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"Merry Christmas" from the enlightened liberal left coast

by Jen Shroder
12/19/04  permission to repost already granted

Last night I stood in line at my local Border's bookstore waiting to buy a Christmas gift. A charming brunette woman standing next to me struck up a conversation and politely asked me to consider a book on the shelf. The title of it attacked Christmas and angels. As nicely as I could, even wincing in apology, I said, "Well I probably wouldn't like it, Christ is pretty precious to me." The woman's voice raised a notch as she quickly insisted it was a great book, that even Christians would love it and it was just humorous sarcasm. After listening to a long rant as she forced the book in my hand, I politely said, "No thanks, I don't think I'd like sarcasm about things that are holy to me." With a shocked look, her voice became louder as she started berating me, calling me clueless. (I couldn't take too much offense, that's one of my favorite descriptions of myself).

She wasn't quite yelling at me, but in the quietness of Border's bookstore it created a scene. Just then a cashier opened up on the far side of the room and called her over. I think that whole section of the store overheard her rattling off about how embarrassed she was for me. I was stunned. I suppose THIS is one of the enlightened tolerant of the liberal left coast. Perhaps it's all my fault because I forgot to wear my cross necklace, a sure signal that I might not share her sentiments, warding off the whole situation.

Curious, I looked up the book on Amazon.com and read the reviews. All were favorable, calling the book perverse and blasphemous which was why everyone who wrote a review loved it. The previous book by the author was about Jesus as a boy and I can't even repeat how the book began.

Every year the ranks of society are being replenished with bright young adults reverberating their lessons in public school, that Jesus Christ is an acceptable topic only if we are ripping Him apart in the negative. In Chicago, a school bus driver lost her route for objecting to the new Christmas song, "I Hate This Holiday." Driver Carmen Brown said, "I'm a churchgoer. I believe in Jesus and believe Christmas is a Christian holiday, but when they hand my child a piece of paper to learn a song that says, 'I hate the holidays and everything it stands for,' my son is confused."

At the University of Louisville, Professor John McTighe was quoted by columnist Brian Yates as saying "It was the religious zealots who say they were voting on morals. I think we should all buy AK47's and shoot them all! That's what I would suggest, if it were allowed."

And in San Luis Obispo, a woman was shouting at me because I didn't want to join her in ridiculing Christ. I suppose she realized I'm one of those religious fanatics that voted for Bush. (smile) I am. This is the so-called tolerance of atheists and secularists, forcing their hatred and censorship of God on society, demanding only their ideology rule the nation. Humanists, secularists and pluralists demanding we adhere to THEIR hate-filled religion, and anyone who opposes their view will not be tolerated.

I am proud of the majority of our nation. Most of us don't have temper tantrums demanding our way. We have been heard in the voting booths and by our representatives. We have been extremely tolerant as a small minority shrieks to enforce their beliefs. But I say the line is drawn when it comes to our children and public school. We absolutely must defend their religious freedom, including the right to be Christian without being mocked, pressured or reprogrammed into whatever our atheist school system decides to make them. Push me in a bookstore and I will silently take it. Push my child in public school and you will hear from me and my lawyer. I pray all parents rally to the call. Our children desperately need protection. Don't imagine someone else will do the job for you. Carmen Brown wonít be able to last long fighting our battles alone. Neither will the Eklunds, or Darla Dowell, people you probably never heard of who have valiantly fought for our children.

Before "The Passion of Christ," Mel Gibson played a courageous and godly man in "The Patriot." At first he refused to get involved with the Revolution, but after his son lay murdered in his arms, after evil and oppression overtook his world, he attacked the soldiers who intended to unjustly hang his other son. We cheered as he fought a bloody battle and freed his family. Afterwards, in moments of reflection, his sister-in-law said, "You've done nothing for which you should be ashamed." The Patriot replied, " I've done nothing, and for that I am ashamed."

Beloved Americans, we should be ashamed. Too many of us have done nothing. Our children have endured sustained attacks on their faith alone in public school and are floundering. We are losing our families, our heritage, our freedom. We prefer to go to movies rather than face conflict. We applaud as heroes forge ahead against impossible odds overwhelmed by the enemy, we live and breathe their victories and identify with them, but we bury our heads at what is happening in our own world and place the spiritual health and well being of our children on a secular altar of sacrifice.

Donít leave Darla Dowell, the Eklunds or Carmen Brown alone to fight for our children. Answer the call. Get involved. Stand up to your school board if need be and contact your representatives. In Christ we are commanded to love, but love does not mean we surrender our children.

For now, school is out, so Merry Christmas, America! Christmas for me this year has brought a whole new meaning to the verse, "Pick up your cross and follow Me." Good advice, you never know who youíll run into at the checkout line. Donít leave home without it.

Jen Shroder has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press, and dozens of talk radio hosts and news media. Shroder began as a mere mom outraged by the lessons her children brought home from public school, and claims God's leading as the only explanation for the success of her website, BlessedCause.org