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Pray but do not panic, God has a plan.

I have given warnings, I see the fulfillment of prophesies are on us. But I have such a peace about tomorrow.

I stand in wonder at all that God has done and fulfilled. I am amazed that any cannot see it.

Maybe we, the Christians that I know and I, are at such complete peace because we know our eternal destiny. We have complete faith in our future with Him. He told us not to fear, and we don't. I have more anxiety about where the liberals are taking California in opposition of God than I do about Sadam with his finger on a nuclear button or whatever toy he thinks he has. Sadam won't be able to do anything that God does not allow.

Christians suffer, Christians experience pain, but whatever comes, Christ is with us to see us through it, and our ultimate destiny is with Him. How we long to go home, how we long to see Him face to face, He has set a table before us among our enemies. We do not fear.

If you don't know God, now is a good time to buy a Bible and learn of Him, seek Him, experience the peace that is beyond understanding.

Receive His Son and secure a heavenly home with Jesus, who has loved you since before the beginning of time.

I'm not saying get ready for death, I just don't think "this is it." Yes a plague has been unleashed, the first of many. Yes there is darkness shadowing our nation. But yesterday the Senate voted to ban partial birth abortion. John Ashcroft is investigating Planned Parenthood. The Supreme Court is looking to break up the 9th Circuit (Circus is more like it) court. I believe our nation is on the brink of revival. I know God has heard the sweet offering of prayers from the saints still here, praying for mercy, praying for revival. I think this threat will pass. Even though Jesus said to watch for the very events that are happening today, I pray God has granted us more time.

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, or if you believe you are a Christian yet deny what God said in the Bible, if you are not 100% sure of your salvation, I urge you, open your Bible, read 1st John, and pray the Holy Spirit guide you home. Receive His Son, seek Him with all your heart and you WILL find Him. He has left us here, many of us hurting, waiting for you, that you would have more time to find Him. Because YOU are important to Him. He commissioned us to withstand persecution, stoning, beatings and mocking, that you would see His light. He waits for YOU.

God has a plan. Know Him. Adonai, Yeshua, El Shaddai, Eloheim, the great I AM, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He has many names and He is God. He is not Allah, He is God. Praise His Holy Name.