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Revelation 12
August 17, 2013 Update

I was listening to an old Chuck Missler audio commentary on Thessalonians when it happened. I had worked my focus on Revelation months before and once I found reason to believe I was wrong about having anything to do with it, I jumped for it, and then didn't want to hear anything else about Revelation. But something Chuck Missler said and what was shown to me so easily afterwards...it all fits. Even the things in my life that caused me to think I was wrong.

I am 57 years old now and though I would rather not age, I could live to be quite a lot older. Two of my sons have been brainwashed from our public education system and our culture and though they witnessed some astounding miracles themselves, one of them is so deeply determined to reject the faith that he has surrounded himself with atheists who's favorite pastime is to mock and ridicule Christians. Our mere existence is such an affront to them that their greatest joy is to find what they can to claim hypocrisy and laugh. If you know me, then you know how great my grief is, that one of my own spends all of his time being led by people who pour all of their energy into hate while accusing Christians of intolerance and hatred. I know that spirit, I dealt with it often years ago when I used to witness to hatetheists, I received warnings from people of what they had planned for me before they killed me after I answered their questions and posted "The Sign of Jonah." So when my own son began to accuse me with the same spirit and reasoning as found in these friends, also found so insidiously at his California University (and worse, as Janet Napolitano has had to step down from Homeland Security and will be overtaking control of Calif. Universities on Aug. 31)....well, hope for my son's generation is growing harder to hang on to, but for God.

But for God. Those are such huge words. And every time I started to melt down about this son, I would pray. And I asked why, Lord, would You save us so miraculously when my sons were small but secure in You, why would you keep us alive to come to this ruin? For YES, I would rather we had all died that day than risk any of my sons living eternally without God. (yes I know how this gets twisted by unbelievers, sigh). I would melt at the thought of how Job had such great faith that he sacrificed to God every morning on behalf of his children, and yet his children were met with destruction in a day. So I would pray, but every time I begin, God so completely comforts me as if to say He already has this, do not fear. And so I wait. And I hear Chuck Missler. And Missler says something that causes me to look again and things are explained so perfectly, and he even confirmed certain conclusions that I had already come to but didn't think anyone else noticed in the Bible. And then I heard it. And looked it up and confirmed it.

I believe there will be a very great sorrow in my life but God will sustain me and all things work for the good of those who love God. I believe Israel will be hit hard but a remnant has been named to remain. I used to think and ask God, how is it that you have a certain number of Israelites that will remain? You have them all counted down to the very number...does that mean there will be a cut off line? How does that work? I couldn't imagine God filling a number quota and coming to the end and shutting the doors because the number had been filled. That didn't line up with everything I knew about God, not that He has to answer to me! And yet I would ask Him and then I knew. Who draws forth from the womb? Who knits us together and brings us to life? God is not limited to work with what exists, He creates what exists, and the remnant of Israel that He has planned is numbered in the creating not in the preserving. That sort of blew my mind. Oh. :)

Trusting God. That's all I know to do. Trust God and wait. Just like Jeremiah who waited and saw and God confirmed. Trust God and wait. Seeing prophesies come true in the news is amazing. Pray, wait and love with everything you have. On that I can never learn enough.

Revelation 12
July 25, 2015 Update

I have been waiting to see if events in my life continue to line up with the Bible. I remember so many Bible stories of how things got messed up when people tried to fulfill prophesies themselves. Sarah waited 10 years for a child before suggesting Abraham fulfill the prophecy with Hagar. Moses killed an Egyptian defending his people and it was 40(?) years later that God called on him. Samson fulfilled scriptures on the last day of his life after living with those prophesies all of his life. So many scriptures can take lifetimes between one sentence in the Bible and the next. So I wait. And though God told us over 300 times not to fear in the Bible, I struggle. Everyone will tell you to trust in God and it will be all right, and itís true, but sometimes God calls us to suffer in this life, some of us tremendously, and if what I thought was true, everyone that I love the most is going to suffer, and possibly most of all my sons.

So I remember and try not to fear. I thought if this is true and God supplied me with this website that was once read by dignitaries all over the world, especially the Middle East and our own government, if I still had this then I felt obligated to post what had happened. And yet, wouldnít that bring the hounds of hell down on my own sons? And if not the hounds of hell, then the mocking of anyone who read it? And cause my beloved sons to question faith even more? And so I wait.

Going through all of this has caused me to realize some things. When Jesus spoke in parables, He did not name those in the parables. Yet what John saw and wrote about from Jesus had specific events that included the actions of Michael. Thatís not an allegory, though so many want to believe it is. And the Bible says Satan goes after the woman with a flood but the earth swallows it upÖthat might not be literal but it does sound like a tsunami.

There is so much that I donít know. The more I know, the more I realize I donít know. I find myself chastising myself often for even thinking such ideas, but then I remember the halos and that day so many years ago, the things that God has done and shown me. and all I know for sure is that I cannot deny any of it.

All I know is to trust God.