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The Truth about Muslims

by Jen Shroder
 Permission granted to repost

Recently I have been swarmed with emails from Muslim leaders attempting to convince me Islam is peaceful, that our gods are the same. I ask them one question:

"What do your holy books command if you left Islam?"

None have responded because the answer is death. For a people who claim their religion is compatible, a bloody reality is hidden behind a veil of peace.

Are Muslim leaders ignorant or are they purposely lying? The same could be asked of our teachers in America’s public schools who pump our children’s heads full of "peaceful Islam" and persecuted Muslims afflicted by evil Christian Crusaders. How is it possible that history teachers could know so little about history?

Two years ago I addressed our school board with the imbalance in our history textbook concerning Islam. I did not attack Muslims, I presented with charts and direct quotes how our textbook had devoted a huge proportion of Islamic religious beliefs as fact while disparaging Christianity. One school board member angrily accused me of bigotry until another member cautioned him of legal consequences. Today, I am still laying out the facts and continue to be labeled a bigot.

If a Muslim cannot convert to Christianity for fear of death, what label would that same school board member impose on Islam? Answer: Peaceful.

Today, the Chicago Tribune (1) published an article called "Schooled in jihad, Clerics block education reform in Pakistan." Apparently Pakistani textbooks continue to incite children of all ages to slaughter non-Muslims. "Islam comes in the world to dominate the world," says Syed Ali Mohiuddin, who graduated from a madrassa in Rawalpindi. Jihad and martyrdom are learned as early as 5th grade, "emphasizing that a Muslim has no faith if he does not wish for martyrdom." In Jan. 2002 America set up a payment schedule for aid to Pakistan of $3 billion dollars and President Musharraf announced that all schools must register within two months and adopt a government curriculum. He vowed to close any schools that promote extremism or store weapons. Almost three years later most schools remain unregistered while science, math and English books continue to teach jihad.

In Palestine, textbooks contain, "Jews are the Enemies of the Prophets" – Islamic Education for Fourth Grade; "Drive out the Jews" – Our Arabic Language for Fifth Grade; "Jews are evil" – Islamic Education for Seventh Grade. (2) No wonder the news media published pictures of children happily playing out the beheading of Paul Johnson and other unfortunate victims of Islam.

In May, 2003, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (3) released that official government textbooks, published by the Saudi Ministry of Education, present Islam as "the only true religion and all other religions are considered invalid and misguided. Christians and Jews repeatedly labeled as infidels, enemies of Islam who should not be befriended or emulated, and referred to in eight grade textbooks as `apes' and `pigs.' Jews are" regularly "referred to as `wicked nation,' characterized by bribery, deception, betrayal,' and those who abandon Islam for another religion deserve to be killed, or at least imprisoned."

America’s public educators had better begin telling the truth about Islam instead of sugar coating it and force feeding it to our children as a religion to embrace. The holy books of Islam will forever define the religion and all of our attempts to rewrite it as peaceful will ultimately fail. That our teachers and administrators insist upon parading Islam around as ‘peaceful’ because ‘your children need to understand Islam in order to survive in the world’ has got to be nominated for the idiot claim of the century. If Islam must be taught, we should purchase the textbooks from Pakistan and Palestine and teach our children the truth about Islam. Then we could compare our own textbooks as examples of propaganda, a perfect opportunity to apply REAL "critical thinking." (psssp, don’t listen to your teachers, listen to your parents).

Muslims are not to be persecuted, they are to be loved. Not because liberals vainly demand tolerance and lie about reality in order to achieve it; no, we are to love Muslims because God commands that we love even those who hate us. But the truth about Muslims is that many Muslims are fully aware the ‘peace’ of Islam is a deception. Yet many peaceful Muslims honestly believe it is just that, peaceful, and are perplexed when asked about the violence condoned in the Quran, Hadith and Sira. TRUTH is important and indoctrination tactics must be abolished immediately. But public educators adamantly refuse to listen because they cannot stand the thought of parents imposing their (obvious) view on public education’s god of knowledge. But induction practices will not invoke tolerance, it will only invoke Islamic dominance.

Curriculums are underway as we continue to await the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision about 7th grade students being forced to "become Muslim." (4) Teachers and judges do not understand that when they demand children repeat: "None has the right to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger," even in simulation, the Hadith (holy book of Islam) commands that blood can be shed of anyone who confesses such words and then leaves them. (Hadith, Bukhari, volume 9, #17ms)

American soil has already been claimed by Islam (5) and our own schools are working to indoctrinate our children. Our own educational government is providing the Islamic legal right for Muslim terrorists to bomb and murder our children, apostate of Islam.

Love the Muslims? YES. God loves the Muslims so much He would allow us to suffer to share the good news of Christ with them, to reach out to them, regardless of the penalty. But indoctrinate our children to Islam? I have already jeopardized my life to publish the truth. America, hear me. Islam is courting our children while bombing our buildings. Just as mosques conceal weapons, Islam conceals violence. The shocking lunacy of it all is America is buying the lie, even as Russian school children are slaughtered, charity workers are beheaded, suicide bombers abound and "ethnic" cleansing of non-Muslims is happening in the Sudan. Even with all that, parents will look at me blankly and repeat, "But I want my child to understand the peace of Islam..."

And the sheep bleat on.


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5. Soundvision - a Muslim website that strategizes how to spread Islam in public schools. Soundvision states it is "Waqf fi sabellillah." Few Americans know it means "devoting a plot of land [America] for Muslim religious purposes in the name of Allah.

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