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Islamic Scholar Predicts No USA by 2007

by Pete Fisher
March 29, 2005

According to the Jerusalem Post, Palestinian scholar Ziad Silwadi claims he has the Koranic proof that the USA will be entirely swamped by a massive Tsunami in 2007.

He gets his calculation by taking certain numbers of verses in the Koran and adding them up and using the verse of the last Sura in the list. His claims are that we will pay a heavy price due to our sinful ways and Allah has already ordained it.

What tickles me is the statement he made about the USA being judged for its ethnic cleansing of Blacks and American Indians, and its history of enslavement. He also likened the USA to Pharaoh of the Ten Commandments fame.

Now this is not the first time I have seen Islamic scholars make claims as such, nor is it the first time I have seen Muslims make absurd claims about Koranic authority in prophetic issues that when read by any other entity outside of Islam, becomes almost laughable if the fact did not exist that those concepts were so widely accepted and acted upon.

He states we are similar to Pharaoh due to our arrogance in the aforementioned matters. This too is laughable. What most Muslims refuse to see is their own arrogance when it comes to Koranic Law and Islamic culture.

For instance, they deem themselves as better than most due to the fact that they are commanded to exact taxes from non-Mohammedan peoples and lands. They are allowed in Koran to take land and enslave those within.

They are allowed to kill non-Mohammedans and those Muslims who leave the faith due simply to the arrogance they have concerning their faith. For a faith that is so peaceful and non-compulsive, it sure seems those who come into contact with it have little choice but to believe, or become enslaved or murdered.

Now, what this scholar obviously did not see is that so many Blacks in America who were slaves were captured and sold to the Americans by Muslims. The fact that Islam to this day still enslaves Blacks in the Sudan, takes their land, slaughters them wholesale, and starves them out while raping their women does not seem to be an issue with him or the Muslims who believe his malarkey. It also does not seem to be stated that the Koran in several places also claims that the land of Israel, including the Temple Mount belongs to the Jews. And the fact that ANY Islamic people would kill and commit suicide to steal that land is in total contradiction to their own holy book. Yet most Muslims support them.

Yet the Palestinians who sold that land to the Jews early in the 20th century now squat upon it and have slaughtered innocent people all over the land in order to do what this scholar claims the USA has done. Taken land which was not theirs. As they do in Sudan, as the Taliban did in Afghanistan, as they attempt in the Philippines, and other places.

So the true arrogance belongs not to the USA as this scholar claims, but to the Muslims who buy into his garbage as well as the scholar himself who obviously thinks that Islamic nations will be immune to the kidnapping, the wholesale slaughter of innocents, the rapes, the poverty, the enslavement, and theft they have inflicted upon so many other cultures and peoples since the inception of Islam.

You see, it is OK for them to perpetuate these things, because they believe they are better and more holy than other religions and cultures. They believe they do nothing more than a butcher does with his cattle when they perform their beheadings. They believe the Sudanese are subhuman and therefore it is acceptable to enslave them. They believe that any non-Islamic land can be taken from those who are not believers in Islam. After all, Mohammed himself called blacks “Raisin Heads” and made insinuation they were subhuman and worthy only of slavery.

Not that the USA or any other nation on Earth is innocent. We all have our flaws. But if Islam desires justice and if they believe Allah is just in punishing those who perform acts of wickedness, then Islam itself will be judged quite heavily by Allah as well, unless of course, Allah is a hypocrite.

You see, when the Tsunami hit Indonesia, it was the Christians and Jews who were blamed. We were blamed due the fact that some scholar had figured out that every time the Christians and Jews had a Holy Day, some catastrophe hit an Islamic area. Of course many of the same events happened during and directly after Ramadan, but that never seems to matter to Muslims who desire an enemy to blame for their own erroneous ways. It became a fact to those in the Islamic world and due to its wide acceptance, bred even more hatred toward those Islam already hates.

So perhaps a Tsunami will hit the USA some day. Being surrounded entirely by large oceans, it does not take a rocket scientist to make a claim that could easily happen due to natural circumstances. But if it does, it will not be due to Allah and some laughable calculations from someone who hates the USA.

But if I am wrong, and somehow the god of Islam does judge the acts stated by this scholar, and IF the god of Islam is righteous and true in his judgments, Islamic nations will also have to be judged and whatever fate lies for the Infidels, a much greater destruction would await Muslims, as their historic and present nature show much more violence and injustice to their own and others than their acts of those they claim are Infidels.

If this is the manner of justice doled out in Islam, I would be building an Ark in the desert if I were living under Islamic influence.

One Tsunami, Two Tsunami, Three Tsunami, Four.

Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher Column Index

Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been featured on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, TheRant.us, MichNews.com, Blessedcause.com and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.

Pete can be contacted at: pfisher2005@aol.com