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Recently Christian Times covered the story of an English teacher at Morro Bay High School, who asked children to focus on a color while he demonstrated his "psychic powers" by reading their auras.  This was not a simulation, this teacher stated his belief in his ability.  When a parent complained, he refused to apologize and defended his actions.  (see article).  When this story came out in the Tribune,a local paper, the teacher's name was omitted.  I wrote a letter to the editor regarding the agenda of our school board, also omitting the teacher's name.  The teacher then wrote a letter to the editor without admitting he is the teacher that was not admonished by the school board. His letter was posted as follows, but I have changed his name to "Mr. Black." I am not on a witch hunt, but my efforts are to expose the mindset of public school in California and why so many of us homeschool.


A recent letter to the editor lambasted San Luis Coastal School District for not admonishing teachers who introduce students to the diversity of other cultures, religions, beliefs, values, and practices.  On the contrary, I'd like to congratulate SLCUSD and its administrators for exhibiting the courage to resist pressure from those individuals who believe their "Christian beliefs" should take precedence over all other ways of thinking or believing.

Such inflated moral rectitude leads to the suggested ban or censoring of Harry Potter.  These individuals perceive Harry Potter as an evil influence over our youth because such literature presents witchcraft in a positive light.  Are we going to revisit the ignorance that prevailed in Salem?  I see Harry Potter as a fun-filled fictional tale that inspires young people to read, laugh, and learn that being good has its own rewards.  I trust our youth fully knows that wizards, witches, trolls and dragons are only fantastical creatures created for our fun and enjoyment.  What we do need to fear is puritanical and tyrannical dominion over our youth.  These manacles only serve to water the roots of rebellion and mistrust.

As a Christian whose ancestors were severely persecuted for their religious beliefs, I believe the way to understanding others on a global front revolves around education, tolerance, and the ability to maintain an open mind towards all people.  Allowing young people to learn different viewpoints does not indoctrinate them; rather, it offers them a valuable perspective that broadens their scope and understanding of the rich diversity that exists outside of their immediate environment.  Let us build bridges that span over racism, isolationist thinking, censorship, and religious righteousness; how else are we going to learn to live in harmony and make the world safe for our children?

-Bruce Black, Morro Bay"

This man openly assigns children to participate with him in his religion, indoctrinates them into sorcery which God abhors, presents it as fact, then writes about Christian intolerance when his actions are objected to.  Are Christians expected to tolerate the use of his teacher position to force his religion on our children while criticizing Christianity? COLOR ME INTOLERANT, and every Christian should be.  Are we to stand by as the darkness devours our children?  Would Jesus?  This is clearly a violation of our religious freedom and the school board apparently does nothing, which acts as an endorsement.

We are to be like sheep, this is true.  But are we to be a flock of sheep that won't even bleat as the wolves drag off and spiritually murder our children?  Was that what Jesus meant?  NO! Where are the shepherds?  The religious leaders?  Those who are silent are cowering in the corner just as God described in Ezekiel 32.  A handful of pastors are beginning to speak out, praise God, but we must seek them and join in the effort to restore sanity to our schools.  And if we cannot find one, then for the love of God tithe to the Christian legal organizations that have been fighting these atrocities for free.

This world is getting darker, just as the Bible said it would. When the end times are upon us, will you be counted as Christ's or a lukewarm Christian?  Will you be counted as a faithful shepherd or a false shepherd?  Will you remain cowardly tolerant accepting the spiritual crippling of children in public schools, or will you stand up and be counted for the "religious righteousness" that Bruce Black condemns? 

The time is here to make a distinct choice.  Are you for Christ or against Him?  Will you quietly give over the nation and our children to the giants or will you stand up for our children and for righteousness?  There are no excuses, no middle ground, not when our children's salvation is at risk.  Hold up the light and be counted.  Let them call you intolerant, let them call you whatever they want to, Jesus allowed people to mock Him and forgave them.  But do not sacrifice the children.  Do not sacrifice them in silence. Do not offer them on a gilded plate named tolerance. Fight the good fight. Make a noise.  Write a letter.  Be sure you are heard.  Yes, even run for school board if no other "traditional value" person will.

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