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   Tell me Islam, what is peace?

Pete Fisher

I have heard on and on about how Islam is peaceful. Some of our politicians as well as pretty much all Muslims make this claim. I have looked, I have read the Quran, Hadiths, I have tried to find the peace that I am told is within the Islamic writings. And yes, there are some. But I see the more violent aspect of the religion within those writings and in the actions of those who are using them to commit atrocity.

Just this week in New Jersey we see a family wiped out because they disagreed with some Muslims online. I have personally received threats and intimidation as well as other writers I know who have had to change their names due to threats. So tell me, followers of Mohammed, why are you so intolerant of those who disagree with your religion? Do you see other religions forcing their ideology onto entire populations? Do you see Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and others cutting throats? Kidnapping? Committing acts of suicide while in the midst of committing murder? Killing innocent people? Do you see over 90% of the world's conflicts and wars having any religion other than Islam involved? Do we see Christian pastors teaching to kill Muslims? To Hate Muslims? To fight daily against Muslims, as Islam does with Jews and Christians?

Can you show me in the Bible where it says to slaughter those who disagree with you? Can you show me where the Bible or any other Holy Book orders to occupy and dominate lands and people and force them to submit or die to Christianity? Can you show me where any other religion is celebrating great catastrophes caused by their religion as the Imams in England do? Can you show me where Christians danced in the streets and passed out treats during the Iraq War or after the Tsunami because we see dead Muslims all over the world?

Or do you see us sharing our wealth and resources with a religion that has shown only that they desire to kill us? Tell me Oh Muslim, what is more holy? To forgive your enemy and aid them when they lay dying? Or to use your mosques and Holy places to plot terror and hide munitions? To raise our children to love one another or to raise your children with rifles in their arms and a mind set that sends them into public areas with bombs strapped to their backs? You can show me all the Quranic writings you may have on peace. And you can tell me how little you think I understand on Islam. But I know what I read, and I know what I see. And I know what threats have been made to me for merely speaking my thoughts. Though I have never threatened or vowed to kill anyone in this world for blaspheming my God or my Religion. I have never had that moral authority given me through Christian Scriptures. There is nothing in the Bible that would condone my celebrating death or to order me to kill. The Christian Jesus never lifted a sword to any, nor did He defile Himself with women, nor did He rob a caravan. He lived a life without sin in order to be made a Perfect Sacrifice. If Mohamed really served the same God, he would have never claimed to be who he was, nor would the Quran and Hadiths show so much violence.

Tell me, if you are a Peaceful Religion, WHAT is the meaning of Peace to you? The meaning of Peace to everyone else seems to take on a whole different meaning, a different interpretation. Most people generally think of it as non-conflicting ways. No wars, no terror, no oppression, no violence.

How long will this world suffer the Sudan? How long will we suffer Chechnya, the Philippines? How long will we suffer Iran and Syria funding and sending terror worldwide? How long will we suffer Saudi Arabia financing Madrassas worldwide to instill violence against non-Muslims? How long will we watch families slaughtered for disagreeing with Islam as in New Jersey? How long will we see people murdered in the street for making fun of or disagreeing with Islam as in the Netherlands recently? How long will we watch idly by while Palestinians murder innocents on school buses? How long will we suffer Hamas and Al Qaeda? How long Oh Muslim, shall we sit and listen to how peaceful this religion is? How long shall we watch no progress from "peaceful" Muslims? And when you can truly define peace to me with your actions and bring back that peace to the nations and peoples you have slaughtered, terrorized, kidnapped, enslaved, and forced Islam upon, you can preach to me about your peaceful ways.

Because when it comes down to it, we do not care about what you say. We care about what you do. So please, no more words, you followers of Mohammed. Your words have been made numb by the actions of your people. And our ears have been turned deaf to your scriptures by the loudness of the bombs that explode in our cities. And even the patience of the best can be tried before they decide to act upon your "peaceful" ways.

Until this world becomes quiet enough, peaceful enough to listen to your words, we will listen to the actions of those who feed your hungry and rebuild your homes. I prefer that to the screams of "Allahu Akbar" in celebration of death.

Pete Fisher is a political columnist in Chicago, Illinois. He can be contacted at PFisher2005@aol.com