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When Equal Rights Create Inequality

by Pete Fisher

Since the Bra Burning days of the 60’s to the Civil Rights marches in Selma, we have heard again and again about Equal Rights. As it states in Ecclesiastes: "For everything there is a season..," we have seen the times to rise up and stand for justice.

Yes many people in this nation have had a bias toward them, and there is no denying the time for change in some areas. From Women’s Rights, to Equal Pay, to Affirmative Action, the time to make changes became necessary.

But change is many times needed for a season, and never meant to evolve any further than its roots wanted to. And now we have evolved into a society where seemingly everyone has some special rights or another. Whether it is race based, culture based, or gender based the agenda has been pushed and laws have changed. But how effective are special rights after change has been implemented? How much further will we allow it to evolve before the scales of justice are tipped again, only next time in the opposite direction?

I will use an example of how men in this nation are shorted on rights when it comes to Domestic issues to begin with. From a time where many women were abused with no recourse, we have evolved into a society that protects women on all fronts and leaves men with little recourse. Many Domestic Violence acts in this nation are not just men on women, but have increased substantially to women on men. I have seen this first hand where a woman attacks a man physically, and he pushes her away or holds her arms in defense. When the police arrive, if she has a small bruise, 9 of 10 times the man will end up in jail and with a record. Once in a courthouse I overheard a conversation where a husband and wife had been arrested because the police could not figure out who committed the assault. Though the man had cuts and bruises, and even puncture wounds, the woman had on her record a red mark from where he had held her arms after being attacked by a knife.

The two female DA’s dropped the case against the woman and set a date for the man to be charged and convicted. When the man asked the attorneys how this could happen, the two attorneys for the couple both said the DA’s knew what they were doing and the jury would find it much easier to believe a man of over 6 foot tall could hit a woman before they would believe a woman of her stature would attack a man his size. They also iterated that this was often the case and prosecutors did this all the time. I was appalled!

It seems the rights of women have outstripped the rights of men. But you see no Independent Feminists fighting for equality in this situation, do you? And if a man speaks his opinion on the matter he is labeled a woman hater and chauvinist. The scales have been pulled far to the other side, and now women are enjoying the same protection men enjoyed years past. But the men are not. So why do women allow the same bias they protested for years against, to exist only on the other side of the spectrum? Because they like it?

Now, let us go to the story of a young lady who recently had her boyfriend use a bat to hit her so she could abort the child. The boy is up for Manslaughter charges. However, under the law the girl cannot be prosecuted at all. Because when it comes to females, the Abortion Rights protect her, but not him. Just ask Scott Peterson who was recently convicted of murder due to his wife being pregnant at the time.

Yet millions of babies are murdered in clinics each year as an alternative to birth control and the doctors and mother are protected under Abortion laws. They call it a Fetus when aborting, and call it a human being when done outside that sphere of lame excuse.

So tell me, when it becomes a crime on one end and in the same instance becomes a Protected Right in the same instance due to gender, where is the equality? It is like saying that rape is a crime only if the rapist says he raped the victim. It takes no account to the baby at all, just the one committing the crime.

So if this boy gets convicted and Scott Peterson does his time for murder of a baby in the womb, why do we allow abortion doctors to get away with it? If it is murder in one sense, it needs to be murder in ALL senses. If abortionists desire to keep their right to slaughter innocents in the womb, than they should be the first to step up and protest Scott Peterson, this young man, and any other male who ends up here.

But they will not. Because once that happens, it will open the flood gates of men getting away with…well…murder! And the Women’s’ Rights groups and Abortionists will never go for that. Because it will destroy their own agendas to keep the upper hand versus equality, or it will take away these outrageous laws we have in place to begin with.

So I say we keep the fight going to outlaw abortion completely in this nation. That way Equality will exist to be able to prosecute ANYONE who commits the same crime Peterson and this young man are facing…murder. No exceptions, no special rights. Just conviction for all who engage in murder. Then the scales of justice will finally be equal and our nation can return some portion of its honor and sanity back to society.

Pete Fisher is a political columnist in Chicago, Illinois. He can be contacted at PFisher2005@aol.com

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