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Real Heroes of the Election,
an Analysis of the Conservative

by Jen Shroder
11/3/04 Permission granted to repost

Beth Durbin described the election polls in Ohio as beginning to "look more like a disaster relief shelter as students and local residents took up every nook and cranny. Cases of bottled water and muddy, empty pizza boxes laid in hallways, under the feet of voters who had stood in line, some for more than 9 hours."

Nine hours in the rain. That is so hard to imagine. The student cracking a book under an umbrella. The businessman late for a meeting--make that two. The parents playing tag team with each other to watch the children...how many couples sacrificed a vote because dad never made it home in time for mom? How many were forced to leave the line because they told their baby-sitter they would be back in a couple of hours?

What it came down to was grit and determination. I thought the long lines would be a huge advantage for democrats. Have you ever listened to Air-America, the liberal radio show? The hatred percolates from frothing to scalding as it regurgitates the same opinions with little substance, ranting and raving like a wheezing coffee pot, finally pouring out such loathing and malice that conservatives think twice before placing a Bush/Cheney bumper-sticker on their car. I thought this mindset of pure hatred would keep the liberals warm as they waited in line, but they were countered by elderly ladies with memories of an old fashioned world of dignity and respect. By moms of toddlers determined to safeguard their futures, and by students who are greatly shocking the nation with conservative views.

These are the real heroes of this nation, and yesterday proved it is far too early to discount Ohioís tough old gentlemen veterans complete with battle scars and nobility, still fighting to protect our nation from the enemy within, standing out in the cold rain. I wonder if many recognized they were once again on the battlefront, patiently waiting for the chance to squeeze the trigger and fight for our nation when we need them most. And once their duty had been met, they quietly went home without thanks or fanfare, but no less a hero.

Adding to the troops were stalwart students, refusing to be manipulated by todayís university professors and liberal teachers, savvy to the propaganda and reprogramming techniques theyíve been hammered with since elementary school. An Oklahoma teacher said, "It used to be that the kids at this age were the liberal ones. Now the teachers are the more liberal ones and we are looking at each other going 'when did the kids got so....conservative'?"

Liberals are having such a hard time understanding the strength and convictions of conservatives. Arianna Huffington is so desperate that she actually consulted a psychiatrist to analyze America, trying to get a grip on why President Bush hasnít crumbled under all the assaults by the New York Times, Dan Rather, university brainwashing and all the arsenal that the liberal left has been unloading with no effect.

Is Time Magazine even aware that they slapped the face of a large portion of their readers with the article, "The God Gene"? Although padded with sentimental pictures of prayer, the article was a complete insult to those of faith, attempting to dissect and analyze religious beliefs as though they were a mental disorder.

Faced with the realization of a loss for Kerry, Chris Matthews barked at a political analyst, "IS IT THE CATHOLICS?" Frantic to assign blame on something they can dismiss as beneath their intellect, liberals and academia are beginning to attack religion with vehemence. Just as all the big newspapers carried nothing but vicious reviews of "The Passion of Christ," liberals are reeling in consternation as the heart of America proves time and again liberals are far from us.

And as I listened to CSN radio this morning (noting for the first time that Pastor Alistair Begg hails from Ohio), I realized that the best of us do not focus on the assaults of the blind liberal left as I am right now. The best of us speak gently in truth to those that hate us so much. Though pastors are readily dismissed as virtual idiots by the left, though pastors well understand the insults and scorn, they continue to hold their arms open-wide to the left and do their best to love them. Just love them.

The true heroes of our nation didnít sound off in the exit polls condemning the left, they stood quietly in the rain last night in Ohio, they stood quietly in line all over the nation, sacrificing time with their families to fight for their futures. The true heroes of our land pray for the blind though they mock us. I will never "unite" with the left, because I will not unite with baby-slaughtering, porn-promoting corruption infiltrating our childrenís schools, but I will pray for them, and with Godís help and the role-modeling of Christ, I will love them.

Thank God for our heroes, and America, well done.