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Two Beasts and a Braveheart
The story of Obama, Romney and Ron Paul

by Jen Shroder 9/11/12

William Wallace’s men stood stymied in the crowd, muscles clenched, emotions raging as they watched the brutal execution of Wallace performed before them. After years of fighting for freedom, Wallace had been betrayed in the end by his own allies So it was at the RNC, as Speaker of the House John Boehner ignored the booming shouts of all opposed to the last minute plot to strip Ron Paul of delegates, blatantly fabricating as he proclaimed "The ayes have it." The building shook with the thunder of opposition (listen), but Boehner and his cohorts callously ignored them.

And so is launched what I believe to be a most abhorrent bid for power that this world has ever seen. Romney’s campaign, swirling in hushed evidence that Romney profited from the disposal of aborted fetuses. However I have to ask why a company would dispose of same when WorldNetDaily has reported the going prices for aborted body parts. Few companies burn what someone will pay for. The very name of Stericycle causes me to wonder at just HOW profits were gained.

And so we have two beasts, one who has risen and one who is rising; a transfer of power is looming and I can’t help but feel reminded of Revelation 13. We threaten to infect the entire world with infanticide, harlotry and perversions, for what is Biblical harlotry than the worship of other gods, and what government demands that our children get on their hands and knees and pray to Allah by heart--or any other god or belief such as witchcraft that a public school teacher decides to impose, sanctified in the name of "multiculturalism." It is on the books and the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Judge Phyllis Hamilton ruled that teachers could require our children to demonstrate such acts.

Just a few days ago I jumped on the Romney bandwagon after listening to soundbytes about then Senator Obama fighting for the right to kill infants after they were born. The coldness of such evil was just too much for me. But as soon as I jumped on the Romney wagon, something felt wrong and I started looking for information apart from what Fox News feeds us. The spin of the left is blathering and useless, RenewAmerica.com had the information but I somehow missed it as almost everyone on the right is so understandably determined to defeat Obama. Then I saw what was posted at MassResistance.org, a battleground in Romney’s own state. MassResistance was responsible for exposing the homosexual "fisting" lessons and so much more at public schools in Massachusetts, where Romney was governor. It was there that I heard the sound bytes myself of Romney saying in determined tones, things like, "I think people recognize that I'm not a partisan Republican, that I'm someone who is moderate, and that my views are progressive." Also on the Boy Scout link, someone quotes him as going to do more for gay rights than Senator Kennedy. see http://www.massresistance.org/romney/videos/index.html Though it is claimed he has come to his senses in recent years, do not forget how his campaign manager likened him to an etch-a-sketch.

And so my hope turned toward a few guardians of liberty fighting tirelessly to defend the ideas and wisdom of Ron Paul, a man who has fought for freedom since his youth. A man of loyalty and passion, a man who "changed the conversation" on the hill, a man no less a Braveheart even if his meek voice clouds the Hollywood ideal. Ron Paul fell to an unexpected betrayal just as Braveheart did. And it wasn’t until days after this betrayal at the RNC that I realized the tragic loss of America. Freedom and the American way is all but dead unless one thing happens, and that is for a great majority of Americans to fall on their knees and pray God’s mercy and forgiveness. Stand back and look at ourselves! We are like a rabid dog, crazed in our own perversion and immorality and we dare to call it freedom! Islam is on the rise, threats are surrounding us and we are in danger of suffering the fate of Babylon if we don’t repent. We have a President who, for some unknown reasons, proclaimed himself god at our "tabernacle," the World Trade Center Memorial on it’s 10th anniversary. We have Daschle who, on the day after 911, read the very words of condemnation upon our nation. If you don’t know about Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s realization of fulfilled prophesy of Isaiah 9:10, you really need to hear it. Our own leaders quoted the Bible unknowingly pronouncing Scriptures of God’s punishment upon us…that we replaced a sycamore tree with cypress just as the Bible described, right where George Washington dedicated our nation on its inception. The bricks have fallen but there is so much more coming. Meanwhile, few seem to notice that any enemies beyond our eastern shores would be aiming at New York over Babylon… (what kind of people name their own town Babylon?) And as the Bible prophesied, the merchants from the ships will grieve for us in our destruction…they will be looking at our ruins over the land of Babylon, New York! (Rev 18)

And so, are we lost? I would have said yes, that the wheels have already begun to turn, that we have been warned and warned over the years and we would not listen. I would have said yes, it is too late, but in my depression at finding so many disgusting facts about our precious Romney, I asked God about what was left…Ron Paul would gut the military…what else could we do? His answer was swift and correcting. Do not underestimate God! With just two men, God has taken out armies (1 Samuel 14) . When Gideon had a large army, God told him to send most of them home that 300 would face an army "numerous as locusts" and their camels were without number, as the sand by the seashore (Judges 7) that the people would know it was not by their own hand, but by God’s.

And so I ask you, do we still have the faith of Joshua or will we run and hide and meet certain destruction? Because if we continue to follow the abortion beasts, we will not stand. I have been told we CANNOT vote for Ron Paul because he cannot win, but I tell you if we do not vote for Ron Paul, we have already lost. Obama and Romney are the same thing, they only fight over who will get to cover it in lies. You KNOW this is true. We have all been marched down this same road of big government soon to be tyranny regardless of who was holding the reins through the years.

We have one chance and it is not Ron Paul. It is God. And the LORD did not tell me we will win, but He sure corrected me about a smaller military. I do not write this lightly as I am a military mom. My son is out there offering himself to defend our country. The thought of downsizing our military on its face is a horrifying thought, I do NOT want my son out there unequipped with fewer buddies to watch his back. But I would rather he have God on his side than all the armies and weapons we can muster. Do not forget God and the 6 Day War and all the miracles of that time.

And so, in the end, it is up to We, the People. Will we vote for more abortion mills? Will we pile the blood of the innocent up to our necks? Will we vote to continue to supply the world with pornography, pedophilia, lower the age of consent, demand our children receive HPV shots at age 12--is it for their own good or are we sanitizing someone’s sex toys? Before you are offended, THINK of all the disgusting lessons imposed upon our children at younger and younger ages, while legislation is introduced to lower the age of consent! Imagine parents unable to file charges or even obstruct seductive overtures of pedophiles because after all, educators know better than we do, right? The target has always been our children and each generation has gone further and further down this road as parents feel helpless to stop it. THIS is a principality we battle, THIS is what we must demand our priests and pastors help us fight and if they don’t, find a new pastor! Because they are supposed to shepherd us! We need to be organized! Pastors, do not tell us to sit down and be quiet while the wolves ravage our children, IF they live past the womb, and then pass around the collection plate!

Ron Paul has said he is done. I pray that’s not true. And because God told me not to fear a smaller military when asking about him, I am taking that as hope. Hope that Ron Paul will run Independent or Libertarian. Because the other two abortion beasts, they are not hope.

If we truly turn to God, our enemies will have to face the true and living God. Oh these prophecies will come to pass some day, they surely will, but today so MANY of us are praying that God forgive and protect this nation again. The question is, will we trust God to protect us with a smaller military that we would know all glory is God’s?

Did you ever think you would be asked something so similar to stories in the Old Testament…it seemed so easy for them, didn’t it?

And with Ron Paul’s policies, that would mean Israel would also have to depend upon GOD once again. For we have this in common…we are both nations founded on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

I titled this piece, "Two Beasts and a Braveheart," but the real topic is God and whittling everything down so far that no one would think there was a chance to turn it around. Ron Paul has even declared he is out of it. No one could imagine that we could ever get out of this, but for God. And that's when God moves best...

America, do we have the faith to trust Him? Can we imagine that voting for abortionists would be blessed by God? So many of us read about Joshua or David or Gideon and imagine that we, too, would have such faith. But now the question is put to us. Do we have that faith?

I do. And I am hoping for many miracles beyond what we could possibly do. I hope you are too.



Pledge to support Ron Paul as Independent or Libertarian...his chances are finally small enough and this doesn't look like it's about money, just encouragement  http://www.ronpaul2012.net/   If God chooses him, he will win. So pray, saints, pray. God will hear.

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