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Colin Powell's Global Child Legacy
Part 2 of
Exposing those who force kids to pray to Allah

by Jen Shroder
Nov. 17, 2004 Permission granted to repost

"We support nations that support individuals that do not have our best interests at heart, quite the contrary, they’re our biggest enemies in the world and we dress them up, take them out on a date and pretend that they’re our lovers and they are NOT."
 –Rep. Shelley Berkley, Diplomacy and Counterterrorism hearing (see other quotes and context)

Similarly, three men have boldly addressed the ideology of Islam, Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. But Colin Powell said we must not listen to "bigots, extremists who cloak themselves in false spirituality in an attempt to divide and to weaken us" and invited Muslim educators, journalists, political and religious leaders from Islamic countries to educate us.

Enter the troops of "diversity trainers."

Susan L. Douglass - a highly acclaimed textbook consultant and advisor to state education boards, praised Pakistan's madrassa schools as "proud symbols of learning," even after the U.S. government blamed them for fueling the rise of the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Douglass taught social studies at the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Va., which teaches Wahhabism through textbooks that condemn Jews and Christians as infidels and enemies of Islam. Douglass is a practicing Muslim who helps train thousands of public school teachers on Islamic instruction. (1)

Nader F. Darehshori, CEO/President of the Islam-promoting Houghton Mifflin textbooks, previously taught elementary school in Iran. He was replaced in 2002 after BlessedCause gained media attention to the textbook. During our campaign, Houghton Mifflin (HM) was sold at a huge loss, possibly as much as $920 million. (2)

Abigail Jungreis, HM’s Editorial Director - specifically denied help from the Council on Islamic Education (CIE) and said the scope of their involvement was limited to reviewing the textbook material. But Jungreis was caught boasting on the Islamic website, Soundvision:

"It is also with the help of the CIE that Houghton Mifflin's textbooks have been able to show what Crusades were like for the Muslims. We've been able to give several perspectives on an event like that," she says. "We see our reviewers as playing a crucial role in enabling us to present accurate and complete information."

Soundvision has already dedicated America to Islam. It states it is "Waqf fi sabellillah" which few Americans know means "devoting a plot of land [i.e. America] for Muslim religious purposes in the name of Allah."

Afeefa Syeed, a "multicultural trainer" - currently accompanied by Muslim children who carry prayer mats and information about Ramadan to train 3rd, 4th and 5th graders as part of religious obligation. (3)

Shabbir Mansuri, founder of CIE said he is waging a "bloodless" revolution, promoting world cultures and faiths in America's classrooms." CIE has warned scholars and public officials who do not sympathize with its requests that they will be perceived as racists, reactionaries, and enemies of Islam.

Audrey Shabbas, author of Arab World Studies Notebook, attempted to rewrite the history of the Algonquin Indian origins to Islam. After six months of protests from the Algonquins, Shabbas conceded and wrote, "I bow to the knowledge of the Algonquin Nation about their own history," but posted on al-Jazeerah's website: Shabbas "questions the motives of those who censured the offending paragraph." She said, "The Arab World Studies Notebook is exactly what its meant to be, and no apologies need to be made for it." She also said, "What's interesting is the motive of the folks that brought this to the attention of the Algonquin Indians." (4)

With such effort, a growing number of schools now train children to recite:

"In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation, The Compassionate, the Merciful, King of Judgment day! You alone we worship, and to You alone we pray for help, Guide us to the straight path."

They must also "become Muslim," take Muslim names and fast for Ramadan all under the name of "pluralism." One student said that after getting on his hands and knees and praying to Allah, he went home and tried it "when no one was looking." (5)

Under Colin Powell, the US State Department has provided a video for educators. If "Terrorism: A War Without Borders" follows the theme of its 35 page pdf, the script strips all identification to Islam. Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, bin Laden, the PLO are not associated to a holy war and are compared to terrorists of the French Revolution. Yet it describes Timothy McVeigh and Nichols as "right-wing American extremists" avenging Davidian cult members in Waco, Texas. (page 13) After all lessons, only Hamas is finally identified as "Islamic."  (6)

Colin Powell has a charming way of drawing his audience in, but watch carefully what he says. Treachery is defined as betrayal of trust. Parents feel betrayed by public schools as Muslim trainers flood our schools and religious freedom is forfeit. Many want to blame the Muslims but the real culprits are in our own government, cooperating with Islam recruitment. (7)

Hopefully Condoleeza Rice will stop inviting Muslim educators to reprogram our children. Who will volunteer to fight for a country that treats Christianity like a four-letter-word while children are required to repeat praise and worship to Allah?

Patrick Henry said, "We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth. For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it."

Graham, Robertson and Falwell have risked their lives and are persecuted for painful truth. The question is, will President Bush and his new cabinet members provide for the children in public school?

See also Govt subsidizing mosque with terrorist links, lawsuit over separation of mosque and state in Boston  -WND

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Held 8/24/04 with the House International Relations Committee
 with Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean from the 9/11 Commission

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