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   Christianity Has Become Criminal To Homosexuals

by Pete Fisher

On October 10th, eleven men peacefully demonstrated during a gay street festival called "Outfest" in Philadelphia. Despite being surrounded by the "Pink Angels," these men patiently withstood shouts, whistles and baiting by the militant group. Evidence shows they responded with Scripture reading, and yet 4 were arrested and face 47 years if convicted of felony charges. Protesting over a moral issue is their right. To  be arrested for hate crimes, and charged with laws I never knew existed is a travesty and blatant violation of their right we have in this nation to peacefully protest and to speak what we desire to speak.

It is an outrageous reaction of the homosexual groups as well as law enforcement and prosecutors to not only arrest these men, but to charge them with "crimes" that can put them into prison for decades!

Let me begin with the right to protest in this nation. We can apply for a permit and protest anything we desire. I was under the impression that was a basic element that made this country great. Seeing as I served 6 years in the military to ensure we keep these freedoms, I feel my opinion is valid. I will not quietly stand by while others attempt to dismantle those rights, freedoms that I watched friends suffer and die for.

Homosexual groups have been church members in many denominations throughout the country. They have been ordained, they attend church, they perform the duties of laity.

Some churches accept this alternate way of life while others do not. This is life anywhere in the world, and with more freedom in the USA than anywhere else. I have personal habits that would also be offensive to some Christians. Whether I work on the Sabbath or decide to drink a little wine from time to time, or the fact that I am divorced is enough to keep me out of many ministries and denominations.

Do I sue? No. Do I grab the media and create a huge circus with it? No. Do I attempt to have those people imprisoned because they disagree with me? No.

I go about my business and figure they are merely less fortunate to have my personality and abilities within their assembly. Our Politically Correct system is taking away more rights than it provides.

What frosts my hide about four men being stripped of their freedom of speech is that one of the charges is listed as "ethnic intimidation." Though technically homosexuality could fall into this category due to their way of life, it seems that it is stretching the law.

Gay bashing is wrong. Inflammatory threats against gays are wrong. But when simply using scripture to show disagreement with a particular lifestyle gets citizens of this nation arrested, and looking at very long prison terms becomes a crime, I get angry, and every freedom-loving American should be.

So what then? If a national group is ethnic according to interpretation, and we allow people to be imprisoned for speaking against it, than why arenít heterosexuals who are being called "breeders," and religious groups who are insulted daily by homosexuals having homosexuals arrested?

Because if we continue to allow this to happen we will minimize the law and allow it to morph into such broad descriptions that everyone and anyone will be able to sue, imprison, and harass anyone who disagrees with their lifestyle.

So what if people protest your lifestyle? So what if people refuse to accept it as something they either desire for themselves or to have their children around? Just as I have taught my children my own views about homosexuality, I have also taught them about stealing, about lying, about becoming druggies or drunks.

If a church that refuses to hire a homosexual and was sued for discrimination, I would be angry, because it really comes down to this, not everyone in this world will ever agree 100% with everyone. That is life. It is a fact. And there is nothing anyone can do to remedy that. So why force the issue? Why fill our courts with lawsuits against those who simply protest using the same Bible our Forefathers used? Because anyone who wants the pendulum to swing only one way eventually gets the axe themselves.

Homosexual groups have forced their way into the Boy Scouts, an organization based on Christian morality that deals with children. Many people are livid that their child is being taught that homosexuality is normal or accepted. After all, the way to raise their children is a parental choice. So it is a government-funded organization you say? Well, so is AIDS research, and there are many out there who think their tax money should go to a better cause than to relieve the pains of an ethnic group that engages in a high-risk lifestyle. Perhaps Conservatives and Christians should band together and stop that funding as well because it simply disagrees with their moral ethic?

Should we stop all funding for any government funds that teach our children in public schools that homosexuality is a normal choice in life? Or should we start having homosexuals arrested for inflammatory speech every time they use harsh language towards those who are hetero? Or stop all taxpayer-funded monies from allowing huge Gay Pride Parades on publicly funded streets?

I think so. And many other I have heard from think so as well. Because if people in this nation are to be arrested for reciting scripture in a legal protest, eventually it will bring nothing of value to this society. And in time we will all have laws created to protect us and our children, our tax money and our "ethnic" values that will perhaps be detrimental to the Gay population. When values that are outside the norm are forced onto any population, it will only reinforce the anger of those who dislike homosexuals. It is serving to change the minds of those who never had much of an opinion on Gays to a negative opinion.

The Gay culture in this country is basically saying that any group who disagrees with them is criminal and wrong. They cry out for basic rights, but will deny anyone else their basic rights. Gays protested and sued to keep people from having injustice being done to them. Yet gay lawsuits and criminal charges have perpetrated injustice to four men whom did nothing but protest and quote scripture. That is hypocritical, and it is wrong. I say if there are any Gay groups out there with a sense of decency and justice, to protest this injustice as strong as you would if it happened to one of your own. Or believe me, you will have very little respect and any stereotypes out there now, and bigotry against you will only grow more and make your own protests weaker and less effective.

No one really cares what you do behind closed doors. But leave your agenda to force your ideology and lifestyle into society and into our schools. Because if you do not, when the pendulum swings the other way it will cause heavy backlash and further negative stereotypes. You rallied for Gay marriage rights, and many of your ilk are now without insurance benefits because with the advent of that idea, you now have the same rights as hetero couples. Even though many Gays publicly said it was a bad idea to start, it started.

And many people in America, who have never had a problem with Gays, now have a problem with Gays.

Right now one could easily say any homosexual who commits a crime against a hetero be imprisoned for a "hate crime". Anyone who calls names such as homophobe, breeder, ignorant, Nazi, etc. should be arrested immediately for "ethnic slurs." Any homosexual who tries to use taxpayer monies for medical research to find a cure for a disease they willingly toy with for sexual pleasure should be imprisoned for fraud. Any homosexual who even touches a child should be imprisoned for assault.

Is this what you really want? No? Because this is where society generally goes after being shoved only so far. And people I know who were never against Gays for any reason have been getting angrier and angrier at the abuse of freedoms and of the legal system. There is now anger and bias where there was never anger or bias before.

And as in all societies, eventually the pendulum swings the other way as seen in India and the Middle East. From the Kama Sutra and Roman Baths came strict religious indignation coupled with a stifled era in the way of freedom. The last election should itself show that this nation is getting weary of those who attack Christianity daily.

To like minded homosexuals who see no problem with these men losing everything they have due to a simple protest while exorcising their rights as Americans. You call Christians small minded and liken them to the Taliban, but it is your ways that are more related, because of the indifference and harshness of the treatment of those who disagree with you. You seek to create a society where only your way of life and ideology is accepted with no room for anything else. Taliban. Moscow. Beijing. Hitler. Thought like that destroys, it never builds.

If this is what you want, keep arresting those with different opinions and those who dislike you. Because when it comes your way, you will have no more sympathy than the French peasants had for Marie Antoinette while the Aristocrats were beheaded.

I say protest this on your own and claim some justice. Go help save these men from what could very easily become the fate of you and others. Or face the music yourselves when society decides to change the direction of the blade.

Pete Fisher is a political columnist in Chicago, Illinois. He can be contacted at PFisher2005@aol.com

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