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School Board judges God
Rejects Christianity, Inflicts Pluralism
in Fascist Fashion

Op-ed by Jen Shroder
6/23/04  Repost at will

As public schools bewail their financial straights, a school board refused FREE donations of a brand new Christian book series (gasp) by Bill Myers about the hilarious escapades of Wally McDoogle, a "boy blunder" who faces everyday problems like bullies or temptation to cheat on a test. Occasionally Wally actually prays, (gasp again) but aside from that, the references to God are minimal.

Fictional stories accepted by the school library include boys praying to prairie gods, canyon gods, Greek gods, acts of sorcery and assorted beliefs. Often required reading includes "The Giver," a science fiction where everyone comes from a test tube and parents are assigned to children. Graphic descriptions of "merciful injections" to the brain are given to kill retarded or deformed infants (pro-abortion), and euthanasia is an eloquent act.

So how is it a Christian book fails such low standards, especially when "no library materials should be excluded because of religious views."

Mary Matakovich, Ed.D., Director of Instructional Services, wrote they could not accept the free donations and test materials because "these books do not meet the following guidelines":

"To provide materials that will enrich and support the curriculum and personal needs of the users, taking into consideration their varied interests, abilities, and learning styles; [varied interests include Christian]

To provide materials that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge, [like Harry Potter?] literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and ethical standards;

To provide a background of information which will enable pupils to make intelligent judgments in their daily lives; [like "The Giver" which encourages infanticide?]

To provide materials which realistically represent our pluralistic society and reflect the contributions made by these groups and individuals to our American heritage; [because there are so many books about Native American gods, I believe they are referring to Native Americans, not our Christian founding fathers]

To place principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the selection of materials of the highest quality in order to assure a comprehensive media collection appropriate for the users. [I believe this actually means placing pluralism above individual religious beliefs and secular humanism above religious freedom, as carefully worded in the state standards and critical thinking]

Be relevant to todayís world; [according to whom? Secular humanists?]

Represent artistic, historic, and literary qualities; [literary qualities of Bill Myer's books are validated by "Accelerated Reader," a teacherís resource for test materials]

Reflect problems, aspirations, attitudes and ideals of a society; [this could not exclude Christian]

Contribute to the objectives of the instructional program; [frightening objectives to those who study examples]

Be appropriate to the level of the user; [Bill Myerís books are identified to grade level]

Represent differing viewpoints on controversial subjects; [none of the school library books Iíve seen represents differing viewpoints!]

Provide a stimulus to creativity." [Bill Myerís books are incredibly inventive and creative.]

Matakovich would not respond to further inquiries or requests for clarification, but one teacher showed great enthusiasm for the title, "My Life as a Smashed Burrito" until she heard it was a Christian book, to which she responded with obvious disgust, "Oh! We canít have any of THOSE books here!" When asked why not, she responded, "Because weíre not ALL of that "slant!"

Indeed, Christianity and Judaism are often specifically excluded. A webpage for "The Pluralism Project" gives evidence, providing a directory of over 4500 religious centers, but "does not include information on Christian or Jewish centers, as these can be readily found in the local phonebook."


"Pluralism" is academiaís religion of "todayís world." It has all the necessary ingredients for a legal definition of religion. Public education is in violation of the Establishment Clause while denying the free exercise of Christianity and Judaism, guaranteed by the First Amendment. The opinions of the pluralist ordained PhD and EdD are given merit while the religious convictions of parents are denied. WHERE IS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM? It has been usurped by the tyranny of the pluralist elite, demanding our children attend their indoctrination classes to reprogram their faith.

America, it is time to REVOLT. Pay attention to which senators and representatives are promoting these affronts and VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. Sign petitions, make calls, volunteer to register people to vote at your church. Our forefathers spilled their very blood for our religious freedom, what have we done to protect it? Act now. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, stop fascist America and the tyranny growing within.