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William M Branham

There are so many fascinating commentaries and hypothesis on Revelation and the end times. Iíve been asked about different variations and so many seem valid to me, I am not one to claim to know which are right and which are wrong. All I know for a fact is what happened 25 years ago and a few things that have been happening recently that are, well, "freaking me out."

Whatever. Everything I start to type seems like, "not now," but I do want to comment on one that came up. There is a man named William Branham that I have never heard of before, a man of the 50s and 60s. Since I havenít read his books and I know Wikipedia isnít the most accurate, Iím not saying whether his views are valid or not, I have no idea. But in glancing at it, I found this which again, I donít think proves or disproves anything he wrote or believed. Iím not trying to say one way or another and I think itís dangerous to do so.

But according to Wikipedia, this picture was believed to be an unaccountable light over his head that wasnít there while he was speaking. (click on image to enlarge)

I looked at it with some computer program I have and you can see a man in the background that you canít see in the original picture, and some odd lighting around the "light" which personally I think looks more like a sword, but what do I knowÖ

Were those guys just in the background? I guess so because they don't blend into his shoulder at all and if this was a double exposure, I would think they would have? But it's odd because it looks like he's on stage, maybe those were just stage hands behind him. Anyway, if the image was doctored, they wouldn't have added those men in, so....

I just thought it was interesting that with modern computer technology even I can see more in the image than before. I imagine there are computer experts that can see way more than this.

I also think he was an interesting man with interesting theories.

May God comfort his family for according to Wikipedia, he had a tragic end.