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CAIR Dislikes Free Speech

by Pete Fisher

Today as reported in the Washington Post, a radio host from WMAL-AM, Michael Graham spoke out against militant Islam.

CAIR condemned the show as "hate filled" and "islamophobic". Which is no surprise to me when one looks at the history of CAIR, and who some of itís founders and officers were. Some who now rot in prison for terror ties and activities.

So CAIR disliked the fact that an individual tied Islam to extremist activities. They seem to think that people like Graham are simply propagating hatred with their words. I have also been attacked in similar manner.

In Graham's weekly column he wrote "Islam is a terror organization" and makes the following analogy:

"If the Boy Scouts of America had 1,000 Scout troops, and 10 of them practiced suicide bombings, then the BSA would be considered a terrorist organization. If the BSA refused to kick out those 10 troops, that would make the case even stronger. If people defending terror repeatedly turned to the Boy Scout handbook and found language that justified and defended murder --and the scoutmasters responded by saying 'Could be' -- the Boy Scouts would have been driven out of America long ago.

"Today, Islam has whole sects and huge mosques that preach terror. Its theology is openly used to give the murderers their motives. Millions of its members give these killers comfort. The question isn't how dare I call Islam a terrorist organization, but rather why more people do not."

These sound like the words of many people I know, and much like the answers I give when people question my articles and stance on Islam. I have often wondered why the 90% refuse to attack their own and instead choose to argue with those who simply question their words when matched with their deeds.

Mr. Graham has been attacked by CAIR as one who advocates violence against Muslims by naming him in a campaign called "Hate Hurts America" But tell me Mr. Hooper, is it Free Speech that hurts America? According to your answer, it simply allows people to make idiots of them selves publicly. Why the campaign against Mr. Graham if this is truly your opinion?

Is it not true that your organization has its roots in questionable organizations such as Islamic Association for Palestine, a front group for Hamas? Are not these same individuals that scream for the blood of Jews and other infidels? Those who claim YOUR country, the USA, is the Great Satan? The same people who send their children wrapped in explosives, and send them to kill innocent bystanders in shopping malls and night clubs?

What campaign do you have against the Islamic Thinkers Society where they had posted a video of Muslims burning and desecrating an American flag, right in the middle of America, which claimed to expose the Crusader and Zionist agenda against Islam?

Where is your campaign against Al-Muhajiroun that began this organization that calls for blood, revenge, and jihadist activity within the borders of the nation that gives you the right to speak so freely? The same Al-Muhajiroun that called publicly to join Hamas, an organization of your roots that ahs been identified by several nations as a terror group?

The group who had a rally at a college here in America and yelled these words: "We reject the U.N., reject America, and reject all law and order. Don't lobby Congress or protest because we don't recognize Congress! The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it!"

And what about those in mosques all over the nation who speak such vile words and obviously are calling for treasonous and evil acts against innocent citizens due to this mind set? How come we never see CAIR rally against those groups, and call them hate mongers, or advocates of violence? My own opinion is perhaps it most likely that you fully agree with those people.

It is so easy to attack those who you perceive are against you, and so easy to claim to love justice and righteousness. Yet we see no strong campaigns or lawsuits against Islamic groups that you claim are doing things Islam does not allow, nor do you condone.

If you truly believe what you say CAIR, then you would spend your millions not suing those who speak against what they see and against factual terrorist acts and those who affiliate with them.

You would be suing the Wahabbis, the Hamas, the Al Queda and Al-Muhajiroun groups. Why you might ask? These are obviously the groups that defame Islam and give it a bad name. Not people like Mr. Graham. These are the ones who use free speech to look like idiots, as you so daintily put it. I mean, if you disagree with them, and they are the ones who allow all of us unenlightened infidels to not see Islam and Muslims for what it is, is it then the responsibility of the blind, or those who lead the blind? After all, we are merely infidels and have not come to the full understanding of Islam. We do not yet know why the destruction of Israel is foremost in Allahsí thoughts. We cannot yet open our eyes to the jihad mentality or suicide bombings, or those who cannot, and will not accept any government but that of Allah to live under. Yet they have fled the Islamic governments to live in a free world. And now they desire to bring the same oppression and hatred to the civilization they fled to. Whether America, England, The Netherlands, we must all assimilate or we must be targets.

So please Mister CAIR, do not sue me. Do not assault me for being a hate monger. I am but an infidel who cannot see! Yet CAIR keeps silent about those who truly hurt itsí reputation. And CAIR affiliates itself, and has itsí roots in organizations that are not just assumed terror groups, but ARE terror groups.

How about it Hooper? Stop passing out the Quran to those who see what evil is done by those who claim your god. After all, none of us truly CAIRS about what one claims. We CARE about what one does.

Leave us poor heathens alone and begin cleaning your own house before calling anyone else one who harbors and advocates hate. I can make a confident bet Mister Hooper, that if we were to compare Mister Grahamsí affiliations and roots with that of CAIR? We would find the pot calling the porcelain black.

My money would definitely be on Graham.

Pete Fisher is a concerned citizen in the Chicago area who has written several articles on the economy, educational system, politics, and religion. He has been featured on several sites such as RenewAmerica.us, TheRant.us, MichNews.com, Blessedcause.com and has been circulated on various other sites worldwide. He is a 6 year veteran of the Armed Forces.

Pete can be contacted at: pfisher2005@aol.com