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The Destruction of America Starts with Family

by Pete Fisher

Throughout history there has been no stronger institute than the family. The tribal aspect of society has been around as long as humans.

When we look at what a small family can do to affect society it can be tremendous. The Maccabean brothersí revolt during the Roman occupation of the Holy Land became a legendary story still discussed several centuries later.

I believe the family structure is a godly institution for several reasons. First and foremost I say it fully reflects the character of God Himself. God has the characteristics of being the Provider, Leader, Disciplinarian, and Protector. The characters expected of any father in a family.

He also has the Nurturing, Loving, and Caring attributes normally associated with the mother of any family.

And when a woman and a man are united in matrimony, I sincerely believe they are completing the full character of God in order to raise their children in the admonition and knowledge of a Holy God. This produces a strong and united generation. And in turn a stronger nation and society.

In America today we see the degradation of this structure in many ways, and coming from many sides. Most homes that have two parents see both parents working to make ends meet. This leaves many children to raise themselves in areas where a parent is needed to properly show them the way. Instead we see Television and Video games, Movies, and popular music CDís raising them, after they have been in public school being taught the current agenda being forced upon them by a liberal institution.

I believe the beginning of this degradation started from the Feminist Movement of the 60ís and 70ís that removed the mother from the home. They took the duties and social responsibilities normally associated with the father. This left kids to be raised by school systems and whatever influence they encountered on a daily basis. We can also see a significant increase in the rate of divorce and in children being raised in single parent homes. And we see the statistics pointing to the criminal rate of children, being raised in fatherless homes, significantly greater than children who have been raised in a home with a father. Not just a single parent home mind you, but a fatherless home.

The second movement was the Civil Rights Movement that included children and exempted them from discipline from parents and other authority figures. The Dr. Spock genre basically eliminated any practical discipline from home and school. Lawyers have made a fortune with kids being allowed to sue at the drop of a hat.

The third has been and still is the Teachers Union. The NEA has not only taken it upon themselves to introduce and remove whatever they deemed appropriate for our children, but have taken it upon themselves to push the Liberal Agenda into our children under the guise of education.

The fourth has been this huge movement to remove God from Schools and society in direct opposition to the intention of the Framers of our Constitution. So we now sit in a society where our children have been raised by electronics and media, with no real consequences for their action or inaction. You see, we can no longer take a hand to our childrenísí backside without fear of being arrested and jailed. Teachers, who have pushed hard for children to turn their parents in after a spanking, have seen the tables turn when they also have no real recourse. The teachers complain that the parents have no involvement in a childís life and therefore send their kids to school undisciplined and rude. But hey, thanks to the ACLU those same kids who can sue their parents can also sue the teachers if they feel slighted or mistreated in any way.

And we not only see the removal of God from our schools and society, but the introduction of religions and social values that have never been a huge part of this society. Homosexuality and Islam is being taught, Political Correctness is being taught, and the underlying result is a nation of undisciplined and godless children. Children who see no problem with having sex at very young ages. Children who have been taught that they should investigate alternate sexual lifestyles, children who are encouraged to sue their parents every time they get disciplined. And no, I do not mean beaten, I mean disciplined. But a parent cannot even listen to their children talk on the phone anymore without fear of legal repercussion as was evidenced recently in Washington.

We see Homosexuals trying to marry, adopt children, and even having them created in a laboratory in order to try and imitate a true family structure.

We see a strong influx of immigrants who have much stronger family values than indigent Americans do. People from Mexico, Asia, India, and other places that still subscribe to traditional family values in the home and outside.

And we see the educational level of those kids rising higher while American children ride lower. We see a better disciplined and better educated youth in many of our immigrants.

We see them taking care of their parents instead of shipping them off to an Old Folks Home. We see them being raised by two parents, and see the traditional family values alive within their homes.

We see those respecting parents instead of suing them. We see them working instead of staying home until their parents pass on. We see those becoming men and women instead of waiting for a relative to die in order to collect easy money.

And if this is what we see, where then will our children be in 10 years? Twenty years? I say lazier, and less educated, and stricken with depression. But we can stop this flood of immorality and take both our God back, and our family structure. We can eliminate the great socialization of our school systems and bring it back to an effective means of education.

We can change back the laws that have become so warped and twisted that our children are being raised as drones and social robots. If a small percentage of people have changed these laws to accommodate their Liberal agendas, than the majority of this nation can take those laws and change them back to the moral and common sense based laws they once were.

And in time we will have our children back. Or values can return, and we can once again be a strong nation that stems from a strong family base. And within that family we can fully, and without shame show forth the character of God Almighty and raise our children with that character etched in their memory for decades to come.

Get out and vote. Write your representatives and congressmen, and never give up the good fight until we have taken back what has been stolen from us and our children.

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Pete Fisher is a political columnist in Chicago, Illinois. He can be contacted at PFisher2005@aol.com

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