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California's Assembly will be voting on SB 1451, an effort to manipulate textbook publishers to retain the liberal bias and censor our nation's true history (see article). BlessedCause is putting Assemblymen and Assemblywomen on notice that they WILL be held accountable, we WILL start a campaign during elections IN YOUR DISTRICT to remind Californians why our public schools are so froth with liberal garbage as public schools fail. In every district in California, Assemblymen, your vote, along with every corrupt activity in public schools in the coming months, will be directly attributed to any Assemblyman that votes for SB 1451 should it pass. Churches will be contacted, organizations, tea parties...the full force of BlessedCause will be committed to holding those accountable for the shocking activities our children continue to withstand. Democrats blamed us for the Davis Recall...you haven't seen anything yet.