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   They Speak for the World

by Pete Fisher

A short time ago we waited on elections the Palestinians held to elect a new leader after the passing of Yassir Arafat.

Just prior to those elections, Richard Gere slapped together a DVD ordering Palestinians to get out and vote. Mr. Gere's commercial, in which he said, "Hi, I'm Richard Gere and I'm speaking for the entire world," caused quite a stir all over the globe.

Just the other day, Palestinians took his "Pretty Woman" DVD and smashed copies all over the place while chanting slogans and threats directed at Mr. Gere. In fact, some even placed him lower than the Jews. How much lower in the mind of a Palestinian Muslim can one get, to be lower than the Jews? Did Richard learn from this little escapade? Obviously not, because he just broadcast a commercial ordering Peruvian insurgents to end their occupation of Andahuaylas.

Did he stop there? Not at all! Finally he demanded that India and Pakistan end their decades-long dispute over Kashmir!

Well, done Mr. Gere! Kudos for finding the solution to worldwide terror and ages old disputes all over the globe! And to think idiots like George Bush and his band of Merry Neo-Cons have been using force and spending money that could be used for something important like saving some nearly extinct insect in the Northwest or funding Homosexuals to paint nudes of children! The nerve of those Conservatives! Such unabashed ignorance!

And because you obviously spoke for the entire world, we immediately agree with everything you said, right? Not so fast Amigo, one occupation at a time here. Hereís a news flash for you and your Hollywood buddies: We do NOT agree with you.

Now the Palestinians have turned from hating just Jews and Christians, to hating loud mouthed Liberal movie stars. You did nothing to help them. In fact, you demeaned them and dismissed their basic human right to act in their own choosing within their own cities and during a Democratic election. Sort of like how John Kerry seemed to dismiss our veterans opinions and how Hillary felt tremendous urges to teach the Chinese about Abortion.

It is a funny thing Richard, that everyone is not entitled to your opinion. I know how that must sting, and I feel your pain, I really do. I mean how can this entire globe NOT see your plan? How can they be so blind to everything you believe in? I just donít get it.

Yet we Conservatives hear it daily, my friend. We are told what our children will be taught, how they will be raised, what they will believe in, and how they can explore what various proclivities that may be lurking in their souls. And we speak, and we make commercials, and we order school systems to end their assault on the minds of our children and the occupation of their souls. Yet our pleas fall on deaf ears, and we grieve.

Because the Liberal Way is not just a small perception of one nation on this globe, it is obviously what the entire world wants for their children and culture! You DO speak for the entire world, do you not? Of course you do.

As does Streisand, and Hillary, and Kerry, and all of your Limousine Liberal buddies throughout America. And I wonder Mr. Gere, with your arrogant attempt to stop true freedom and Democracy with a DVD and a couple of commercials, was it worth getting more people to despise the USA worldwide? Was it worth angering those Palestinians you tried to sway with Liberal Propaganda? Because I will have to agree with you on one thing, you most likely did sway their minds. However, they may turn from bombing buses In Israel for a short time and direct their hatred and violence upon Hollywood stars with huge mouths and an arrogant agenda.

Now I could never speak for the entire world, I am not a Giant like you are, nor do I have the experience floating around Hollywood to hear the great Liberal agendas spewed about like foam on a rabid dog.

But for a group of people who scream about Conservatives trying to amend the damage Liberals have done in this society, and whine daily about us "forcing" our agenda on your despicable system you leave little room to argue. After all, we only try to change the nation. Liberals think the entire world is entitled to their agenda as well.

My suggestion? Since you are such a valiant champion of the oppressed, perhaps forget spending money on commercials and DVDís from the comfort of your studios. I say step up, be a man! Walk through Palestine, and Pakistan, and Peru and preach these ideals in person! And take your buddies with you, since their popularity has waned and they cannot afford a one way ticket to Canada as they so blatantly promised.

Or should we publish your home addresses worldwide and give it to the Palestinians in order that they may thank you for your opinion of how and what they ought to do?

Or will you people need to wait until after us Conservative Warmongers make this world a safer place? If so, please vote Republican during the next election. Or will I need to make a DVD to remind you?

Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been feature on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, Blessedcause.com, Michnews.com, RichardMullenax.com, The Rant.us, and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.

Pete Fisher is a political columnist in Chicago, Illinois. He can be contacted at PFisher2005@aol.com