow groups of people and mosques preach hate by funding them or protecting them.

I have read the Koran and the writings of Islam. I see the word Jihad more than I do the word peace. Perhaps you protectors of Islam, you apologists for Mohammed, it is not the people hijacking Peaceful Islam for evil purposes.

Perhaps Islam has been hijacking peaceful people for evil purposes. If you desire to show the world that Islam is peace, use your money and energy fighting those who supposedly gave you the reputation you have. Because no other religion I have seen has had to fight so strongly to convince people they are peaceful. I think you need to carry the fight to your own people, your own cultures, and your own leaders.

It is not those of use who are from peaceful religions that need the convincing. It is the Islamists who need to be convinced not to do evil deeds, not those who question or fight those deeds. So drop these lawsuits against those who question your deeds and your proclamations and use it change Islam from within.

Because until you do, those of us without will never take you seriously, and your words will fall in silence to the shouts of martyrdom and insults towards those who refuse to believe.

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Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been featured on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, TheRant.us, MichNews.com, Blessedcause.com and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.

Pete can be contacted at: pfisher2005@aol.com