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See also John Walker and Houghton Mifflin Letter to Gov. Davis

When I think of John Walker Lindh who joined the Taliban, and Mike Spann, the American CIA agent who was killed by the Taliban, my heart breaks for their mothers as I think of my own 12-yr-old son.  How would I feel as John Walker’s mother?  How would I feel as Mike Spann’s?  I can’t speak for them, but for myself, my answer is in my son’s eyes.

 He is 12 years old.  He is IMPRESSIONABLE and he was forced to read from a textbook that scorned Christianity and promoted Allah.  The school said they would give him alternative assignments but he still had to read from that textbook which scorned his faith.  He could not "opt out."  Houghton Mifflin's textbook has been here for more than 11 years and was the only textbook approved and funded by California.  Did John Walker Lindh “learn” from this book that promoted Islam?  More than likely.  In the early 90's the textbook was the ONLY California approved textbook.  John Walker moved here eleven years ago, the same time "Across the Centuries" was introduced.  Reports often reflect John's devotion to Islam at the age of 16, but the Associated Press reported in Dec.of 2001 that by the age of 15 John Walker was already patterning his life after the Quran, making decisions based upon the dictates of Islam, showing his interest developed prior to his high school years.  see article

We have developing generations of boys in California that are forced to learn from the same textbook.  Amazingly, the school officials suddenly claim they have no impact on our children.  They claim asking our children to imagine being in acts of worship to Allah, and writing why other nations are attracted to Islam, would not lead them to Islam.  When the teacher at Byron County and my son's school asked children to get on their hands and knees and repeat words of prayer to Allah, that, in fact, made them Muslim. Islam claims that all it takes to become Muslim is to repeat the words chanted by children in Byron County.  California schools have technically inducted children into Islam.

 As a footwashing evangelist, I understand how people are led to accept beliefs because Jesus told us more than one parable about planting seeds.  In the parable of the four soils, Jesus explains that His words of life are the good seed and the soil is men’s hearts.  Jesus also cautions us about bad seeds.  We must guard what is planted in our hearts and in our son’s hearts.  California has been planting some big seeds for Islam while hardening hearts toward Christianity.  California bears responsibility.  John Walker Lindh is the fruit of California’s efforts. He was a young IMPRESSIONABLE child, just as my son is.  Those seeds planted by California in John Walker Lindh’s heart were then watered and grew by other sources. But make no mistake California planted them and are planting many more every year in all our children through the Houghton Mifflin textbooks. 

Public schools in other states have purchased "Across the Centuries" as well, including Jose Padilla/Abdullah Al Muhajir's old elementary school in Chicago. Our Dept. of Defense is searching for other Americans who have converted to Islam and are fighting for the terrorists.  It's so hard to believe that we currently have textbooks that state, "Imagine you are a Muslim soldier..."  In spite of 9-11, there will be more John Walker Lindhs if California’s Department of “Education” is allowed to continue.

 How did John Walker Lindh end up in the Taliban?  What kind of person was he before? 

  • Frank Lindh, father: "a very sweet kid ... devoted to his religious conversion ... a good boy."
  • Marilyn Walker, mother: a "sweet, shy kid."
  • Friend, Abdulla Nana: "a gentle person."
  • Family friend, Bill Jones: a "sweet, kind, intelligent kid."

How did a sweet kid end up with a gun in Afghanistan?  Answer: Ever read the Qur’an?  Many California schools ask the children to memorize verses of the Qur’an.  Islam is said to be the fastest growing religion in California. Statistics showed Islam would be the number one religion in Southern California by the year 2015.  How did that happen?  Could it be the generation of 12 year olds who started reading Houghton Mifflin textbooks eleven years ago are now, as young adults, converting?  Why wouldn’t they, it sounds so wonderful in school. 

Not only that, but the Council of Islamic Education, (CIE) who wrote "Teaching about Religion"  has stated our weakness to be the study of religion is too superficial to the younger grades.  They want more depth of religious teaching to our younger more impressionable children.   Does California intend to personally fill the ranks of Muslim soldiers?  Train them young, as the suicide bomber training in Islamic nations begins in kindergarten, look how successful it is, how determined the followers. distributes information about how to direct schools to teach Islam.  They state, "School students are routinely exposed in their classroom to new information and opinions, hence they tend to be more receptive to new beliefs and ideas. Schools are therefore fertile grounds where the seeds of Islam can be sowed inside the hearts of non-Muslim students. Muslim students should take ample advantage of this opportunity and expose their school mates to the beautiful beliefs of Islam."  The beautiful beliefs of Islam have created a NIGHTMARE for John Walker.  Meanwhile our own school officials insist all this promotion of Islam has no effect on our children.  One of the children that prayed to Allah on his hands and knees, reciting the Muslim prayer in demonstration at my local school, said that when he went home he tried it again when he was alone.  CHILDREN ARE IMPRESSIONABLE.  And so was John Walker.

 How would I feel if I was John Walker Lindh’s mother?  Furious.  How would I feel if I was Mike Spann’s mother?  Furious as well.  But not at John Walker Lindh.  I try to imagine that, the magnitude, a life of raising my son, caring for him, loving him, worrying over him, investing everything I have to the son I love so much…   dead.  Would I really not be angry at John Walker Lindh for betraying our country?  In honesty, no.  I would be 100% furious with the school system that pointed John in that direction in the first place.  John Walker Lindh was once an innocent, Mike Spann was an innocent, my son is an innocent.  They were CHILDREN and California’s irresponsible determination to push other religions on our children, needs to be dealt with, and swiftly.

Even if I pictured John happy about my son’s death, how would I feel?  Angry, yes.  But I would see right past John to the principality that corrupted and twisted his mind in the first place.  The LIES I read in the textbook about Islam.  The propaganda, the subtle swirl of imagination activities asking children to walk in those shoes.  John Walker Lindh did a good job of walking in the shoes of Muslims, he imagined being a Muslim soldier, just like his teachers told him to.  Obviously he decided he liked it.  Why wouldn’t he?  The Islam presented in the textbook is a FAR CRY from reality.  If California insists on teaching religion in depth they at least should tell the truth!  I’ve studied those lies in the textbook for many months now and compared them to what Islam’s holy book, the Qu’ran, states.  What sugar-coated bad seeds!  And the maligning of Christ and Christianity in the "Christian" section is even worse.  Not all Islam seeds will result in boys converting to Islam, but if even one does, and if it was my precious son….  There would be nothing that California could do to replace what it had taken.  Nothing.  I would spend the rest of my life praying that God would help me forgive the politicians that have ignored my pleas to do something about the propaganda in the textbooks.  Gov. Davis, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Delaine Eastin, none of them would even respond to my letters.  None of them would address the issue.  None of them cared.  If I was Mike Spann’s mother, I would want to lay my dead son’s body on the steps of the State Capitol of California.  That is exactly where the responsibility lies.  If you don’t believe me, read the textbook.  You will be shocked. 

California is currently being led by men and women in complete darkness. God has been so patient with our nation, but when we cross the line and ask our children to "walk through the fire," spiritually crippling them, then judgment is right around the corner.  I don't blame the Muslims at all.  Our own politicians are responsible, paying people to lead our children to other gods.  We were once a Christian nation.  We will reap the consequences of turning our backs on God, for He will turn His back on us.  It's already begun.

It's very popular to hate John Walker Lindh right now. So much that I had to count the cost before posting this. The hatred people express in the media is deep and furious. It reminds me of sharks in a feeding frenzy.  I don't know how John Walker feels about his actions today. Did Jesus talk to the woman thrown at His feet accused of adultery before He defended her?  No.  John Walker did exactly what the adulterous woman did, as God considers praying to another god spiritual adultery.  So I look straight into an ocean of sharks clamoring to be fed and ask, "Who among you is without sin, cast the first stone."

I do not condone what John Walker has done, and if found guilty I believe he should be punished, but not death. Put down the stones of hatred and consider that California definitely shares a large portion of the blame. The New York Times reports "Islam is said to be the nation's fastest-growing religion, fueled by immigration, high birth rates and widespread conversion. One expert estimates that 25,000 people a year become Muslims in this country; some clerics say they have seen conversion rates quadruple since Sept. 11."  How many more John Walkers,  Jose Padillas, World Trade Center horrors, Mike Spanns and Daniel Pearls before we stop promoting Islam in public schools?     

Please pray for the mothers of Mike Spann and John Walker Lindh.  My heart really breaks for both of them.
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