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Islam Not A Religion of Compulsion? Right.

Looking at this article at ANS, (Assist News Service), I was completely appalled that an Indonesian court sentenced 3 Christian women under their Child Protection Act for supposedly trying to convert Muslim children into Christians.

The women were conducting a "Happy Sunday" program in their home to protect the children of prostitutes from becoming the same. However, the Indonesian justice system did not see it that way.

All the children had permission to be there from their parents, none had converted from Islam, and yet using a protection act for their children, they put forth the charges.

Now butter my bottom and call me a biscuit, but since when was even showing someone else you were of a different religion a danger to children? And yet the story continues to state that an unruly mob called for the women to die, and if acquitted they would kill pastors, missionaries, and the trial witnesses. Nice system of honor and justice, no doubt commanded by Allah himself.

A coffin was carried to the trial to bury the women in if they were found innocent of the charges. How much are we to believe in the tolerance of Islam when entire governments and judicial systems allow these kangaroo courts to abuse laws meant to protect children and see them used as a basis for terror and threats of murder? Can ANYONE tell me what Allah is so afraid of that he would command the death of those who refused to listen to the words of Mohammed? There is no compulsion in that is there? Free choice to believe, free choice to present other religions, free choice to have a just and lawful trial were all there, correct?

I have tried in the past to listen to Muslims tell me their religion has no compulsion and that all people are free to disbelieve if they choose. Yet they seem to forget that they have that choice under the pains of death and the murder of their friends and family. I cannot daily read the news without seeing entire governments and courts condone and allow travesty such as this. And to slap the frosting on the cake, what was it that was heard when the verdict was read aloud? Was it the crying hearts of those who grieved that someone may be an unbeliever and end up in Hell? No. Was it a cry to make known the massive injustice of this medieval Witch Hunt? No. Were there any cries from the 90% (what I have been told by Muslims) of moderates who held up copies of the Koran and screamed for the proper interpretation of Islam to be upheld? No. It was a massive cry of "Allahu Akbar". They saw three women who most likely conformed more closely to the child protection act than any of the jurors and judges, as worthy of death. They who used a child protection act to convict these women are bringing their children to court as coffins are carried in. They who convict are the ones who threatened murder and terror should they not get their way. They are the ones who teach their children to hate Jews and Americans, and teach them to slay idolaters wherever they find them. Yet these women, who gave these children a safe haven from the prostitution rampant around them and in their own homes, are convicted of a crime worthy in the minds of Muslims of death. This is tolerance? This is no compulsion? This is the love of Allah and the example of Mohammed?

There were no cries for justice by those who claim Islam is just. There were no mass protests by Muslims who say Islam does not condone this and it is against the Koran. And like this one isolated incident in Indonesia, so are the many hundreds of acts so condoned and unprotected in all parts of this world.

Where are the cries of injustice from CAIR? Where are the lawsuits from the Broadview Mosque? Where are these moderates now? They sit where we have always known they sit. Planning lawsuits and protests ONLY against their perceived infractions against Muslims. Their loud presence in the media is empty as they tell us how peaceful and tolerant they are. They call for justice from everyone with exception to their own. Sunnis murder Shiites for ages, Arabs slaughtered Palestinians by the hundreds of thousands. Not a word. Not one peep, not one lawsuit, not one staged protest.

And here is an entire nations’ judicial system showing forth the tolerance and mercy of Allah as the rest of the world sees it and not blindly accepting, as do Muslims. The rest of the world sees this travesty daily and we only hear the voice of Islam when they feel they have been slighted in some way. Just ask Michael Graham who was under assault by CAIR for using his freedom of speech.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt are all nations whose governments and court systems allow this. These populations of just those named are much more than the tiny population CAIR and others try to make us believe through their media blitzes. Tolerance and no compulsion, huh?

With Mein Kampf being the second most widely read book in Islam next to the Koran, you will have to do much more than take a few ads out and sue a few companies who are not buying into your little tale of woe.

Or should the rest of us in this world do also to Muslims as they do unto us? Refuse their religion, refuse their teaching of it in our societies, refuse them rights that we have as believers of our True God, and order them all murdered for believing in Allah and not another god?

As far as I am concerned, until we become as "tolerant" and "non-compulsive" as Islam, we will have to see our own souls dragged down daily by their system of justice and perceptions of mercy. Because I, as an unbeliever in Allah and Mohammed and the Koran see the evil done by this. Why not those who claim to have a higher form of truth than infidels such as myself?

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Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been featured on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, TheRant.us, MichNews.com, Blessedcause.com and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.

Pete can be contacted at: pfisher2005@aol.com