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Matthews: And the recruits may be joining for political reasons rather than just cultural reasons.

Gorelick: Look, if bin Laden says America only wants to kill Muslims and then there are pictures all over the television every night of Americans killing Muslims, or worse, what happened at Abu Ghraib--

Matthews: Right, humiliating them.

Gorelick: Yes, and clearly responsible for humiliation of Muslims with no possible justification in the eyes of the viewer. Well then he becomes deified because he has predicted and told them how we would be and we fulfill that prophesy. So that is what we say is a breeding ground for additional terrorists.

Ben-Veniste: Our mission is to separate Bin Laden and the al-Qaida and the al-Qaida wannabes from the Muslim world at large to make it inhospitable--

Matthews: How do you do that?

Ben-Veniste: Because you make it—you make their policies—you show their policies to be so unsympathetic to the religion that they profess, and your policies...

Fielding: You also have a big problem in the educational system, the Madrassah schools are the only educational system in a lot of these areas.

Matthews: So you’re talking hate with your arithmetic.

Fielding: You’re talking hate with your arithmetic.

Matthews: Let me ask you this, a big question, because as a person whose not gotten your expertise, I watched the world react to 911 and we all were so taken with it. It wasn’t just countries like Germany and France and all the countries that we’re used to working with over the years, in fact liked for many years, but all the countries in the world showed sympathy for us, there was evidence of true human sympathy throughout the globe after 911. Why did we lose that? Isn’t that essential, that sympathy, in fighting al-Qaida. Why did we lose it?

Ben-Veniste: Well we have stayed away from the question of Iraq--

Matthews: Well jump into it just for to answer the question, why do you think we lost the sympathy of the world fighting terrorists, not Arabs, terrorism?

Ben-Veniste: I think there’s been a reaction to the go it alone philosophy to the rejection of old alliances and their importance and I really don’t want to go...now I’m speaking only for myself...

Matthews: I understand, but we’re running at 6% popularity rating right now in Egypt...

Fielding: You’re too high, it’s down below that...

Gorton: You’re separating two things. We haven’t lost sympathy with respect to fighting terrorism. We’ve lost sympathy with respect to some of our foreign policies, but remember at this point three years later there have been no more terrorist incidents in the United States but there have been lots of them else where. The French are concerned about terrorism, the Germans are, Lord knows the Russians are, the Turks are, they’re beginning to see that the fight against terrorism is a fight that involves everyone in the world but that’s a separate issue in their minds. People in these countries that are unhappy with US foreign policy don’t think terrorism is a good idea, they don’t want it in their home countries.

Fielding: We have a universal problem and the only analogy I could think of when we were going through this was piracy. The world united to do away with piracy and that was the way they did away with it. It became an unacceptable thing anywhere in the world.


Gorelick: The one thing I want to say in answer to that question, Richard Armitage [secretary of state] said something that effected me and I think all of us a lot. He said we are exporting our anger and our fear and not our hope and sense of opportunity. We have always found tremendous strength, and I mean strength internal to our core and strength as a leader in the world from projecting the ideals of America and we fault America for not doing that. We are NOT conveying to the world our strength and our ideals and our sense of the benefits of freedom and we really need to do that.

Matthews: Yeah, less dirty movies and more peace corps. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Gorelick: Yes.

And thank you...

Matthews: You can read a full transcript of my interview with the 911 Commission on our website. Just go to Hardball.msnbc.com


The problem is, we can’t rewrite a religion. The "method of Muhammad" followed by Islamists will remain in the Koran, Hadith and Sunna. We don't define their religion, their holy books do. The danger is, if America denies the truth, promotes Islam to school children in America as peaceful, the conversion rate to Islam will continue to rise exponentially. Just like other countries, once Islam majority gains control of government, the totalitarian laws of Islam will enter. This has already begun in a local government in Michigan, where a small town reportedly has the following broadcast blasting from a Mosque in Arabic all over town, five times a day beginning at 6:30 am. The prayer means:

"Allah is great, I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s messenger, hasten to the prayer, hasten to real success, Allah is great, there is no god but Allah."

Islam is growing in leaps and bounds and public education is heralding it in. Once established, there will be no freedom. I guess Christians won’t object to gay pride parades because all gays will be dead. America’s "tolerance" is leading to the culture clash of all time, and you can bet, somehow Christians will be blamed again...except, whoops, we’ll be dead too.

I wonder how the history books will look then.

This interview has made my case. The 911 Commission has acknowledged that Islam, the religion, shares culpability in terrorism. Meanwhile our children are being led to "Assume you are a Muslim soldier" on their way to conquer nations in the 7th grade textbook, Across the Centuries, the ONLY funded textbook in California and distributed nationwide. It also invites my son to imagine he’s on a pilgrimage to Mecca, which is what Bin Laden believes he is doing as he follows the method of Muhammad, spreading Islam through peace with covert violent groups outlined in the Koran, Hadith and Sunna.

So as Islamist terrorists taunt Christian* parents by dangling their dead children by their feet from windows of a Russian school, I do NOT want my son assuming he’s a Muslim soldier. As Islamists issue fatwas for the death of my people, I would rather my son not imagine he’s a part of them, following the footsteps of Muhammad and learning poetic descriptions of a religion that demands his loyalty or threatens to behead him and his family as outlined in their holy books.

And I do NOT want my sons to offer their lives for a nation that teaches them there is no god in public school. Call me unpatriotic, but unless this nation sincerely remains under God, it will lose my allegiance, and the majority of Americans finally waking up to the loss of our nation.

It is time to tell the truth, it is also time to embrace moderate peaceful Muslims and ask them to reconsider the reality of their violent religion. And if they refuse, just keep on loving them. But do not train our children in the ways of Allah.

I tell you the truth, I have a harder time loving those who would strip me of my religious freedom and my sons, the academic elite and the tyrannical judges. I have no trouble loving Muslims.


*The Russian town was predominantly Christian

The 9/11 Commissioners: A Chris Matthews Special was updated...RIGHT OFF THE INTERNET and replaced by an older one with different 911 members. Why? And why does it matter?

Could it be because in the original the Commission clearly identified the connection of the religious beliefs of Islam to the terrorists? This is something our government, media and public education have vehemently tried to deny, even in the face of the Koran verses recited over Nick Berg and Paul Johnson beheadings. These are the very words our public schools would have our children recite to "celebrate Islam."

See also Hardball cover-up part 1

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